Koufax awards!

What with one thing and another, I’ve been too busy to check out the Koufax awards, which are once again being administrated by “too much work, too little reward is our game” Wampum.

I just did, and I’m flattered to say that “Alas” has been nominated (at least in this round) for Best Indie Blog, Best Group Blog, Best Single Issue Blog, and in addition I’ve been nominated for Best Writing. So, yay us.

(If you think “Alas” deserves it, please do follow the above links and vote for us!)

Keep watching – they still haven’t gotten to the “best post” and “funniest post” nominations, which are always a lot of fun just as a guide to good posts to read.

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3 Responses to Koufax awards!

  1. Yes! Congratulations, Ampersand. You deserve it and more, too. I had to use some of my votes for blogs that I nominated (it seems wrong not to vote for the blog that I nominated), but I’m going to vote for you for something!

  2. 2
    MB says:

    Oh no! Do we really sound that whiny? Really, we love doing it…truly, honestly, really.

  3. 3
    Ampersand says:

    Oh no! MB, I didn’t mean that as a caracature of you at all, nor am I saying you sound whiney! Not in the slightest!

    All I meant is that y’all do a lot 0f work in running the Koufax awards each year, in exchange for very little reward. Honest.