Just Finished Reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I just now finished reading the new Harry Potter novel, which I enjoyed quite a lot.

Here are some scattered thoughts. Don’t read on unless you don’t mind spoilers.

Edited to add: No, really, there are serious, serious, spoilers here – some very key plot points revealed. Don’t click unless you’ve read the novel or don’t mind spoilers at all.

Professor Snape remains not only the best character in the series, but is one of the most interesting and complex characters in all of childrens’ literature.

I loved chapter two. Of course, it was clear that Snape had to be doing exactly that – telling both sides that he was their double-agent – but it was very entertaining to witness his tap-dance act. There’s also no indication at all that Snape had been let in on the secret by Voldemort; he was just bluffing to get the women to reveal Voldemort’s plan.

Even after Snape killed Dumbledore, I remain convinced that Snape is on Dumbledore’s side; Dumbledore, in his final words, was begging Snape to not sacrifice himself on foolish heroics, and to instead stay “in character” and kill Dumbledore. For that loyalty, Snape is going to be hated and hunted by all of his actual allies, but on the bright side he will now finally be trusted and applauded by his enemies.

But despite being on the side of light and good, Snape is still an evil bastard. In particular, he was (partly) responsible for James and Lily’s death, but still uses his dislike of long-dead James as an excuse to bully James’ son Harry. Although he seems motivated by hatred of bullying, his instincts are to be a bully himself. It speaks of a meanness of character, and a self-centeredness, that’s genuinely stunning.

(Ironic that Snape invented the ankle-dangling spell that James used to torment him. Odd that he seemed so helpless in the one scene we’ve seen of his teenagehood, since we now know for sure that he was brilliant and powerful as a teenager. Perhaps in other instances, instances that he wasn’t so ashamed of (and so didn’t hide in the pensieve), he did better striking back against James. I’d be sorry if that was the case, since I rather enjoy loathing James Potter, but maybe Snape wasn’t such an innocent victim.)

The books are shaping up into a tragic dance of mutual hatred between Snape and Harry, both of them so eager to find reasons to hate the other that their judgment is horribly impaired. Harry can’t see that Snape is his ally – perhaps his strongest, now that Dumbledore’s dead; and Snape, although he knows he should support Harry, is too wrapped up in hatred of James to resist acting unforgivably to Harry every chance he gets. As the adult, it’s always been up to Snape to shape the relationship between him and Harry; and he’s done everything he can to make Harry unable to view Snape with anything but hatred.

I’m sure that Snape will end up saving the day in some essential way in book seven, but I suspect he’ll get killed by Harry regardless.

Other thoughts:

1) No great surprise that Dumbledore died; vultures were flying over his head throughout the book. Occasional “Alas” poster Elkins, who knows quite a lot about thing Potter, pointed out something interesting, which is that in alchemy, the philosopher’s stone is made through a system of refinement in which the stages are black, then white, then red – a fact that has been referred to in passing in the novels. In book 5, Black died; in book six, White died (“Albus” means “white”). If so, then Hagrid (whose name means “red”) is going to die in the next novel.

2) Elkins also speculates that Snape was in love with Harry’s mother, and that accounts for his irrationality and bitterness regarding James and Harry. Seems quite plausible to me.

3) I often wondered if Harry might not be James’ biological son at all. He looks too damn much like James; I’ve often found that suspicious, perhaps the result of a spell Lily cast to hide Harry’s father’s true identity. Hell, maybe Snape is Harry’s biological father.

(However, unlike Sarah’s speculations in #1 and #2, which I’m pretty sure will be borne out in the seventh novel, I suspect that my theory will never be supported by the text.)

4) I loved Draco breaking Harry’s nose and humiliating him at the start of the novel. About damn time. Nothing against Harry, but an alleged bully character who constantly picks on powerful peers who effortlessly beat the crap out of him is a bit weird. (Although also a bit endearing as a character trait.)

5) When will the characters learn that everything Myrtle (the weeping ghost girl) says is important to the plot, and should be paid attention to? Well, presumably, never, since it seems unlikely that she’ll figure into the seventh novel.

6) I’m getting tired of Molly being foolish and wrong all the time.

7) Nice that the vanishing cabinet, which seemed like an oddly cruel throwaway element in the previous novel, turns out to be essential.

8) I enjoyed the biography of Tom Riddle.

9) There were complete versions of this novel available for free (albeit illegal) downloads, in .pdf, word, and txt versions, less than 24 hours after the novel was released. However, I suspect that J.K., Rowling will still somehow manage to make a profit. (In case you’re wondering, the version I read was a storebought hardcover book).

10) I wonder why Snape has such an issue with being called a coward?

Anyhow, feel free to use this thread to respond to any of my comments above, or to discuss anything else Harry Potter related.

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  1. 101
    Kyra says:

    OK, I missed this when it came out. Probably had my nose buried in a certain book . . .

    Snape’s a good guy, he killed Dumbledore ’cause Dumbledore asked him to, for reasons listed above by other people and also because Dumbledore’s old (remember what he said in Book One to comfort Harry about Nicholas Flamel’s death) and Snape is young; Snape, therefore, would be losing more.

    He hates being called a coward because he’s sensitive about what he sees as the coward’s way out–killing Dumbledore to save himself.

    JK Rowling would have Snape be good after Harry hates him for seven books in order to make a point about hatred-poisoned judgement being wrong.

    RAB might be “Half-Blood Prince” in another language, perhaps, or in other words. Prince=Royal, for example.

    Yeah, I think the potion around the locket was the Horcrux. You know, I get so proud of all my ideas and theories and then I come here and most of them have been thought of by other people, too.

    Also been wondering where the other Horcruxes are. My latest theory is that one is in Sirius Black’s motorcycle. JKR said we’d find out what happened to it.

  2. 102
    GeeBeeDeeBeeDoo says:

    More questions to ponder:
    Where were the house elves when Draco Malfoy and his Death Eater buddies were wreaking havoc? Weren’t they still supposed to be tailing the pale one? Seems like a clear case of duty shirking with impending consequences in order. (Book 7 – Chapter 1)

    Did Hagrid have fire insurance, or will the rebuild be entirely out-of-pocket for the big guy? (7.2)

    What if Madame P never was under the Imperius Curse, and she’s just a bad a_ _?

    What role will the spider venom and unicorn hairs play in Book 7? (I’m thinking dipping a hair or two in the venom and secretly replacing Lord V’s dental floss. What a way to go!)

    What if Rowling never writes Book 7, and reveals that “JK”, in reality, stands for “Just Kidding”?

    Seacrest Out

  3. 103
    Maureen says:

    Don’t forget that just before Snape killed Dumbledore, there was a pause where they just stared at each other. I’m sure there was some thought reading and non-verbal spells going on between them. That pause was put there on purpose.

  4. 104
    Carrie says:

    I think that maybe it was planned in the beginning between Dumbledore and Snape for Snape to kill him eventually because Dumbledore is usually never wrong and he trusted Snape. But then why wouldn’t anyone else in the Order know that?

  5. 105
    Carrie says:

    I don’t think that Harry is a Horcrux because if he was then why would Voldemort try to kill him all this time?

  6. 106
    Johnathan says:

    I sort of suspected all the stuff you said. I have some questions for you though about some ideas that a friend told me about.
    Firstly do you think it’s possible that Nagini is a horcrux?
    Do you think it’s possible that Snape, sorry, Professor Snape (lol) is the chosen one? I know, you must think that my friend and I are crazy but lets look at the prophecy in parts. “The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…” Snape was approaching the door at that moment right? It could have meant that the one is approaching on foot, not approaching by birth. Next, ” and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal…” Did’nt Voldemort mark Snape literally? Did’nt he mark him with the dark mark putting him in his little family? Next “but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…” this does not necessarily mean that he has powers that the Dark Lord does not know about. What was Snape really good at? What did Lupin and even Sirius commend him for? What was he supposedly so good at that he had Dumbledore teach Harry? Occlumency. He has power that the Dark Lord knows not. The Dark Lord knows not what is going on in his head. You said so yourself that you think he was on Dumbledore’s side the whole time. So that means that the Dark Lord knew not about what was going on in his head. As for born as the seventh month dies, well we don’t know when Snape was born. And as for born to those who thrice defied him…. thrice defied who? It did’nt say born to those who thrice defied the Dark Lord, it said him? It could mean Snape’s parent’s thrice defied him… in which case that’s a small number compared to myself and parents. But it could mean what we think and while Snape was in still in school they met Tom Riddle and did’nt like him and did’nt want their son hanging around with him. So please post this on your site because I want everyone to read this. And point it out to everyone because everyone probably just skips all the comments.

  7. 107
    Johnathan says:

    I forgot to mention, do you think it’s possible R.A.B. could be Regulus Black, Sirius’ brother who became a death Eater but was killed by them?

  8. 108
    Thriyambak J. Kannan says:

    I have a proposition, after reading the Half-Blood Prince more than a few times and after hammering it out with a friend. True there might be 7 Horcruxes, (I hope that I spelt it right, I was never good at spelling) and that three horcruxes are destroyed, the ring, the diary and the locket, wherein lies my red-herring. I do believe that Harry and Dumbledore did go out and seek to destroy the horcrux that was in the hidden cave. And that it was successfully done, but its not the locket as most people assume. I believe that Albus Dumbledore himself is a horcrux.

    Yes for all of those who feel that I have forgotten to type a sentence, you read that right, the late Professor Albus Dumbledore, former Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witch craft and Wizardry is probably one of the 7 horcruxes, or probably the surprise eighth. I shall now state why I came to this conclusion…

    The rule of the horcrux is that it prevents a person from dying in the case of a mortal attack since the soul is not in the body. Dumbledore himself has mentioned that a living being could be a horcrux. There is no mention though if a person can be made a horcrux without that person’s consent. But let us assume that it is, then it would appeal to Voldemort beyond belief. The one man that he probably fears (if not reveres) as a horcrux. A man who knew how to keep himself alive for all these years. It probably never occurred to Voldemort that a person would be ready to give up his life so that Voldemort could be killed. That could have been the important missing link that no one could have known after destroying all the remaining horcruxes, R.A.B. or Potter or anyone, that there was one more.

    It would have been impossible to explain all of this to Harry, but to Snape, a former death eater (by the way I am also a firm believer of the fact that Snape is a good man and that all he did was part of a large plan, I can put that theory in another entry some other time with an equally interesting red-herring in that as well about him and Potter) and man who was well versed in the Dark Arts would have understood this well. In fact I believe that, this was the reason that Snape’s timely intervention when Dumbledore returned from destroying Morfin’s ring was pivotal. Both of them somehow at that moment learned the truth and had to act from there on as a team.

    If that was the case why did Dumbledore have to go all the way to that cave and drink that awful potion? Not for a dramatic effect, but to tell Harry that R.A.B. (whoever that may be) was the one to look for. For immersed as Voldemort would be, its quite possible that when R.A.B. gets to the penultimate horcrux, Voldemort would know that something was a miss and apparate to ‘save his soul’. For it seems more than stupid to believe that Albus Dumbledore could just lie there would Malfoy holding a wand and intimidate him. If someone is going to tell me that Albus Dumbledore could use magic only with his wand and in no other circumstance, its almost like telling me that Michael Jordan could paly ball only because of the Nike’s he wore… there’s more to magic than that. Dumbledore wanted Harry to watch all that was happening for a reason, to prepare Harry for the future.

    It’s a proposition and I am open to criticism and debate…

  9. 109
    Anita says:

    I have seen the theory of Harry being a Horcrux on soooo many websites & forums, & every time, think it’s way off base. Dumbledore says that he doesn’t think it would be anything else living besides Nagini because living things can think for themselves. Also, that would mean Harry would have to kill himself in order for Voldemort to be killed because all the horcruxes have to be destroyed before you go after Voldemort. So, someone else would have to kill Voldemort after Harry died. If that were going to happen, Jo would have made someone else the hero of the stories instead of Harry.

  10. 110
    mythago says:

    I think that maybe it was planned in the beginning between Dumbledore and Snape for Snape to kill him eventually because Dumbledore is usually never wrong and he trusted Snape. But then why wouldn’t anyone else in the Order know that?

    Only Snape could conceal that secret from V-Mo. Which is why Snape was willing to take the oath with Narcissa, and why he argued with Dumbledore. He didn’t really want to do it, but he did–he’s not a coward (which is why he’s very touchy about it).

    Snape is, for my money, one of the most interesting characters in the series. He’s a bigoted ass with an outsized ego, yet he’s one of the good guys who would risk his life rather than assist the evil ones.

  11. 111
    Leslie Anne Revine says:

    Let us not forget that even though adults read Harry Potter, (I am 17 and read it), it is still a children’s book. For JK to kill the main character, a character kids look up to, would be terrible. The would be like Barney promotng suicide, it couldn’t happen. This will be the 7th year because Harry without Hogwarts is nothing really. All of his troubles happen there, it will continue to happen there.
    The Snape as Harry’s father thing, it just doesnt flow. It was hardly satisfying knowing that all these years Harry was right about the whole Snape being evil thing, it would just be an uneeded twist. I am sure that Snape is really part of the Order, but I have a feeling Percy will play a large role in aiding Voldemort, especially in this next book to come. He is too naive and caught up in the Ministry, if there were one sour apple that he respected I’d be willing to bet that he would help Voldemort.
    One thing I don’t understand is why everyone just completely ignored the fact that Neville could be the chosen one in this novel. I know only Dumbledore and Harry know, but wouldn’t Dumbledore ask Neville to sit in or something? It just seemed so, odd. They totally disregarded the fact that Harry could just be a boy, and Neville is the only one that could kill Voldemort. Maybe Neville is the Gryffindor (sp) Horcrux? Possible, but not likely.
    The next book is going to be almost empty without Malfoy screwing around with Harry, I am interested who the new villian will be.
    Leave some comments.

