Elizabeth Marquardt responds to me

Elizabeth Marquardt, of the Family Scholars Blog, responds to two posts of mine, here and here. I’ll respond in turn to at least one of these sometime later this week.

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2 Responses to Elizabeth Marquardt responds to me

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    Joe Grossberg says:

    Hooray for dialogue and referrer stats.

    I’ve found it interesting how often and how quickly my criticism gets a response when I take the extra step of linking the target.

  2. 2
    Sophia Kugeares says:

    I would like to hear comments from Elizabeth Marquardt and Norval D. Glenn regarding the stats on the destroyed lives of children who must live with an abusive parent, i.e. father, because he and society believe that divorce is bad.

    What do they have to say about that? I know of children who lived in miserable households because of verbally and emotionally abusive fathers, and only derived a sense of hope when the parents divorced. This issue must be addressed in the sense of fairness.

    All the one-sided chatter about how nasty and detrimental divorces are must come to a halt! It has become blither, nothing more, without a fair assessment of the good side of divorce. And, believe me, there IS a good side. Divorce is sometimes the healthiest course of action for all involved — adults and children. Many famous and successful people have come from divorced families. I despise the term “broken” families. Sociologists and others concerned with divorce and the “social order” MUST address the issue of successful divorces in a rational way!