Monday Baby Blogging – Commercial sell-out edition

Here’s Sydney way before she got her “Alas, a Blog” t-shirt. Notice that she looks subtly downcast. Also, she seems to have a bit of a drinking problem.

Here we see Sydney modeling her lovely new “Alas, a Blog” t-shirt. Note how confident she looks and feels. Once she was a pathetic loser, but that was before she was wearing “Alas!” Now she’s hanging out with models and celebrities and her breath is minty-fresh. Ever her poopy diapers have more pep and vim!

Sydney is so confident, she’s given up on drinking completely! Instead, Sydney just takes X – lots and lots and lots of X! Happy, happy Sydney!

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7 Responses to Monday Baby Blogging – Commercial sell-out edition

  1. 1
    La Lubu says:

    Wow! How can I get one of those nifty shirts, so I can be as cool as Sydney?

  2. 2
    Brian Vaughan says:

    I’m a little low on t-shirts that lack excessive wear-and-tear and don’t have “Fire Me, Mr. Bourgeois” printed on them.

  3. 3
    Antigone says:

    I’d buy an Alas shirt if on the back of them had the “List of Male rights” on the back.

    That little Sydney is adorable.

  4. 4
    Sydney says:

    okay, do you know how freaked out when I was when I first saw my name on this post! But then I realized I was neither a baby nor white and I calmed down.

    But she really is absolutely adorable. Way to carry the name Sydney proudly!

  5. 5
    Lab Kat says:

    Okay, this is silliest, yet the cutest, thing I ‘ve seen in a while. However, Sydney will probably end up suing you for emotional distress when she gets older, I’m afraid.

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  7. 6
    Ampersand says:

    Folks interested in buying their own “Alas” t-shirts can do so at this link.