  12. 112
    J. says:

    hi there
    just wanted to tell ya guys that in the interview on mugglenet.com which has already been referred to
    JKR says that Harry is positively not!!! Gryffindor’s heir

  13. 113
    Lee says:

    Just finished the book last night. I think the last visit to the Dursley’s will be crucial to the plot development. I also agree that Nagini is the only living Horcrux of the 7 – Voldemort is a total control freak and wouldn’t want a piece of his precious immortality subject to the whims of another human. Good point about the house elves, too. Could they have been sleeping? Harry told them they could take a break from tailing Draco to get some sleep – and it would be just like Kreacher to spend a couple of days “sleeping” to avoid doing Harry’s bidding.

    I also think Snape is doing the best he can to stay alive; I think he’s an opportunist, not altruistic. He likes the secret power of the Dark Arts but knows nobody as ambitious as he is can survive with Voldemort or Dumbledore around, so he’s been playing both sides against the middle to get them to destroy each other, leaving him in the catbird seat. Plus, if each side thinks he’s with them, it leaves him in control of the information flow and the situational power, which I think appeals to him.

    I think Snape will not save Harry (although he might save Hermione or Ron), and I think both Snape and Harry will survive the final showdown with Voldemort to hate each other’s guts for the rest of their lives.

    I also think Grawp (sp?) will mess up a rescue or a trap, leading to Hagrid’s death.

  14. 114
    Ginger says:

    Is it possible that the potions book belonged to Snape’s mum. We know that voldemort meant to kill harry and james, we also know that he did not set out to kill lilly. Snape’s mum was at school with Tom Riddle, theories talk about snape possibly being in love with lilly. We don’t hear anything about lilly’s parents, could snape and lilly have the same mum? Rumours point to lilly’s potion skills being a big part of the next book???

  15. 115
    Orchid says:

    Why does everyone assume Reg. Black is RAB? Like someone said earlier, Borgin/Burkes is a possibility, but so is Lupin. I think he is the best candidate b/c who is to say he changed his name after he was bitten to protect his parents identity. (A man named “lupin” is a werewolf…it just seems to obvious…) My only reservation on this point is that his mid. initial is J. Another possibility—Remus Lupin, James A. Potter, Serious Black. Mere coincidence that the sequential initials are RAB? But in that case, at least Dumbledore should know about it.

    I doubt the sorting hat actually belonged to Gryffindor, even though it says something about that in one of it’s songs. If it did, how come Dumbledore totally overlooked it as a possible heirloom?

    I don’t really buy the “Harry-is-a-Horcrux” thing, but if he were, wouldn’t it be a perfect opportunity for Neville to resurface as a major character by defeating Harry?

    I think Snape was upset at the coward accusation because he took an unbreakable oath to protect Harry. Take the situation in context: Harry called him a coward because he wouldn’t fight back, he merely blocked. I’d be pretty pissed, too.

    oh, well. Rowling loves twists, and I know #7 will be filled with them. I just don’t see how Harry wouldn’t return to Hogwarts, b/c there are so many items that could be horcruxes.

    sidenote: if I were him, i’d check the trophy room for references to an RAB…if they haven’y already

  16. 116
    Raznor says:

    Man, I just finished the book – and so many comments already – I’ll finish reading through them soon. Here’s my thoughts

    1) The potion being the horcrux makes sense. When Dumbledore destroyed the ring – his hand was destroyed – the part of the body that would be affected by the ring. When Dumbledore ingested the potion he was destroyed. Only – wasn’t there half a gobletful left that Harry didn’t pour down Dumbledore’s throat?

    2) Continuing on Amp’s thoughts on Snape – the fact that Harry’s book was Snape’s fits perfectly as an extension of Snape’s character. The book reflects the better nature of Snape – as it allows Harry to save Ron’s life – and his evil side – the Sectum- something curse that nearly kills Malfoy. Another thing – had Snape not killed Dumbledore, Malfoy would surely have been killed by Voldemort and Snape would then have died as he made the unbreakable oath. Dumbledore knew he must die, but could not allow Malfoy to do it. Snape killing Dumbledore saves Malfoy by letting him live, and not letting him fall too far into darkness.

    3) No Dumbledore didn’t have horcruxes as Dumbledore doesn’t fear death. Voldemort fears death more than anything and is thus willing to destroy his soul and live in torment to stave off death as long as possible. This was shown all the way back in book 1, where he drank unicorn blood to stay alive.

    And a few other notes – I noticed for the first time when Snape killed Dumbledore that Ava Kadavrem is a cruel variation of Abba Cadabra. Very clever.

    Also it’s the power of love that will allow Harry to defeat Voldemort. That is Harry’s greatest power – it’s not that he himself is powerful, but he inspires those around him to stand at his side in times of need. This became apparent to me in Book 4 when Harry manages to fight off Voldemort’s Ava Kadavrem curse when all of Voldemort’s previous victims stood blocked it.

    Anyways that’s all from me.

  17. 117
    Raznor says:

    Furthermore, I can’t wait to see what part Fenrir plays in book 7. He was built up too much to just have a small part in the end of book 6. And on this note – who should play Fenrir when the movie of HBP comes out? That could be a fascinating character to flesh out on the screen.

  18. 118
    Zoom says:

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their great theories, but they were too good, thought I alone was mad enough to speculate on so many possibilities. Alas, no, I’m unoriginal. Still, it’s fantastic that so many of you share my thoughts.

    I’d like to think that JKRowling won’t invoke the cliched formula of raising the omniscient character of guidance back from defeat to aid our protagonist (Gandalf, the Lion from Narnia, etc), but nothing has yet confirmed that Dumbly is as dead as past headmasters. His portrait was only snoozing, a swirl of smoke arose from his “tomb”, and Rowling conveniently introduced the concept of being virtually dead just before his “demise”. In fact, the only supposed smoking gun was that Harry became unfrozen after Snape zaps Dumbly, yet the conclusion that the spell came from Dumbly was mere speculation on Harry’s part, not narrative fact. Besides, if all of Dumbly’s spells were broken, why would the Death Eaters need to retreat beyond Hogwarts’ perimeter to apparate, when it was Dumbly who personally set most of those security enchantments?

    So if Dumbly is just, quoting from the Princess Bride, “mostly dead”, then how’d he do it? Since the use horcruxes carries an evil connotation, i doubt Rowling would explain it that way (though i’d be more fascinated if Dumbly killed someone). He’s probably just virtually dead, as he conveniently explained to Malfoy. Too bad, i think Fawkes would make a grand horcrux, since a phoenix never dies?

    Lastly, i think we’re right on about Snape’s bond with Lily. How does Dumbly trust Snape completely? The answer must be love, the key element that Rowling is playing up in recent books. He loved Lily, naturally despises James and offspring Harry, and will avenge by working against her killer Voldy. Also, Dumbly mentions that a broken heart can weaken a wizard’s powers, wonder if that’s what happened to Snape in high school, when he was easily bullied by James and Sirius when all accounts are that he was pretty damn talented himself.

    Ah, love, fickle love…

  19. 119
    Leslie Anne Revine says:

    Can someone please help me clear this up?
    The prophecy said something that could be interpreted as Harry OR Neville as “The Chosen One”, but it seemed as though in HBP the entire Neville possiblity was ignored. Was this ruled out completely or just poor judgement on Dumbledore’s part to not train Neville? Perhaps Neville did get seperate lessons? It just seems so strange that JK would release something like that and then next book have absolutely no follow up. Can someone clarify their idea on the prophecy and what it meant?

  20. 120
    Harry C says:

    I think the Avada Kedavra curse works in a ‘last in, first out’ fashion.

    I think Harry survived because Lily put Voldemort’s soul into him after Voldemort shred it when he killed Harry’s father (or somehow as she was being killed).

    When Voldemort did the curse on Harry, Harry lived because the curse went after the Voldemorts in the room, and it went out of Harry, leaving that scar.

    Therefore, the potion in book 6 being the Horcrux, Dumbledore needed Snape to do the Avada Kedavra on him to also clear him of Voldemort’s soul.

    Remember the dialogue from Dumbledore saying that whoever won through to the potion Voldemort wouldn’t want to kill, would want to see how it happened? Voldemort would posess the person via the Horcrux. If Voldemort won the battle for posession, he would have stopped the inferi in the pond as he would know how they were activated. If Voldemort lost (as he did) the person would die of thirst or the ensuing attack (except for the Potter X factor).

    So, in short, Dumbledore is alive and free to knock off the remaining Horcruxes without being suspected by anyone.

    The locket of Slytherin’s by the bye, I don’t think is a Horcrux, just another one of those Slytherin items that only opens when a parselmouth chats it up. Probably has a picture of his mother in it.

    Just a guess, of course.

  21. 121
    pablo harguindey says:

    Dumbledore is death there’s no “cheap” return of death

    IT WAS A PLOT and Snapes hated to do it but he had to do it

    Snapes hates and loves Harry , Why?? Snapes loved Lily desesperately and hopelessy in the past
    Snapes by the same reason HATED James Potter and in the same way to Harry. But he can’t destroy Harry ’cause it will kill the last remains of the his lost love

    Snape hates Lord Voldemore ’cause he kill the love of his life and hates himself too. (Remember that he was the guy that was hearing the profecy and did tell to Lord Voldemor)

    Snapes is going to become the secret weapon of Dumbledore in the inner circle of Lord Voldemore he’s going to help Harry and he’ll will give his own life to preserve the Lily’s son.. and save his soul

    Again the power of love

    And that’s all simple and amazing

  22. 122
    Quest says:

    I really enjoy all the posted blogs here. Some are interesting and highly plausible. Some are downright preposterous, which is OK by any standards because this blog site asks for people’s opinion (or e-pinions)

    Here’s my 2 cents and hopefully more.

    1) Agreeably, I think Snape is ultimately a good member of the Order. Other members don’t know about it and do not trust him altogether because Dumbledore needed Snape like that. Snape needs to play a double agent in order to be accepted in the inner circle of Lord Voldemort. The only reason what Dumbledore trusted him, and so trusted right till the end was simply because, when was Snape a former death-eater he was already a double agent. That’s why Dumbledore took him in and absorbed Snape into Hogswart (of course, I may be wrong)

    2) Indeed Dumbledore will not do a Gandalf or Aslan of Narnia. He died, ordered Snape to perform the Avada Kerdava curse on him. But he may be dead in human form but to him, death is but another beginning. He will feature in Harry’s further development but he had to die, for one simple reason. (see 3)

    3) Harry is no Horcrux, anymore than Neville Longbottom is the chosen one. Harry is the choosen one because he was choosen by Voldemort. True, it could have been Neville, but unfortunately, the decision was made and “The One” choosen. Harry will have to be the one destroying Voldemort, if Dumbledore was still around Harry will never turn into Voldemort’s destroyer. So Dumbledore will have to die, for Harry to step into his role as the one. (I figure this out in Phoenix)

    4) Many have blogged saying there’ll be more important role for Neville, I disagree. Neville Longbottom will have his day when he manages to capture or avenge his parents aggressors. Some feel Fenrir the head of Werewolves will also have a major role, I also disagree. He will feature more prominently in book 7 but merely as one character for Lupin to successfully conquer or seek revenge.

    I believe I made my 2 cents worth. Any comments?

  23. 123
    Michael says:

    Ok. there is NO WAY Voldemort intentionally makes Harry a Horcrux. The “evidence” for this theory seems to be based on the last half of the prophecy. One small problem here and this little breakdown in logic should dispel the notion…
    Voldemort does not know the entire prophecy. IF HE DID, WHY WOULD HE HAVE THE DEATH EATERS GO TO THE MOM TO STEAL IT? Why spend a year of your life trying to find out something you know? (Snape was thrown out after only hearing the first half)

    Given that Voldemort does not know the last half of the prophecy (It is stated that ONLY Harry and Dumbledore know the entire thing), he would NOT make Harry a horcrux. He did not go to Godric’s Hollow with that intention (of making Harry a horcrux; he did intend to make one, but of an object). Given that he only heard the first part, he went with the intention that he was going to kill the person with the power to vanquish him… he did not know he would had powers he knew not of (LOVE) or that he would mark him as his equal. All he thought was that if he killed Harry, no one could defeat him.

    Now, is it possible that Harry was ACCIDENTLY made the horcrux… sure, although I for one think JK has a little to much originality than to rehash an old plot device such as this… but I might be wrong. But if you really go back and read the books closely, there is nothing to support that Voldemort intentionally turned Harry into a Horcrux. Ignoring the prophecy, if he did do it, why would he try to kill him at the end of GoF and OotP? Why would he destroy a piece of his soul knowingly?

