Charges against Melissa Ann Rowland dropped

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Acknowledging they have reservations about Melissa Ann Rowland’s mental health, prosecutors agreed to drop a murder charge against the woman for allegedly refusing a Caesarean section that may have saved her unborn twin boy.

Instead, Rowland, 28, pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of third-degree felony child endangerment in a deal that could end her three-month stay in jail. The agreement, though, did little to appease women’s rights activists who say prosecutors, by charging Rowland with murder, dehumanized all women.

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One Response to Charges against Melissa Ann Rowland dropped

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    pdm says:

    I’m with Andrea Dworkin on this one: I, too, believe that C-sections are, for all intents and purposes, a violation of women’s bodies. I mean the full name of it ( Ceasarein section) smells like patriachal phallic imperialism……