Couldn't he even find a token woman?


Bush signs the “partial birth” abortion ban. Via Nathan Newman.

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5 Responses to Couldn't he even find a token woman?

  1. 1
    Ms Lauren says:

    This picture begs a question and I think the answer is obvious.

  2. 2
    QrazyQat says:

    You know, this picture just screams for a cynical captioning contest — just what was the clever little in-joke that got all these fine upstanding gentlemen laughing?

    Was it Bush doing his imitation of a pregnant woman gasping her last breaths as she dies due to not being able to get an abortion for a pregnancy gone tragically wrong? (“Please don’t let me die” followed by laughs all around.)

  3. 3
    Prometheus 6 says:

    They’re laughing because while Dubya was signing, he was mumbling “Gee…Eee…Oh…”

  4. 4
    Tishie says:

    I think I’ll print this out and carry it in my wallet. Then when people say, “Why are you so into feminism? Women are equal in this country!” I’ll whip it out and the picture really will say a thousand words.

    I bet he didn’t get a token woman because he doesn’t even realize that this law has anything to do with women.

  5. 5
    kim says:

    I agree with the disappointment that the picture shows how little power women have, however, even if more women had been elected to Congress, they might have been standing around signing the same bill.

    According to a recent Gallup poll (, 42% of women are pro-life compared to 49% of men. I don’t know what the margin of error was, but after factoring it in, the numbers must be pretty close.