    Personally, I agree that Snape killed Dumbledore on Dumbledore’s orders to keep Draco alive (because he is just that type of person) and because Dumbledore realizes that Harry is the most important aspect. Snape will die in book 7, but I think he does it to save Harry… Maybe during their duel Voldemort is about to win and Snape saves him, in which Bellatrix or more likely Voldemort, kills Snape. I also think Wormtail sacrifices himself to save Harry too, mainy because it was hinted at in the end of PoA. (The part about how when one wizard saves another’s life there is a primal debt, yada yada yada). I am hoping this is when Bellatrix gets killed (Wormtail making amends for getting James Killed). I also tend to agree with the theory that Harry is a decendant of Gryffendor… which is why I think that Voldemort gets killed with the sword… given that the wands can’t duel each other. Which brings up another question, I wonder if Olivander is dead, or if he is being forced to make a new wand… not sure, just wondering.

  24. 124
    Brandon says:

    Looking for others’ thoughts:

    I just finished re-reading GOF. In the battle, the shadows of the spells come out in reverse order, but James comes out before Lilly. This would mean that she was killed before he was. Does anyone else remember though that somewhere it says that James died first? Would this just be a typo or something that may change with book 7?

  25. 125
    Coleen says:

    Hwy Brandon you apparently have the hard back book. In the paperback book it says”Your father’s coming…” she said quietly.”Hold on for your father…it will be alright…hold on…” You need to read the paper back book. Apparently they had a miss type. It’s right in the paperback.

  26. 126
    Glenn says:

    I don’t know if anyone is reading this blog anymore, but Harry being one of the horcruxes, in my mind, is almost laughable. Even the fact of voldy accidently making Harry a horcrux does not seem right (though noone has ever, except Harry, lived when the killing curse was set on them. There is no telling the side effects of such a thing happening). Prof. Slug. told voldy that there was a spell to encase a part of ones’ soul in an object. It would be, I would think, a complicated process kind of like voldy getting his body back. Maybe not so many elements but certainly more than a single word incantation.

  27. 127
    Amy says:

    I don’t necessarily think it is that strange that Voldy might have made Harry a horcrux accidently. I think he may have gone to Godric’s Hollow with the intention of creating a horcrux with some other object after he killed Harry. He may have already performed the necessary Horcrux-allowing incantations
    (splitting his soul into parts) ahead of time so that he was ready to make the Horcrux after the killing. But when Lily’s love saved Harry and his killing curse backfired, it may have resulted in putting the split piece of soul into Harry as a scar. This doesn’t mean Harry has to die, he just needs to figure out how to remove a horcrux from his head!
    Another matter: did anyone else notice that when Harry asked Dobby and Kreacher to watch what Malfoy was up to, Dobby told Harry that if he messed up, he would throw himself off the highest tower? Dobby and Kreatcher only gave Harry one report, and though that report did allow Harry to figure our the Malfoy was using the RoR, did you get the impression that their duty was complete? If not, it would seem that Dobby did screw up pretty seriously, since Malfoy was sucessful in letting in the Death Eaters. Now, is it then just a coincidence that when Dumbledore and Harry fly in at night to where the Dark Mark is, JKR bothers to call it not “a tower” or even “the Astronomy Tower”, but as “the highest tower”? It doesn’t really matter for the story which tower it was. The story would have been the same if it were the Divination Tower. But it had to be the highest tower. Perhaps this is a clue??? I wonder if somehow Dobby “took the fall” for Dumbledore, thus allowing Dumbledore to fake his death (as he had just told Malfoy he could easily do). Any thoughts?

  28. 128
    AL says:

    One thing I hardly see discussed is the fact that in book one, Snape is attempting to prevent Harry from falling of the broom during the Quiditch match. From that point it was obvious that someone who hates another so much would not go to that trouble to save them. I agree that Dumbldore would never plead for his life, and that the pleading was for Snape to carry out the act he had to.

  29. 129
    Kyra says:

    Here’s a thought: maybe the Avada Kedavra is only just powerful enough to kill one complete being; to sever one whole soul from the body. If that is the case, AND Dumbledore drank the horcrux (I’m picturing Futurama here: “You drank the emperor!”), then Sev’s Avada Kedavra would have had one and one sixth souls to eradicate, and that would be too much for it, leaving about one-sixth of a soul (presumably Dumbledore’s, since Voldemort’s was in Dumbledore’s stomach and easiest to send to the Great Beyond, where no doubt Sirius and James are waiting to go at it with a pair of heavenly bludger bats) in Dumbledore’s body, which will leave him with just as much control over said body as Voldemort has (because Voldemort also has one-sixth of a soul), and doubtless if this turns out to be the case, he will show up when it is most convenient for the Order and least convenient for the Death Eaters.

    Although the monkey wrench to this would be that Severus had to KILL Dumbledore to survive.

  30. 130
    Kyra says:

    I wonder if somehow Dobby “took the fall” for Dumbledore, thus allowing Dumbledore to fake his death (as he had just told Malfoy he could easily do). Any thoughts?

    Unlikely, considering that Snape made the Unbreakable Vow to carry out Draco’s duty, which was obviously to kill Dumbledore. Unless Dobby took Polyjuice Potion to become Dumbledore, and that was enough to satisfy the Vow.

    I kinda wish Snape had thought outside the box a little, and drowned Dumbledore and then done the magical equivalent of CPR to bring him back, like they did on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But then, that would’ve required JK Rowling not thinking outside the box.

  31. 131
    nobody.really says:

    Snapes hates and loves Harry , Why?? Snapes loved Lily desesperately and hopelessy in the past
    Snapes by the same reason HATED James Potter and in the same way to Harry. But he can’t destroy Harry ’cause it will kill the last remains of the his lost love

    Snape hates Lord Voldemore ’cause he kill the love of his life and hates himself too.

    And, of course, Harry has her eyes.

    He has Lily’s emerald eyes, those eyes that loved Snape’s rival, never he. Those eyes that never saw him, never knew he longed to hold her close, to live at last in Lily’s eyes.

    Imagine Snape a lover – how he longed for the day she’d turn and see him standing there. “Would Tom had let her stay!”

    He has her eyes, he has Lily’s emerald eyes, those eyes that saw Snape happy long ago. How can Snape now forget that once he dared to be in love, alive and whole in Lily’s eyes.

    In Lily’s eyes….

  32. 132
    Ampersand says:

    Hee hee.

    (I got it. If Elkins reads this thread, she’ll get it. I’m not sure how many others will…)

  33. 133
    Stef says:

    I agree with your theory of why Severus killed Ablus. I’ve been an advocate for Severus since book one. I keep thinking that there HAD to be a reason Snape hated Harry and when we discovered part of it in the third book I was sorry for him but the moment I read Snape’s Worst Memory in the fifth book my sorrow took another twist: hatred for the Mauraders (the League of Idiots and Asses as I call them lol.) I understood why he was so bitter and I wouldn’t be surprised if the only reason Snape went to the ‘Dark Side’ is BECAUSE of that teasing, I mean, if all the ‘Light Side’ has ever shown you is hatred and distaste why would you stay there if on the ‘Dark Side’ you have acceptance and friendships of a way. But deep inside he has morals, hence his turning to Albus. I think that Albus KNEW about the Unbreakable Vow and they made an agreement what Severus would do if it ever came to him having to kill Albus and Snape hated the idea. I think that when Albus was pleading with Severus he was pleading that the man kill him and continue with the orginal plan. I don’t ever EVER want to believe that Snape is evil. If he was he would have brought Harry to Voldemort a long time ago or he would have told Voldemort where Harry lived. Anyway, just wanted to get my say out. Lol. : P

  34. 134
    michael ladon miller says:

    i think that the message left in the locket by RAB is sirius’s brother and that is why he was killed not because he got scared and tried to leave the death eaters. i think that i hate snapt too much to believe that he killed dumbledor to stay under cover.

  35. 135
    Michael Ladon Miller says:

    i have tried to find regulus’s middle name to prove my point that he is RAB, but i cant find it anywhere on the internet and i have re-read all of the books that might possibly have information about him in it. i loved the book sso much and i cant wait for the next one to come out, i wish that we could get a release date. it took forever for hte half-blood prince to come out.i dont think that harry is a horcrux because voldemort wants to kill harry so bad that he will not let his death eaters kill harry. i dont hink that dum. is a hor. i think that he did fully die, but it would be wonderful if dumb. did return. i think that sirius might show up i #7 as the dog, he went through the arc as a man and he might come back as a dog.

  36. 136
    nobody.really says:

    i think that he [Dumbledore] did fully die, but it would be wonderful if dumb. did return.

    We already know he returns. His mural was hanging in his office. McGonagal & Co. can talk to him any time they like. I presume Dumbledore is at liberty to share his theories about Voldermort, to say what he and Harry were up to, to say where he stashed the wine, etc. Or to refrain from saying. I just wonder if Harry could take the mural off the wall and walk and stick it in a backpack or something….

    In the meantime, that grungy Hogsmeade bartender is Dumbledore’s brother (as seen in the original photo of the Order of the Phoenix group). He will portray himself as the reincarnated Dumbledore, scaring the Death Eaters and confusing Voldermort. (“Could love really be the path to eternal life after all…?”)

    i think that sirius might show up i #7 as the dog, he went through the arc as a man and he might come back as a dog.

    Nah. Sirius is keeping up on all developments via the magic mirror he gave to Harry. Harry can’t reach Sirius, but Sirius can see and hear Harry on the odd occasions that Harry opens his trunk. At some cataclysmic moment in #7, Sirius will lead a charge of spirits from the underworld back through the arch through which he fell. (Or maybe they just send their patroni?) Either way, all of Voldermort’s prey will join in, including James & Lily. They will join with Nearly-Headless Nick and a newly-sober Peeves to route the Bloody Baron and his ilk. In the process, Nick’s head will be fully severed at last.

    i loved the book sso much and i cant wait for the next one to come out….

    No need. Here’s what’s gonna happen:

    1. Harry returns to Privet Drive for his last summer, but the Dursleys are so totally pissed with him that they turn the place into a virtual prison. Death Eaters attack, but facing a combination of debilitating magic and “Home Alone”-style booby-traps designed for Harry’s benefit, they will be routed. But when it appears that Dudley is in peril, Petunia will fire off a magical blast or two, finally revealing the long-suppressed secret that Lily was not the only magical person in her family.

    2. Hagrid and Mde Maxime get at least some giants to side with the good guys. Ditto the centaur. Ditto Lupin and the were-critters. Maybe Bill helps Lupin; maybe he rallies support among dragons. Ditto Hermione and the house-elves, who launch into noble acts of betrayal and self-mutilation.

    3. Wormtail will eventually help Harry, or try to. But Voldermort will cause Wormtail’s silver hand to act independent of Wormtail’s will. At that point, Wormtail will splinch (partially Apperate) himself to get away from his hand; he will be rendered helpless, but he will render the silver hand helpless as well.

    4. Indeed RAB is Sirius’ brother; indeed he took the locket back to 10 Grimald Pl.; indeed Kreature had the locket in his stash of goodies. But since then Mundungus raided 10 Grimald Pl. to pilfer stuff to sell, including that locket. So Harry will go to Askaban to rescue Mundungus, only to learn that the locket has been sold to Borgin and Burkes.

    5. The only article of Griffendor’s, the sword, has become a horcrux. This will be a heartrending discovery for Harry. But Harry will then wield the sword in battle, and the Death Eaters will be loathe to take defensive measures that might harm the sword; this will place them at a disadvantage. Eventually the sword must be destroyed.

    6. There’s a shoot-out at Weasley’s Wizarding Weezes. Combatants fumble their wands onto a floor strewn with gag wands. They end up grabbing random wands and gadgets, producing random goofy results. Eventually a bunch of muggle-lovers will demonstrate the muggle way of settling conflicts; they’ll use fists (and maybe marshal arts) against a bunch of dumbfounded Death-Eaters.

    7. Does Ms. Malfoy betray Voldermort? Does Draco? Does Lucius, after he sees Voldermort attacking Draco? Do Crabbe and Goyle ever get to have independent personalities? Do Fred and George? (Warning: the traditional way to give them independent personalities is to kill one of them.)

    8. But what of the Ministers of Magic? Percy? Dolores Umbridge? Victor Krum? Olivander? The Goblins and Gringotts and the (literal) underground railroad? The Sorting Hat? How does Ron fulfill his ambition to become Head Boy if he’s not at Hogwarts? And why is the Prophecy so oddly worded if all it means is “Harry and Voldermort duke it to the death”?

    9. Oh, yeah, and in the meantime Harry & Co. find and destroy all the horcruxes, have a showdown with Voldermorte, and find true love. Snape dies, as does Ginny, who, echoing the actions of Lily, sacrifices herself to save Harry. This is gonna be one fat book.

    Ok, I’m kidding about the Ginny part.

  37. 137
    Rock says:

    My daughter finally past on the latest installment to me, I give them to her and she reads it along with her friends, then I get them.

    Couldn’t agree with you more on Snape doing Dumbledore’s will and killing him.

