Anyone know a good contractor in Portland, Oregon?

I’m thinking of having a garage finished to be living space. Does anyone know of a contractor whose work they’d recommend, who works in Portland?

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    Jake Squid says:


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    Ampersand says:

    Gee, thanks. I just wanted to know if anyone knew of a good one.

    Oh, on second thought – could you please share with me the contractor’s name and (if you have it) phone number? Thanks.

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    jack bog says:

    Clark Davis out of Clackamas does a lot of work in Portland. He’s done new windows, doors and porch steps at our place, but he’s into bigger stuff too. 503-632-6444. Tell him Jack and Nolee sent ya.

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    Augustine says:

    Nope, I can’t suggest a contractor in Portland since I’m in London, UK.
    But this is just to tell you that your Alas is now a link in a poem, or rather an ‘linkimproem’, posted today, July 19, in my blog, Blaugustine.

    I came upon your site through pure serendipity while attempting to write a poem with links. Check it out, you’ll see what I mean.
    Glad I found you anyway.

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    Kija says:

    When I was replacing my roof, I called just about everyone for an estimate. Most bids were over 10,000, but I asked around and a friend recommended Red Rock Construction. Their bid was less than 5,000 and they did a great job. Fast, meticulous and they cleaned up every nail from the old roof. The roof is 4 years old now and in perfect condition with not one lick of trouble. I don’t know their nuber, but I assume it’s in the phone book.

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    carvegirl says:

    i don’t know a contractor in portland, mainly because i live in baltimore.

    however, i just wanted to say – wow! what a formidable and beautiful blog you have here! really amazing. i can’t wait to be a regular reader! i just moved into the blogging arena and am thrilled i came across yours!

    when i get a minute, i’m gonna linkity link to it, you don’t mind right?

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    Ampersand says:

    Thanks to everyone who responded (here or via email).

    Carvegirl, thanks for the kind words. :-) Just for your future reference, there’s no need to ask for permission to link – in blog-etiquette, it’s the norm to link without asking. But to answer your question, I’d be very pleased if you linked to Alas.