    I do wonder though does anyone find Harry just a tad dull? I mean Snape was brilliant in school coming up with spells and potions not in the book. Harry’s dad was bright to the point of being a pill. Dumbledore… all these exemplary folks and Harry has so little street smarts he keeps missing the simplest turns and signs. Any kid from the projects with a cell phone has more sense about what’s going on than Harry. Were it not for the cloak the kid couldn’t hang at all.
    Why do you suppose Harry and company do not do a little more work on the fundamentals? Were I in a mortal situation I do believe I would work very hard at getting down on the knowledge that could deliver me. They seem so suburban in their motivation.

    Malfoy has got to play a cool part now in the conclusion as his son took the lead role and he being sidelined in prison.

    I hope the Red/Hagrid theory is wrong; he is loyal and doesn’t turn from the truth, a true friend. (I also like his bike.) Blessings.

  38. 138
    Jake Squid says:

    Yeah, Rock, Harry is dull. But then Harry is a Leader – that means that others will follow him & he is physically (magically) powerful. All that thinkin’ stuff is for the eggheads like Hermione. For all the fun that HP is, it doesn’t fall far from the classic stereotype tree, does it.

    Thanks to nobody.really, I no longer have to read book 7. Hey, I’ve been pushing for the death of one of the twins for at least 2 books now. I thought the best section of your summary was section # 3. I am perversely hoping that you’re right about everything & that JKR – through her obsessive tracking down of everything written about HP online – finds your summary and decides she has to do a total re-write.

  39. 139
    Anna in Cairo says:

    I think the very young teenage fans of this book who read it on a very literal level are probably understanding it better than us adults with all the fun and complicated theories about the horcrux and the potion and snape and lily etc. I just don’t think Rowling is (a) as creative as you guys are and (b) ready to deviate from a script she obviously had in outline form when she started Book 1 (or (c) prepared to make unpopular plot decisions from the point of view of kids who are still going to be her main audience).

    However, it sure would be fun if some of these theories ended up happening in Book 7. It is great that this thread has continued for so many months. Ampersan,d the recently commented function is the greatest thing about this blog for keeping the discussions going.

    Regarding the last two comments about Harry being a pretty thick guy, I think Harry is made to mirror Snape (and Sirius also) to a certain extent where the emotions drive the person rather than the thinking. Harry relies on gut feelings. usually they end up being correct but maybe not in the way he thought. Intellectual he is not.

  40. 140
    nobody.really says:

    I think the very young teenage fans of this book who read it on a very literal level are probably understanding it better than us adults….

    We “adults” have pondered whether it would be more shocking to discover that Snape is a good guy or a bad guy. I now realize that this question hides an important factor: shocking to whom?

    To me, it is unfathomable that Dumbledore could be mistaken about Snape. We will learn that Dumbledore reminded Snape that 1) the highest goal is to stop Voldermort, 2) Snape and Harry are the keys to achieving that goal, and 3) if Snape must kill Dumbledore in order to maintain his undercover status, so be it, even if it meant that Snape would expose himself to attack by his fellow members of the Order of the Phoenix. Snape protested that this was expecting too much from him, but Dumbledore would not hear otherwise.

    For Dumbledore to be proven mistaken would undermine the love/forgiveness theme that underlies the books. It would also undermine the Father Figure role that fills so much fantasy literature (Gandalf, Obie Wan, etc.). So late in Book 7 it will be revealed that Snape was really a good guy. The characters will be shocked; the reader will not.

    But precisely because it is unthinkable to the reader that Dumbledore could be so wrong, that alternative should be all the more attractive to the writer. Could appearances NOT be deceiving? Could Rowling really embrace the conclusion that Dumbledore was lovable but naive, that forgiveness must be tempered with a clear-eyed and cold-hearted calculus? Could Voldermort’s cynical world view be in some measure vindicated?

    That would be the real shocker. It might kill the market for these books in the children’s section, but it might earn them an everlasting place on the sci fi/fantasy shelves, or even the philosophy section.

  41. 141
    Jenny K says:

    re: Snape

    I was at a HP conference at UC Riverside a few weeks ago (yes, I know, I’m a dork) and someone in the audience had a really interesting observation.

    There has been speculation that Snape is a vampire because he is often referred to as bat-like, etc. The audience member suggested that it is instead a reference to Aesop’s fables about bats – which would make a lot of sense considering JKR’s degree in English and her penchant for using creatures that appear in mythology and old fables.

    The fables consist of the bat not being eaten by weasels because he was neither bird not beast, and, more appropriately, the bat being left with no friends or allies because he refused to join neither the birds nor the beasts the two went to war against each other. I’m not sure that Snape evilness/goodness will ever be resolved, but I’m pretty sure he’ll die friendless.

  42. 142
    Rick says:

    What if Draco is the chosen one and Snape and Dumbledore were trying to protect him for that reason? Draco was born late (he was in potions with Harry when everyone else went for apparation). He is marked by Voldemort with the dark mark on his arm. I’m not sure how his parents defied Voldemort, but some nifty writing could explain it. Any thoughts?

  43. 143
    Carlos Ramirez says:

    Well, there is some stuff that i had not realized until i read it here.

    i dont know if one of like the 200 comments already left have mentioned this (i havent read all of them) but somehow i think there might be a connection between Dumbledore and his Phoenix

    i mean the phoenix always dies but then is reborn right?
    and at the end of the 6th one the phoenix flies away, maybe, i dont know, I think that Dumbledore has not died. i think that he was just , TOO, easy to kill. And in book 4 one of the testers did mention that Dumbledore was able to do things that he had never seen before with his wand. and that was just when he was like 16 or something.he is a really powerful wizard.

    Maybe im being TOO optimistic but i dont think that he died and that he could have been so wrong about Snape.

    Also i agree with many of u that Snape is , apart from Dumbledore, the most interesting character. I think that the guy who plays him in the movie is SUPERB he does it soooooooooooooo well. I totally hate the new Dumbledore.

    I personally hate Harry Potter and all those people that admire and kiss his ass. URRRRRRRRR

    and lastly

    Where r u people getting all that stuff about McGonagall being Lord Voldemort in disguise???????????????? tell me please

  44. 144
    littlem says:

    I can’t recall who asked, but Regulus Black’s middle name is Alphard. Hence, R.A.B.

    JennyK – it’s actually “McGonagall” with two Ls.

    Are there really HP conferences?!? The things I miss. Why don’t they have those on the east coast? :D

  45. 145
    qwerty says:

    dd was the transfiguration teacher he is a animagus a pheonix in fact thats why he’s always busy with fire
    remeber the funeral? a big flame than harry saw a pheonix flying away
    lily blood is now in moldywort and pp own harry a favor
    harry scar was given to him by lily its lily soul /eyes she was at slughorn and was very good at charms

  46. 146
    Dianne says:

    Rick: Yes, I have a theory: On JKRowling’s web page she debunks the rumor that Luna Lovegood is Snape’s daughter, specifically saying that Snape does not have a daughter. She does not say that Snape does not have a child, just that he doesn’t have a daughter. Perhaps Draco is Snape’s son. Snape has certainly defied Voldemort and perhaps Draco’s mother (whose name I’ve forgotten) has too–for example, by hiding her child’s parentage. It would explain why Snape was so insistent on protecting Draco, among other things.

  47. 147
    Jon says:

    I haven’t read all the stuff on this blog, but my own theory is that Dumbledore was so absolutely sure of Snape not because of any higher motive like loyalty on Snape’s part but because Snape had already made an unbreakable vow to Dumbledore. Thus, in the murder scene, Snape is in a dilemma with two vows to fulfil. Snape will have informed Dumbledore about the second commitment and Dumbledore resolves the dilemma by releasing Snape – effectively signing his own death warrant, great and selfless Wizard that he is (sob).

    What do you think?

  48. 148
    Ginevra says:

    I agree that something about Lily Evans will be revealed in the final book. I also think it has something to do with Snape. Horace Slughorn goes on about how Harry has got his mother’s genes when it comes to potions. I think she and Snape may have shared the book in potions class. I think that Lily loved Snape but he rejected her as she was muggleborn and so full of spite she went out with James.

    I also think that Snape has always been on the dark side and always will be. I think this as earlier in the sixth book, Dumbledore says that his mistakes are just as bad as he is good. This hints that Dumbledore has made a mistake, this was a huge mistake as it cost him his life.

  49. 149
    Dee Dee says:

    I have greatly enjoyed reading your thoughts and ideas. Please feel free to respond to a few of my own:

    1. Harry and Ginny are not over. There will be something big involving her in the next book. I believe the fact that she is the 7th child (of a 7th child?) and the only daughter – and “pureblood” – for several generations will somehow be significant. Slughorn notes that Riddle felt it would be better to divide your soul into 7 parts as it is a powerful magical number.

    2. I think Harry is not meant to be a shining example of intellect. He is just supposed to be a kind of “every-guy” that can be easily related to. But even though his is not a beacon of brain power, he can still chose to be a good friend and a kind and caring person in spite of what others have done to him.

    3. I hope JKR does not kill off Harry. Aren’t the stories told from Harry’s point of view, therefore implying he is remembering at some later date in his life? Anyway, if he dies it would be a sad and disappointing message to young readers that hope, selflessness and perserverence are pointless.

  50. 150
    batgirl says:

    Wow, people still post on this thread?

    Anyway, Dumbledore seems to make a pretty big deal over the “love saving Harry” thing. What about a similar “saved by love” for Draco in the last book? Narcissa asked Snape to perform the Unbreakable Vow with her out of love for Draco, and it seems possible that Snape loves Draco as well, since he’s apparently protective of him at school. It would be an interesting way of tying Draco and Harry together.

    I’m very curious about Lucius in the next book (can you tell I have much love for the Malfoys?) He’ll likely get out of Azkaban somehow, but will he side with Voldy or Draco, since Draco’s failure will not likely be accepted by Voldemort very well. And will Voldemort even bother to kill Lucius for Draco’s failure? I mean, he seems like a useful guy to have as a Death Eater. Narcissa, on the other hand . . . so dead.

  51. 151
    ScArsChAnGe says:

    I agree with qwerty. (was that name on purpose?)

    Anyway, come to think of it, Dumbledore could be an animagas. Harry is always saved by dumbledore or the phoenix. The only part that doesnt make sense is the part where the phoenix and Dumbledore are both in the same scene unless Dumbledore to is a horcrux, (doubtful).

    O and by the way, sont you think its weird how Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all friends? Think about it, a half-blood, a pure blood, and a mudblood? And they are all supposed to save the magical world against Voldemort? Interesting.

    Let me know what you think…

  52. 152
    Ashley says:

    I have read each and every one of these posts, and now I’m totally confused with what I think is going to happen, and what’s going on lol ^.^ I really don’t think Dumbledore will return from the dead, maybe something will happen with Dumbledore, that happened with Harry’s mom and dad in GoF. I’m still indifferent on whether Harry may be a Horcrux (sp) or not, at first the conclusion I came to was, that he was one, then I remembered the prophecy (lol) and how one can only live …. But then I thought about Neville possibly being “the Chosen One”, but I’m still not clear, because why would the books be about Harry, if in the end Neville, is “the Chosen One”, it just doesn’t make sense to me O.o – I think all of these theories are great, but I’m still confused myself. I really hope J.K makes book 7 a knockout. I am really looking forward to seeing what she has instore for us all.

  53. 153
    Michael Miller says:

    I don’t think that Harry will die in the end. JKr does say that there will be more deaths but I do not think that any of them will be Harry or his friends.
    I don’t think that the story is told from Harry’s memory, it never sounds like it is. Harry life continues as the books continue.
    Harry will return to school on Dumbledore’s orders from the portrait. Dumbledore will continue his private lessons with Harry through his portrait. With Dumbledore’s help Harry will beat Voldemort.
    Harry is the chosen one, Neville could have been the chosen one but lord voldemort chose Harry and marked him as his equal and killing the idea that it could be Neville.
    I don’t think that Dumbledore is an animagus. And to answer a thought by qwerty about a phoenix flying out of the flame actually the phoenix flew into the flame.
    Thank you littlem for telling me regulu’s blacks middle name, which is alphard hence R.A.b.
    Carlos Ramirez you are a fool for liking snape and hating harry.
    Thanks Nobody .really for your thoughts on the book and your opinions of my thoughts.

  54. 154
    Michael Miller says:

    i am tottly sorry i just re-read the book and a pheonix does fly out of the fire and not into it

    sorry everyone my mistake

  55. 155
    Michael Miller says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I think that Snape might actually be good after all(but i still dislike him.)
    If you can remember correctly Dumbledore got mad at Snape and Hagrid overheard them.
    That might have been when Dumbledore told Snape about his plan. I personally hate Snape and I wish that Harry will kill him in the end.

  56. 156
    nobody.really says:

    For what it’s worth, Rowling is auctioning off a newly-detailed copy of the Black family tree for charity. You can see a fragment here.

    Are reported at the Leaky Cauldron:

    There are several familiar names visible, including Callidora who married a Harfang Longbottom. Her sister Charis who married Caspar Crouch. Intriguingly there is a Dorea (1920-1977) who married Charles Potter and had one child, a son. The time frame seems to be consistent with them being James’ parents.

  57. 157
    Nomi DeMilo says:


  58. 158
    Michael Miller says:

    In the 4th book voldemort only needed the blood from an enemy to regenerate himself so i dont agree with nomi about harry being a horcrux. He wanted the protection that Harry had to be stronger.

  59. 159
    J. Matt says:

    It was Dumbledore that had the choice to bring Voldemort to Hogwarts in the first place. Clearly, he made a poor choice. Hence, I’m having a difficult time believing the theories that are justified by “Dumbledore is never wrong”.

    I got the vibe that Harry was a horcrux while reading, but it’s tough to justify. Voldemort attempts to kill Harry in GoF, and he tries again in OotP. Why would Voldemort try to destroy his own soul? A horcrux in Harry would be a “Get Out of Prophecy Free” card.

    One could argue that Voldemort simply doesn’t know that Harry is a horcrux. I find it hard to believe that you could accidentally make one. If that were the case, wouldn’t there be dead dark wizards reviving right and left?

    Regarding Dumbledore’s death, a picture of Dumbledore appears in the Headmaster’s Office. I am not certain how this is stated in the books, so maybe someone can help. Does it say that they’re pictures of former headmasters or deceased headmasters? If it’s just former headmasters, then the picture isn’t proof that Dumbledore is really dead. If it’s deceased headmasters, then I find the “Dumbledore is a Phoenix” theories are less believable.

    I think either Snape, Draco, or both will help the side of good, but that’s just personal belief.

  60. 160
    Rachel says:

    This is random I know, but I think it would be such a shame if Draco turned good in book seven. It just wouldn’t seem right. I know he cried his heart out to Moaning Myrtle, so there is a softer side to him, but I’m really against the idea of his redemption! Why build such a FAB, spiteful, hateful character if only to make him turn good in the last book? We know he hated Harry and co in book s one to five, and part of six, but when he lowered his wand, it made me worry! However, I might just be being silly. What do other people think?

  61. 161
    Michael Miller says:

    i also hope that Draco does not turn good but when Dumbledore was trying to convince him to go to the good side he was thinking awfully hard about it. And it also does not look since he was crying to myrtle and opening up to her. Draco might turn good but in the meantime i still have my hopes and dreams.

  62. 162
    nobody.really says:

    I’ve finally figured out where the last horcrux is: it’s in THIS DISCUSSION, which just won’t die!

    So nobody wants to extend any compassion to poor Draco? Sure, he’s clearly a product of his prejudiced upbringing, an upbringing that he was in no way responsible for. But then, he has committed the unforgivable crime: he has come to symbolize people we envy. And once we envy another person’s privilege, that person goes beyond compassion, beyond redemption. That person is no longer human, because the definition of human is … well, it’s me, plus anyone sufficiently like me. But the person who has what I want but cannot have, that person is beyond the pale.

    Damn right Draco will flip – maybe not quite to the good side, but definitely against Voldy. And the fact that he will do so without the loving embrace and support of the Phoenix gang will make his flipping all the more noble. And you guys will feel all the crappier when he does. So nyh.

    Meanwhile that paragon of motherly virtue, Molly Weasley, will cave. Don’t know how, don’t know where, but I know she’ll cave in some desperate day. She’ll do something that keeps her loved ones away of danger, even though it undermines some larger Order of the Phoenix mission. Bet she does it for Percy, just to heighten the poignancy.

    Even Alabaster got a black hand; nobody gets out of this world unsullied.

  63. 163
    Burger says:

    I think Dumbledore trusts snape so much because he made him take the unbreakable oath to protect harry. Notice how snape wouldn’t even cause Harry the slightest scratch, not even to disarm him. Also, dumbledores hand it messed up, the same way that peter petigrews hand is. Could be related?

  64. 164
    Michael Miller says:

    I hope that Harry does not die in the end; it will suck if he does, and it will end the story on a bad note. I like a surprise ending, but I am in love with the story to much for it to end like that in a bad way. I don’t think that Harry is the Horcrux cause after you kill someone you make it. Voldemort was striped of his body and did not have the time to make a Horcrux, even an accidental horcrux at that. Therefore I think that Harry is not the Horcrux but there is still the fact that JK has said there will be more deaths and there has to be a final battle. Nobody Really has his own opinion and I respect that but you don’t have to be so pissy that we don’t like the piece of crap Draco. Due to his prejudice upbringing he will not change and that is how he will feel because it is his beliefs.

  65. 165
    TRIWIZARD says:

    RAB is Snape!

    I think that RAB stands for a code or an oath that Snape has used with LV that is known only between the two of them. Snape being LV’s most trusted, and the closest to LV per Narcissa, is why Narcissa went to Snape instead of another DE to beg for Draco’s life and have Snape try to pursuade LV to reconsider. Snape is closer to him and is his second in command. RAB is Snapes idenity when he sends messages to Voldemort.

    I think that the switch of the lockets were made not in the cave but when Snape blasted Dumbledores body away from the DE on the tower. He had to get DD’s body out of there and I believe that DD let Snape know that he had the horcrux on him and to get it before the DE found it.

    The RAB note is letting Voldemort know that he knows all about the horcruxes (which I believe Snape does and will somehow help Harry find them) even though Voldemort thinks he is the only one who knows. The RAB note is left for revenge. Getting back at LV for doing something to RAB that he would want revenge for.

    I believe DD when he told Harry that he had no idea that LV would choose James, Lily and Harry to go after to kill. I think the reason that LV targeted James and Harry is because James was a direct link to Slytherin. Even though DD tells us that LV is the last heir of Slytherin he is correct because LV made it so. He targeted James and Harry to wipe out any other heirs to make himself the last remaining one. To get the glory and be the “Lord” so no one else could be a direct link. That is why he told Lily to step aside. He didn’t need to kill her, she was no threat, but he needed to kill the males so he could carry on the Slytherin line.

    Snape loved Lily and he owed James for saving his life. He never wanted Harry dead but had no idea that LV would mark the prophecy using the Potters. That is why Neville was never chosen. He was not a direct link to Slytherin.

    So Snape has a motive for revenge against LV. I don’t see a motive for Regulus Black to want to have revenge on LV. What did LV do to Regulus that he would want revenge? I think that LV’s idea of having the pure bloods attending Hogwarts and having pure-bloods in the wizarding world appealed to most of the Royal Blood Families. However they had no idea that the way LV wanted to make things pure was by actually killing people off. That is why alot of pure-blood families didn’t want to have anything to do with LV after they saw what he was willing to do to get a pure race.

    That’s why Regulus backed out and tried to make a run for it. However you don’t just decide not to be a DE and leave, so they hunted him down and killed him.

    Snape has to be RAB. Somehow the last horcrux LV will think he has left will be the locket horcrux. In the end Harry will show it to LV and LV will read the note and realize that he was betrayed by RAB- Snape his most trusted, most loyal and that is when Harry will kill him.

    RAB is an acronym that stands for something. Something like Royal, Alliance, Blood – Blood, Alliance, Reigns or something like that.

    What do you think?

  66. 166
    nobody.really says:

    Hm. I’m not getting it.

    Ok, say Snape is RAB, and Dumbledore retrieved the real horcrux locket from the cave. Then, cornered by Death Eaters, Dumbledore gives Snape some kind of signal to indicate that Dumbledore has something in his pocket that must be kept out of the hands of the Death Eaters. Lacking any other alternative, Snape blasts Dumbledore off the tower. Then Snape races to the base of the tower to rummage through Dumbledore’s pockets while Draco and the Death Eaters stand around watching. Snape takes the real horcrux locket and leaving a fake one with a message that only Voldemort would understand. And he’s doing this … why?

    I’m still mulling over people’s (Michael’s?) hypotheses about Snape’s hidden motives. So maybe Narcissa turned to Snape not exclusively out of desperation, and maybe Snape made the Unbreakable Vow not exclusively to save face in front of Bellatrix, but rather because Snape is really Draco’s dad? Two problems. 1) Hard to believe that Draco would bear such a stark resemblance to Lucius under those circumstances – but hey, it’s magic, right? 2) I don’t know if you can get away with adultery in children’s literature. Wholesome violence is fine, but sex?

    Alternate hypothesis: Perhaps Dumbledore was so confident of Snape not because of his deep understanding of human motivation, but simply because he had one of those Unbreakable Vows from Snape. And maybe Snape simply broke the vow. Ron said that people who break them die, but that’s not saying much; doesn’t everyone die eventually (Voldemort aside)? Or Dumbledore relinquished the Vow? Can he even do that?

    (To be sure, this Unbreakable Vow creates something of a plot problem. Everybody but Dumbledore suspected Snape of harboring loyalty to Voldemort; why didn’t they simply demand that Snape make an Unbreakable Vow of loyalty to the Order of the Phoenix as proof that he had reformed? Or maybe Unbreakable Vows are a type of dark magic that good guys aren’t supposed to do?)

    I’m betting against these theories. But you guys are keeping me thinking….

  67. 167
    MAD MIKE says:

    what up peeps this is the one and only MAD MIKE in da place. So i liked some the thoughts and stuff. But after reading all this i am 100% confused there are some good theories and there are some that are 110% bull shit if i must say so. All this has my head in a tailspin and i dont know what to look for now, but i am about to read over the entire series now that i have read all this crap and see if i can find some type of a pattern and work out the mystery. PEACE OUT.

  68. 168
    Chandula says:

    personally i believe that petunia is also related to magic but that rather than being a fully fledged witch like her sister she is instead a squib
    a non-magic person like the hogwart’s caretaker argus filch
    the reason i have for this is petunia’s absolute terror of azkaban
    she despite all her pretences that there is no magic and all that was terrified at the mention of the wizard prison in THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX!!
    she know about it!! how how how???
    and even told her starait-laced husband vernon dursley about it!!!!!!!!!
    and also her promise to dumbledore which she honoured for more than fifteen yesrs if harry indeed leaves after his seventeenth birthday..she made some pact with him and despite all her petty treatment of harry and her cruelty and neglect she gave harry room and board in her house despite the fact that she hated her sister lilly who is also harry’s mother.
    whatever she did to hurt harry ultimately she trusted dumbledore’s word and did what he instructed her to do

    why did she obey him???
    she could have thrown him out at any given time and harry would have been terribly vulnerable but she didn’t although harry ran away by his own will in THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN and ALWAYS her punishment when harry misbehaved was “go to your room” and NEVER “go away from our house”
    why why why did she respect dumbledore’s word?????????????

    her loathing of harry performing magic is eerily similar to filch’s loathing of the students who can perform magic

    once when dudley ran away to her when harry jokingly pretended to jinx him,even though she knew it an empty threat was to hurl something at harry which he had to duck to thankfully escape!!

    her anger and hyper sarcasm at describing lilly and her entrance to hogwarts

    petunia is normally described as one who doesn’t show her emoitions..she hates mess or chaos just like her scrupulously scrubbed tables and kitchen
    but when she talked about how lilly received her acceptance letter petunia was very angry and her rage was pretty evident by her choice of words
    this was a rare outburst from her!!

    she called her a witch!!!a witch!!!!
    was she being angry cos lilly was a witch and thought that was a shame

    or bacause she was not and thus had no magical power and was jealous!!
    because it was evident that her Parents were incredibly thrilled with lilly going to hogwarts and coming home for the holidays with her pockets filled with frogspawn
    were they angry,ashamed,sad that petunia did not qualify to attend hogwarts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and also i think that her own son yes dudley dursley is also a squib

    i know it sound preposterous but please hear me out!!

    dudley in his descriptions almost sounds like the evil,nasty exaggerated version of neville longbottom
    while neville is clumsy,bumbling and kind dudley is cruel,calculating and a big bully
    but physically they almost sound alike
    and neville himself says in THE PILOSOPHER’S STONE while aboard the hogwart’s express that his entire family was convinced that he was a squib until he bounced down a street when his great uncle algie or aunt accidently let him go !!!
    and how proud his entire family was when the letter arrived from hogwarts.

    but i think the most revealing stunning piece of evidence that dudley is a squib and not just a plain muggle happens in THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX!!!!

    dudley’s traumatising experience of the dementor attacks in the playground when harry conjured a patronus and then with mrs figg’s help took him home since he was so affected by it
    this may sound like nothing BUT his startling description later to his mom and dad was !!!!!

    because although dudely didn’t see the dementors he most definitely felt their presence and his desciption was almost identical to their neighbour arrabella figg-the cat lady who is also a squib
    when she testifies at the wizengamot later in support of harry her description was very very similar
    she too said that since she was a squib she also couldnn’t see it but felt it and how she felt that she will never ever be happy again!!

    and her description was the one that probably swayed the jury in harry’s favour

    and also please remember that normal muggles(non magical people )cannot see or feel the dementor attackes!!!!!

    in the first chapter of THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE the old minister for magic explain to his british counterpart that , that the weather changes and the down and out feeling of depression of the general population was due to widespread dementor atackes

    but they couldn’t feel anything more than see a lot of mist and feel low …unlike the graphic description of dudely’s dementor experience!!!!

    but i think my boldest and biggest revelation is that personally i think that lilly is voldemort’s own daugher!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my main reason for this is regarding voldemort’s eye colour
    or the lack of info the author provides about his eye colour before his trasformations as he slowly kills more and more while creating horcruxes
    he is always described physically in graphic visual detail as young tom marvolo riddle and then as lord voldemort
    about his black hair and pale complexion and how handsome and tall he was
    but while his eye’s having that red slit like look is constantly harped upon it’s original colour in never mentuoned NEVER
    why why why

    while lilly and harry potter’s similar eye colour is always mentioned
    infact the first thing anyone ever mentions to harry is that how very much he looks like his father james potter but that he has his mother’s bright green eyes
    so much so that before someone even mentions about his eyes he tells that
    ( to professor horace slughorn)
    and yet up to now this connection has never been explained at length by the author
    and yet in the very first book THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE when harry gazes absolutely faschinated at the mirror of erised he sees people who resemble him..his relatives
    eg – someone with knees that resembles his and the most importnat clue people with green eyes

    so there is a generation connection to the green eyes and yet there is no tie-up of that up to now
    and we know this is one of harry’s unique signature traits as unique as the lightening bolt shaped scar!!!

    and lilly has played no main role in the book except that we know that like james she sacrificed her own life to protect her child when voldermort kept giving her rare and never before opportunities to run and save herself esp for one who belonged to the order of the phoenix!!!!the arch rivals of the death eaters!!!
    voldemort did not want to kill her and only did so because she would not allow him to cross her path and murder her baby son

    why was she sooo incredibly determined to save her child and did her absolute utmost to protect without saving her own life

    her choice was fight rather than flight and she did not flee!!!!

    lilly knew that voldemort came for harry and not for anything else
    she new that he was going to kill james fighting him so that he could get to harry
    and the rest including dumbledore knew how dangerous life was for the potters since he knew of the prophesy
    that is why when dumbledore heard of it he offered to be the secret keeper for the potters himslef probably a rare priviledge

    he knew the grave danger they were in
    and yet he never offered that same security to neville and his parents who were just as valuable to the order and he had heard the prophesy and by then probably knew about neville’s birth statistics as well
    so where was their secret keeper…they had none cos they were of no significance to voldemort although the prophesy contained info that related to both harry and neville!!!!!
    the moment voldemort heard the half baked prophesy courtesy of snape he knew of only one child and that was harry potter

    his very own heir!!!!
    and neville’s parents were tortured to insanity after the murder of the potter’s by barty crouch and that gang!!so this proves not only voldemort but a 19 year old boy had had access to the longbottoms!!

    which means if lilly is indeed volemort’s child then so was petunia
    but he probably disregarded her because she has no magical talent which proved right cos later only lilly got the letter from hogwarts

    but they are blood sisters despite how very diferent they are in looks and personality
    that is why harry was provided with powerful magical protection while he lived in privet drive

    and this is also probably why voldemort couldn’t penetrate the ancient spells protecting him

    it is because his own blood dwells there..esp petunia’s as she is the living direct descendent of voldemort and his blood runs in her’s and this is why dumbledore appreciated that whatever her horrible treatment, she gave him room and board
    and lilly’s blood,petunia’s bllod and harry’s blood would bring full circle the spell and make it complete and all powerful!!
    this would also be why voldemort esp selected harry’s blood to regenerate him!!!!

    he took bone from the father,flesh from the servant and though he says blood of the enemy i think he wanted his blood cos it has ties for him too !!
    and in addition to the powerful protection he says that the reason he chose it inspite of the difficuty in obtaining it was because it has the blood given by his own kith and kin-lilly
    could it have an additional bonus for him too…after all voldermort would like to use his own blood to get his body back rather than some tom dick and jerry’s and harry was his closest living relative!!!

    and so although voldemort wanted to visit privet drive he couldn’t because his own people were protecting him from him

    and he would dislike petunia greatly cos he loathed his own father when he found out he was just a muggle and went so much as to distance himself from his name and cretaed a new identity for himslef

    and petunia being a squib would be just as much loathed

    and it is quite obvious that as i mentioned earlier snape knows about this and thus also knows that harry is indeed the only person who will ultimately destroy him though unlike harry and dumbledore his knowledge of the prophesy is half -baked at best!!!!
    and normally snape is so frighteningly practical that he probably lays no claim in those sybil trelewney kind of stuff something he made ice cold evident when he gave his first deadly lecture in intro for potions in THE PHOLOSOPHER’S STONE.
    but the moment he heard the little bit about the prophesy he took it very seriously and went directly to voledemort bcause he really belived it to be true and that this time he was in geat danger
    and he would have been convincing enough for the moment he heard it voldemort set out immediately to kill harry without even re-reconsidering it and despite the bad consequences inclding the aveda kedavra backfiring he still is determined to murder him!!!!!
    he doesn’t give up!!!

    and also because in THE HALD BLOOD PRINCE at the end when the death eatets are running to the gates to apparate and harry is in hot pursuit one of the brother-sister team of death eaters perform the unbearable unforgiveable curse the cruciatus curse on him
    harry is in unbearable pain but snape quickly repells him and says


    and all the death eaters immediately follow his stern warning and leave harry alone when wandless and totally outnumbered except for a howling hagrid and a trapped fang and a dead dumbledore they could have easily killed him

    i think that snape meant that literally that potter belongs to voldemort…that potter is part of voldemort …his grandson..his rightful heir!!!!

    as the prophesy says when harry is born in the seventh month he will be his equal cos he is the heir of voldemort
    and thus an equal in terms of blood and therefore talents

    and after all parseltongue was a gift that voldemort got from his ancestors
    he never learned it…no one at the orphanage taught him
    he inherited as part and parcel of his birth just like morfin,merope and slytherin
    and i think dumbledore’s lecture in THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS is partucularly significant about the choices that one makes that ultimately shapes you rather than just bowing to fate

    this would indicate that while his own destiny was slytherin ..being ultimately the heir of slytherin his choice was gryffindoor..a symbol of courage and bravery and thus it became his heritage and destiny

    and though the sorting hat did indeed seriously consider putting him to slytherin because that was pretty obvious mercifully because he had some of gryffindoor’s brain enabling to think he oversaw that..saw his magnificnt bravery and put him in gryffindoor!!!!!

    and him pulling the sword of gryrffindoor ultimately would prove dumbledore’s lecture and would prove that he is indeed a gryffindoor through and through by choice and action!!!!!!and convince harry that he is not slytherin’s heir but still dumbledore’s lecture sounds strange……..he never ever gave a direct answer!!!!!!only an explanation!!!

    and i think in the last book at his coming of age petunia will tell harry something very revealing about lilly
    it remains to be seen whether she will swallow her own so called sane human being pride and tell of her own past too even though she and vernon dursley in book one says that when they agreed to take charge of harry they made a pact to beat the magic out of him or something to that effect!!!!
    after all voldemort’s love of pure bloods will make sure that the mother of his children was indeed a witch!!!!!!!!!
    and thus lilly is a pure blood witch as well and thus more disgrace and ultimately loathing for petunia since she has no magical talent to speak of

    and this will prove why snape fell in love with lilly because she was pure-blood
    because initilly he loathed that she even spoke out in his defense while all the other students laughted and mocked him dangling upside down when james and sirius was torturing him because she (a mudblood according to snape) pitied him

    that is why he disclosed to Voldemort about the prophesy
    snape knew that lilly was indeed voldemort’s daughter( Remember in THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE Snape says to the brother and sister death eaters when they perform the cruciatus curse”potter blongs to the dark lord!!!!!!!!!!!!”)

    so i think that snape was 100% convinced and certain that voldemort wouldn’t kill lilly potter and only just destroy james…his arch rival and the winner of lilly’s heart and and the father of her child.

    i think it would have appealed to snape that not only was lilly the daughter of voldemort,but she also pitied and was very kind to him and tried to defend him when he was tortured and bullied by james and sirius but that she was also brilliant in potions..his best subject!!!!

    so it was probably a shock to him when voldemort killed lilly to protect himself
    i am sure the reason was he didn’t like the idea of dying for no reason ..after all he considered his own mother merope weak when she died in giving birth to him when she could have used some magic to survive but didn’t in his opinion

    but since by the time he came to murder the potters his soul was already divided to 6 parts and therefore had little soul and love in his heart and so killed his own daughter to protect himslef ….as according to dumbledore the only person he loved in life was himself and besides we know he fears death…that was his plan ..to eacape death and become immortal

    so snape’s plan of making voldemort kill only james and probably harry backfired completely(he underestimated voldemort’s scale of evil)and as a result the woman he loved most in his life and probably the only woman who was kind to him died in the hands of voldemort..her own father.

    dumbledore probably knew this and that is why he knew snape was really on the good side because voldemort killed lilly because snape told him

    and this could also be the reason why snape has the most deepest loathing for harry with all his heart and soul.
    yes we know part of the reason is because he is the son of james potter…one of his former bullies

    but it also could be because lilly died to protect harry
    and so harry is a lasting physical reminder of lilly’s death and how he played such an important part in the gruesome crime

    and this was why dumbledore couldn’t express his views of snape’s remorse to harry over lilly’s death
    he knows it but can’t tell harry ..only that he trusts professor severus snape completely!

    and no i do not think that harry potter is indeed the 6th or 7 th horcrux

    beause in THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE dumbledore’s comments about harry’s soul being wholesome and pure and untouched by evil and protected by love…
    thus causing voldemort excruciating pain when he tried to possess harry by inhabiting his soul in THE ORDER OF THE PHEONIX’s ministry of magic so much so that in the end without even dumbledore’s help harry was able to thwart him by thinking of sirius and flooding his soul with love.

    so harry cannot be a place where a bit of voldemort’s soul lives!!!

    but i found this incredibly interesting and i am sure that you will also appreciate this

    at the ministry of magic in THE ORDER OF THE PHEONIX at the vaulted mysterious room wher harry,neville,ginny and luna could hear the voices of the dead behind the curtan,when the order of the phoenisx team and the death eaters were battling neville and harry’s dramatic experience in grappling with the small dusty glass orb contaning professor trelawney’s prophesy!!!

    it was not anybody else but neville longbottom and harry potter…the very two people whe according to it who were the most worthy candidates until voldemort came and marked harry as his equeal
    or he made a grave mistake and neville is the one
    we don’t know but it was these two who rolled down the steps each trying to catch it and in the end it smahed to pieces and neither could hear it
    i also think that he has a big part and as it says “he has powers the dark lord knows not”
    could it be that dumbledore and the rest didn’t know as well since they all think that nevile is just a clumsy bumbling idiot with his only talent in herbology… though enough to get an outstanding in the owl’s!!!!!!

    i also wonder what is behind the curtan or rather who or what ???
    will all the dead who were murdered come and help harry
    voldemort used some he killed as inferi to his advantage but what about the rest
    can they be the opposite of inferi and help harry like they did in THE GOBLET OF FIRE
    and remeber as i said earlier it was only harry,neville,luna and ginny who were enthralled by it while hermione was afraid of it!!!!!she realized this place contained a real and tangible power and she is right most of the time!!!

    as for the seventh book this is what i think will happen personally taking some wild guesses which hopefully are at least a little bit true…………..

    a possible romantic tie-up for harry with fleur delacour’s younger sister gabrielle
    she acording to fleur has harboured a crush since harry rescued her during the second task in THE GOBLET OF FIRE and since she also has to be equally stunning like fleur is and should be about thirteen

    since gabrielle is one of the bridesmaid’s she will try her very veela best to catch harry when she comes for the wedding from France
    i am sure the two maids ginny and gabrielle will compete for him although ginny promised to leave him alone to hunt voldemort

    and since he is a free single man now harry might sway a bit while assaulted with her veela beauty and we all know the kind of effect fleur had on harry and ginny already hates flueur and this might make ginny very jealous and might compel her to do something rash to prove her genuine love for harry

    she is very impulsive ,spontaneous,very strong and high strung

    i hope she doesn’t get killed or equally worse voldemort doesn’t find out about that and ultimately uses this to snare harry to a trap!

    after all dumbledore said that the always locked room at the ministry is filled with a terrible power and we now know that this terrible power is love
    and as professor slughorn himslef says as he shows the amortentia portion and tells the horrfying effects of obsessive love and dumbledore himself points out that power as at once wonderful and terrible and says that harry has a vast amount of it!!!
    and harry’s amortentia indeed had the combined smell which included the flowery perfume ginny wore at the burrow and also how the author JK Rowling compared harry’s love as a scaly monstrous inner beast and how he wanted to rip dean thomas limb to limb just because he saw ginny kissing her official boyfriend in the dark passage!

    so without a doubt ginny is the person alive that harry most loves and so when he goes in to the room to save ginny-his one and only love in it insted finds himslef caught by voldemortand and trapped !

    and there he will do the battle unto death and ultimately the very same power of love will save him because love saved him once before at the same ministry of magic from voldemort’s grip when he surely was dying from possesion when harry remembered his beloved godfather and his paternal love for him!!!

    so hopefully ginny’s love for harry will revive him back to life!!!!!!!!1

    rab could indeed be sirius’s brother
    and i think mundungus sold it and that it will be found in egypt if indeed the author has as stated in a news atricle that the the next book has an egypt title and all we know about egypt is that bill weasley worked as a curse breaker there in a gringott bank’s branch and that the weasleys with ron’s photo of a “dying” scabbers holidayed there!
    and gringotts is all about gold and cash and precious stones and vaulable priceless articles(the philosopher’s stone)
    so something has to be there..something vaulable and important

    and if the bank in diagon alley is reported to have dragons and security was so stringent that dumbldore before bringing the stone to hogwarts trusted their safeguarding skills i can only imagine the spells and charms and creatures guarding this one

    probably the gold locket or the hufflepuff cup

    or else

    harry goes to check what else is stolen from him at the grimmauld place after the wedding since he will have to leave the dursley’s permanently once he is a man and thus has no other place to go
    when he does the inventory he will will find the locket possibly hidden in kreacher’s raggedy nest and hopefully destroy the locket and thus the horcrux!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i just hope that it does not have a shocking and ultimately revealing picture of voldemort with some one or just some one since normally people put a pic inside a locket…normally this is why people wear lockets…to store a precious pic or something like a lock of hair etc.

  69. 169
    Chandula says:

    or my other idea is that snape is in love with narcissa malfoy- draco’s mother and he could be draco’s father
    snape always adored draco..always..he supported him,gloated over him and took his side while humiliating and taunting harry esp during potion lecons down in the dungeons!
    and since draco’s mom has the same white blonde hair/pale white skin look we don’t know that his dad is indeed lucius
    i mean he didn’t have to inherit the look from lucuis, narcissa was enough blonde for draco to be too
    and although a lot is written about snape and draco there is no instance of snape and lucuis together ..
    none of the two of them together as far as i know

    and snape made the vow to protect him and though he was loyal to dumbledore he was absolutely trying to protect draco as well by giving hints and tips
    so draco may also be right in his belief that snape is on the dark side because he was helping draco without dumbledore’s knowledge

    and according to hagrid snape kept refusing dumbledore’s orders saying he was expecting too much of him and so on

    but the momemnt he sees narcissa’s tear filled big blue eyes pleading with him he agrees instantly on the spot and with an unbrakable vow no less that he knows would either kill himself or dumbledore
    he would have eventually done it after dumbledore pestured him but it was narciss’a request that made him change his mind and accept this most dangerous task!!!!!!!!!!!

    and narcissa knows about snape’s love for draco even if he wasn’t his kid because he loved or still loves her
    that is why despite her sister’s deep deep disgust and hatred and loathing and distrust in snape she with great danger to herself went to snape’s house even though bellatrix kept urging her not to go
    she trusted her own son’s life with snape and he didn’t disappoint her
    it was like she expected him to help her and already had a patten of where he helped her before
    she almost exploiited snape’s standing with voldemort putting snape in grave danger while complimenting him using her charms and saying that he was the most trusted servant of the dark lord and blah blah blah
    she made him perfrom the unbrakable vow no doubt with her sister as witness
    she went cos she knew that snape will do this for her inspite of the personal risk
    if this is true then there could be no truth to the fact that snape loved lilly
    she was a muggle as far as he knew..pure and simple
    and he called her a mudblood- a filthy word in the wizarding world
    but narcissa was pure blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that would have appealed to him

    one can’t live while the other survives and harry being ahorcrux makes perfect sense if indeed harry is a horcrux

    it will be like the perfect anti climax

    harry will kill voldemort in the normal climax in a deadly duel and everyone will rejoice and be joyous that harry truimphant had slayed the dark lord

    and as according to the prophesy harry had survived and voldemort is dead!!!!

    but if the horcrux theory it true harry will realize that his scar is the horcrux when it suddenly starts to hurt again and all and and he will slowly realize that voldemort is not complelely vanquisehd

    he will again go on a crusade to search for the last horcrux and will come to understand/realize that HE IS THE ONE LAST HORCRUX and when he “slayed” him he had only destroyed five horcruxes and not 6 although dumbledore emphasized that before he destroys the last bif of soul that survived in his body he must FIRST DESTROY ALL SIX HORCRUXES BECAUSES EVEN IF ONE SURVIVES VOLDEMORT CANNOT DIE!!!

    and as the prophesy says
    one can’t live while the other survives

    harry will finally realize its core meaning!!!!

    that it means that he can’t live while the other in him survives
    cos although he survived so did voldemort through him

    and will kill himself in the end!!!!!

    and regarding that number twelve grimmauld place contain more than one horcrux(slytherin’s locket)sounds preposterous

    only dumbledore ,harry and possibly horace sluhhorn knew of voldemort’s intention of creating more than one horcrux

    rab if ideed he is regulas will have only one because he truly believed there was only one since that was the norm

    only the locket…not hufflepuff’s cup!!and thought that when he destroys that the dark lord will once again be mortal

    and what is the connection between snape’s genius in potions evident by the potions text book THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE and lilly’s outsatnding talent in potions as well according to professor slughorn

    and since both were the same age and also in slughorn’s potions class if like harry and malfoy as gryffingdoor and slytherin now have the same class probably so were they as gryffingdoor and slytherin
    and hopefully slughorn as their common potions teacher will be able to shed some light on their bond!

    and the “severus please….” in THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE probabbly meant not save dumbledore

    but i think what he meant here was to save himself and thus honour the unbreakable vow so that he is now free and is able to show his ‘loyalty’ to the dark side and gain their trust and banish the last dredges of the suspicion esp in the eyes of people like bellatrix!!and really be voldemort’s most trusted advisor…

  70. 170
    GinnyW says:

    I have spent several HOURS now, reading this blog (WOW is it long!)…
    Some of you have made valid arguments, but some are utterly preposterous! I can’t resist putting my two cents in. I’ve re-read the all the books in sequence three times now and have come to the following conclusions…

    1. The green potion that Dumbledore drank in the cave was killing him. I agree with the idea that it, and not the locket, might be the real horcrux. I also think that Dumbledore told Snape early on about finding the cave and the horcrux and knew the consequences for retrieving it. Dumbledore was no idiot. He knew all about the Unbreakable Vow Snape made to spare Draco’s life. Dumbledore may have forced Snape to do things he was revolted to do (kill Dumbledore) because he knew the attempt to destroy the horcrux was going to cost him his life anyway. Notice how he made Harry promise the same thing? “Promise me that you’ll go on with the plan even if I beg you to stop.” And Harry did exactly as he was told, to his revulsion.
    Dumbledore is not afraid of death, he said so in the first book… it is Voldy who fears death so much that he’s willing to destroy his own soul to gain immortality.
    – by the way, some have speculated that Dumbledore may have made a horcrux to ensure he could come back to life… I KNOW for a fact that this is wrong. Dumbledore has clearly impressed upon Harry the fact that they are truly EVIL things. Dumbledore is not an evil man whatsoever (and neither is Harry or Lily evil).

    2. Dumbledore is not coming back to life (although there is some significance in his ties to all things Phoenix). Part of Harry’s road to adulthood is learning to believe in himself and DO for himself. The picture in the Head’s office may offer more information or advice, but Harry, and Harry alone, is ultimately responsible for defeating Voldy. Harry had to grow up, very quickly and harshly, after Sirius’s death. This is true, all the more so, after Dumbledore’s death. He’s now a man.

    3. JKR has hinted in a few interviews that Snape and the idea of redemption is extremely important in book 7. My guess is that Harry has to forgive him for being so nasty and accept that he’s really been a good guy despite his shortcomings. When Harry lets go of his hatred for Snape, he will have learned to love a little bit more, thus making him even more powerful than Voldy and able to defeat him.

    4. The theme underlying the entirety of the 6th book is LOVE. Everyone seems to be finding strength through their ability to love. Ron finds that he’s in love with Hermione, even if he’s never admitted it. Harry has found a soulmate in Ginny (I really hope that continues); Tonks and Lupin; Bill and Fleur; even Hagrid has discovered the love of family in Grawp. Harry has to take all this in and realize that what Dumbledore had always told him was true. Love will conquer all.

    5. I suspect that Dumbledore’s little breakdown at the end of OOtP was significant in showing us how much he really cares for Harry, like a son. He cries at the thought of how much Harry has had to deal with and what Harry must still endure. And I found some similarities in the way Lily died for Harry and the way Dumbledore sacrificed himself to save Harry. The book clearly states that the brief moment it took Dumbledore to silently cast the freezing charm on Harry cost Dumbledore the chance to block Draco’s “Expelliarmus” and defend himself. I don’t know if it would work exactly the same as Lily’s sacrifice, but I almost certain it has significance nonetheless. There is significance in the fact that we are still to meet his brother Aberforth.

    6. “Neither can live while the other survives” – JKR has indicated that this was very carefully worded. It doesn’t mean they both die. Voldy is surviving through the existence of the horcruxes. Harry must, for his own sanity, hunt down and destroy Voldy and the horcruxes. Thus, Harry can’t live his life while Voldy survives, just as Voldy cannot live (happily) knowing that Harry continues to survive.

    7. It is Voldy’s ignorance and hatred that will pave the way to his own destruction. Things like trying to kill baby Harry and inadvertently marking him as an equal, like ripping his soul in seven pieces because he’s never understood the value of a whole and unblemished soul (like Harry and Dumbledore, and friends).
    Every time someone Harry cares about gets hurt or killed, it makes Harry stronger and more determined to rid the world of Voldy and his evilness. There is also some importance in the fact that, even though he’s tried, Harry cannot perform an Unforgivable Curse. It’s all to do with that “outstanding moral fiber”.

    8. why do so many hate of you out there dislike Molly Weasley??? She’s the closest thing Harry’s got to a mother. She may even end up becoming his mother-in-law someday. Quit picking on her! He really needs her and (most of) the Weasleys in his life.

    9. There is significance in Dumbledore’s last visit to Privet Drive. He implores Petunia to allow Harry to return once more before his 17th birthday to give him the last little bit of Lily’s protection. Makes me think something might happen there in July? JKR has also hinted that, although magical abilities usually show themselves in childhood, SOMEONE will surprise us with some “magicalness” late in life. Wouldn’t it be interesting if it were Aunt Petunia? Harry was starting to view her a little differently in OOtP.

    10. Whereas I’m inclined to believe Harry’s SCAR might be an accidental sixth horcrux (“You could be Great, you know, and Slytherin could help you on your way to Greatness… it’s all here in your head.”) I highly doubt that JKR is going to have her hero commit suicide. Many have said it, I’ll just repeat it… these are still books written for a young audience. Marvolo’s ring was not destroyed in removing the piece of Voldy’s soul; nor do I believe Harry would need to destroy his own soul to get rid of Voldy.

    Please let me know if I’m way off base on any of this.

  71. 171
    Gem says:

    RAB in the new book is Sirius’s brother look it up when he mentions his brothers name!!!!

  72. 172
    Isabelle says:

    great theories, I have a couple of my own, I truly believe that Snape is a good guy…too much work in in developing him to make a simple flat bad guy, as much as he pretended to hate Harry, he always seemed to be the one bailing him out and saving his life, like at the end of book six, so easy for him to have at least hurt Harry instead risking his life to keep teaching him right to the end….other theories I have heard is that Snape is not Snape but is really James in Snape’s body…weird…well JK said we would be really stunned by the ending of book 7…that would really stun me

  73. 173
    PamIam says:

    Chambula you have the most interesting theories that I have read so far.

    I have a few of my own that have not been previously mentioned. I am glad to see that some are still posting. I just re-read the HBP, to get myself ready for the next book(in my hopes that JKR will carry on the trend of a summer book).

    Some of you are very imaginative. There are theories of twists and turns. I think that the answers are going to be a surprise, but I think the good vs. evil mantra is consistent and simple.

    I doubtlessly believe that Snape and Dumbledore have some history that proves Snape is also Dumbledore’s Man. They also agreed ahead of time to certain actions-for the protection of the good and the innocent.

    The reason that Dumbledore pleads with Snape , is simply because he wants to protect Draco’s innocense. Dumbledore and Snape agreed to this in the beginning. He does not want Draco to have the burden and consequence of performing an unforgivable curse.

    This is also why Snape kept preventing Harry’s attempts as they were chasing to the edge of the school grounds. Harry was attempting unforgivable curses-Snape was sparing him the burden of these spells.

    In all the books, the innocense of the students has been one of the most highly protected virtues.

    I have a question. I may be remembering incorrectly, but hasn’t Harry’s scar stopped hurting since the end of the Goblet of Fire? Was it the horcrux in him-accessed through Harry’s blood, that Voldemort needed to come back? Just wondering.

    Another. Are we sure that Sirius is dead? What is this place that he fell into? Maybe it is possible to find a way back.

    Comment. Maybe “Dumbledore’s Army” will actually defeat Voldemort in the end. Harry usually works better having his allies and friend around him.

    I don’t think that Lily, loving anyone but her husband james, fits the trend of morality that JKR emphasizes in all her books.

    Lastly, I definitely do not think that Snape or Dumbledore know where the missing horcruxes are. I don’ t think Snape is RAB and I don’ t think that anyone in the Order is RAB. I don’t think the liquid is the horcrux or if it is I don’t think Dumbledore knew. There is a simple reason. Any vital information would be shared with Harry by Dumbledore. DD would not send Harry on a wild goosechase. He would have disclosed all pertinent information with Harry, because the ultimate quest is to destroy Voldemort. If any of these theories were true, then DD would be hindering the mission he has sent Harry to do. I have no doubt that DD has disclosed everything he knows about the horcruxes, to Harry because he wants Harry, and the Order, to be successful.

  74. 174
    hpgirl says:

    a lot of these posts are very good…and i thought of something the other night…cant voldemort not die because he drank the unicorn blood. didnt jk rowling write the end of the last book when she wrote the first book?…so wouldnt the answer be there? just a couple of thoughts…

  75. 175
    Trish says:

    These theories are all fascinating and this has kept me entranced for a couple of hours just reading them all and pondering! I have just re-read HBP, and loved it even more the 2nd time. I have a couple of comments…
    Snape loves Lily theory – Could Snape really have been in love with Lily? When she gets James to temporarily stop harassing him on the grounds of Hogwarts, Snape in turn calls her a “filthy mud-blood”, does he not?
    Harry as the last horcrux – I certainly hope not, but it is possible. Or perhaps Voldy did make an accidental horcrux when James and Lily were killed, but maybe that was how Nagini became one? She could have been a faithful pet, like the phoenix with DD, and was in the vicinity at the time?
    Slytherin’s locket – I believe it was found by Reg. Black and Kreature (that’s how he got across in the boat to fetch it and then got back again), kept at #12 for years, discarded by Sirius and the kids during cleaning, found by Mundungus and then finally sold to DD’s brother at the pub in that scene in HBP.
    Book 7 – Minor characters I think will play important rolls include Gwarp, Percy, Slughorn, and DD’s brother.

  76. 176
    I am a loser who is obsessed with Harry Potter, but I\’m okay with that says:

    I am surprised/excited that people are still posting on this site. I agree with many of the theories on this website, and I also think that many may be quite off the mark. I can also say, without hesitation, that even those that may seem like the most plausible theories will turn out to be wrong, because after reading the series for a second time it is even more evident that Rowling is a genius. And good at throwing us a total curve ball…

    Here is my two cents:

    1. Harry as a horcrux. It is obvious that Harry’s scar plays a HUGE role. The question is whether Harry will survive or not. Rowling is open about her religious views, and I will not be shocked if Harry is a sort of martyr in the next book. It will be very depressing if Harry dies, of course, but there will definitely be a close call.

    2. Related to what I just wrote, in an interview Rowling said that the question we all need to be asking is “WHY DIDN’T DUMBLEDORE KILL VOLDEMORT IN THE MINISTRY?” By telling us this, she is giving us a clue. I personally think that Dumbledore knows, to a certain extent that Harry is/may be a horcrux. Dumbledore most certainly is able to kill Voldy, there is no question about that. I think that he does not because of Harry. If he kills Voldemort, the horcrux that has been (inadvertantly?) placed in Harry will be used immediately, and Dumbledore doesn’t want that to happen.

    3. The is polyjuice potion in HBP, and we still don’t know to whom it belongs. There are any number of possibilities. Someone is not who they say they are. Is it McGonagall, as some have been suggesting? I am not so sure about this, but the idea does have a little support at the end of the final book. Harry does NOT tell her what he and Dumbledore have been doing, and I think that is significant in some way… Either way, somebody will surprise us.

    4. Why does Dumbledore trust Snape so completely? I believe that there is a concrete reason. When Harry finds out that it was Snape who overheard the prophecy, he freaks out, runs to Dumbledore, and demands to know why. There is a brief scene where Rowling suggests that Dumbledore looks as though he is about to tell Harry something, but doesn’t. Perhaps Dumbledore makes Snape take the unbreakable vow to protect Harry. Perhaps he knows that Snape, by loving Lily, can’t help but love Harry to a certain extent. But there is a concrete reason that Dumbledore trusts.

    5. Dumbledore is dead. He is not coming back. That doesn’t mean we wont see more of him, either in the portrait, or his pensieve. But he is dead. And Snape was supposed to him. Rowling did not put the pause there for no reason… Snape had to kill him to protect Malfoy and Harry. Dumbledore knew that Harry would try to protect him, which is why he froze Harry. He knew what was coming. Snape will be HUGELY important in the final book, as will Harry’s struggle with trusting Snape.

    6. Voldemort wasn’t supposed to kill Lily. We know thise for sure. Why? Why does he care? Because he promised Snape, who I believe may have been present at the Potter’s house.

    7. Voldy bring four people with him when he applies for the job at Hogwarts. Why? He kills them, placing four of the Horcruxes at Hogwarts. That is how Rowling will get the characters back at Hogwarts.

  77. 177
    Iceman says:

    First of all I have to admit this is an excellent blogspot, with great articles and opinions. But to place doubts on everibodys mind…..Should or should not Harry die in the last chapter?

    PS- remember that americans asked JKRowling no to kill the poor boy!!

  78. 178
    M@D MIKE says:

    ok i think that i figured it out harry is not a horcrux, dumbledore says that u have to perform a spell to make a horcrux…….well if voldemort got killed trying to kill harry then he did not complete the murder and definately did not get to cast tha spell so that harry is not a horcrux and as i have said b4 dumbledore will talk to harry thru his portrait

  79. Pingback: The Gryffindor Gazette - Predictions for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  80. 179
    nobody.really says:

    All right; if others aren’t ashamed to acknowledge their continuing obsession, I’ll come clean, too. Permit me to post my revised predictions for Book 7.

    A. It will be called “HP and the Deathly Hollows.” Notwithstanding this title, Hewlett-Packard products will play only a minor role in the plot. By all that is good and right and true, the book should be released on 07/07/07. By all that is bad and petty and lucrative, Warner Bros. decided to release the next HP movie around that time, so commercial concerns dictate the book release date had to change. Purgatory will provide CEO Barry Meyer ample time to ponder the wisdom of this decision.

    B. Harry returns to Privet Drive for his last summer, but the Dursleys are so totally pissed with him that they turn the place into a virtual prison. Death Eaters attack, but facing a combination of debilitating magic and “Home Alone”-style booby-traps designed for Harry’s benefit, they will be routed. But when it appears that Dudley is in peril, Petunia will fire off a magical blast or two, finally revealing the long-suppressed secret that Lily was not the only magical person in her family. [But allegedly Rowling has nixed the idea that Petunia is magical.]

    C. Harry sneaks into the headmaster’s office and steals the mural of Dumbledore, thereby gaining a means for communicating with him. At some point the mural will be destroyed, leaving Harry (and the rest of the world) guideless.

    D. Hagrid and Mde Maxime get at least some giants to side with the good guys. Ditto the centaur. Ditto Lupin and the were-critters. Maybe Bill helps Lupin; maybe he rallies support among dragons. Ditto Hermione (and Dobbie) and the house-elves, who launch into noble acts of betrayal and self-mutilation. And the merpeople don’t need any persuading, although I can’t see what good they can do anyone. (Remember Aquaman’s role in the Justice League of America?)

    E. Tonks will permit herself to be bitten by a werewolf, thereby eliminating Lupin’s objection to marrying her. Then it will be revealed that Lupin is gay. Just kidding.

    F. Dumbledore has hidden Ollivander to keep him out of Voldemort’s clutches, and to supply wands to the legions of house-elves that currently lack them.

    G. Snape is a good guy. Snape broke w/ Voldemort when Voldemort killed the secret love of his life, Lily. Harry’s connection to both Snape’s love, and to Snape’s rival James, has always left Snape conflicted. (Snape is/was also fond of Dumbledore. Dumbledore had to remind Snape that 1) the highest goal is to stop Voldermort, 2) Snape and Harry are the keys to achieving that goal, and 3) if Snape must kill Dumbledore in order to maintain his undercover status, so be it, even if it meant that Snape would expose himself to attack by his fellow members of the Order of the Phoenix. Snape protested that this was expecting too much from him, but Dumbledore would not hear otherwise.)

    H. Wormtail will eventually help Harry, or try to. But Voldemort will cause Wormtail’s silver hand to act independent of Wormtail’s will. At that point, Wormtail will splinch (partially Apperate) himself to get away from his hand; he will be rendered helpless, but he will render the silver hand helpless as well.

    I. Minister of Magic Scrimgeour will appear occasionally with the reincarnated Dumbledore. This will scare the Death Eaters, confuse Voldermort (“Could love really be the path to eternal life after all…?”) and give heart to the Order of the Phoenix. It will turn out merely to be Dumbledore’s brother, that grungy Hogsmeade bartender who used to be a member of the Order, but who split with the group. In the interest of truth, Harry will disclose the fraud to Rita Skeeter even though he knows that it will dismay his friends and embolden his enemies.

    J. Indeed RAB is Sirius’ brother; indeed he took the locket back to 10 Grimald Pl.; indeed Kreature had the locket in his stash of goodies. But since then Mundungus raided 10 Grimald Pl. to pilfer stuff to sell, including that locket. So Harry will go to Azkaban to rescue Mundungus, only to learn that the locket has been sold to Borgin & Burkes.

    K. The Sword of Gryffendor is a horcrux; Voldemort covertly enchanted it during his job interview with Dumbledore. This will be a heartrending discovery for Harry. But Harry will then wield the sword in battle, and the Death Eaters will be loathe to take defensive measures that might harm the sword; this will place them at a disadvantage. Eventually the sword must be destroyed.

    L. Is Harry a horcrux? He was. But parts of a soul seek to reunite. Consequently, when Harry’s blood was poured into the cauldron that restored Voldemort’s body, the part of Voldy’s soul in Harry passed back to Voldy. This accounts for Dumbledore’s look of triumph upon hearing this news; there’s one less Horcrux to worry about, and Voldy’s death won’t require destroying Harry.

    M. There’s a shoot-out at Weasley’s Wizarding Weezes. Combatants fumble their wands onto a floor strewn with gag wands. They end up grabbing random wands and gadgets, producing random goofy results. Eventually a bunch of muggle-lovers will demonstrate the muggle way of settling conflicts; they’ll use fists (and maybe marshal arts) against a bunch of dumbfounded Death-Eaters.

    N. Molly Weasley betrays the Order of the Phoenix, taking some action (or inaction) that she thinks will keep her family members away from battle. But she fails to anticipate that the ensuring battle will involve Percy. Defying Scrimgior’s orders, Percy joins the fray against the Death-Eaters and is killed. Molly is devastated. All this foreshadows Narcissa’s defiance of Voldemort (below) in an effort to save Draco.

    O. Sirius is keeping up on all developments via the magic mirror he gave to Harry. Harry can’t reach Sirius, but Sirius can see and hear Harry on the odd occasions that Harry opens his trunk. The climactic scene of #7 will again occur at the Ministry, when Voldemort is trying to access a locked room said to contain the greatest power known to wizardom; he little realizes it is love. Anyway, Sirius will lead a charge of spirits from the underworld back through the arch through which he fell. (Or maybe they just send their patroni?) Either way, all of Voldemort’s prey will join in, including James & Lily. They will join with Nearly-Headless Nick and a newly-sober Peeves to route the Bloody Baron and his ilk. In the process, Nick’s head will be fully severed at last.

    P. Draco is embraced by the Death Eaters as the hero who disarmed Dumbledore. Narcissa is dumbfounded and relieved, but Voldemort’s abusive treatment of the Malfoys has irretrievably damaged their loyalties. Voldemort can detect this about Narcissa, but years of Snape’s tutelage in occluemency permits Draco the conceal his feelings.

    Q. Draco is “the Chosen One.” Lucius and Narcissa have defied Voldemort many times: Lucius parted with the diary. Lucius failed to come immediately when summonsed. Lucius failed to get the prophesy. Narcissa went to discuss Malfoy’s secret assignment with Snape. And desperate to prove himself to Voldemort, Lucius (broken free from Askaban) will ignore the instruction not to fight when Harry wields the Sword of Gryffindor, resulting in the destruction of the horcrux.

    R. The Vault of Love at the Ministry of Magic cannot be opened without someone sacrificing his or her life. Voldemort orders Lucius to do it. When Lucius balks, Voldemort threatens to kill Draco. When Lucius balks again, Voldemort aims the Aveda Kadavra at Draco, but Narcissa leaps in the way, sacrificing herself –– as Voldemort knew she would. This sacrifice is sufficient to open the vault. But it is also sufficient to fill Draco with the Potter-like power of love –– and a motive to bring down Voldemort. Draco enters the vault, gasps with delight, and calls Voldemort to follow. Once inside, Draco will slam the door and embrace Voldemort with his newly-toxic touch. The rest is dénouement.

    S. Ron inherits Percy’ Head Boy badge, prompting Ron to reflect on how petty his old dreams were. He offers it to Hermione, who simply adds it to her collection.

    T. The final book with grant independent personalities to Crabbe and Goyle, and to Fred and George, perhaps by killing off one of each pair. The final book will also feature appearances by Dolores Umbridge, Victor Krum, Prof. Lockhart, the Sorting Hat, the phoenix, goblins, Gringotts and the underground railroad.

    U. Oh yeah, and in the meantime Harry & Co. will attend a wedding, find and destroy all the horcruxes, have a showdown with Voldemort, and find true love. Ginny, echoing the actions of Lily, sacrifices herself to save Harry. Ok, I’m kidding about the Ginny part, too. But it’s gotta be one fat book.

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    M@D M!K3 says:

    well turns out R.A.B. is sirius’s brother and harry did have to die but yet he didnt really die lol voldemort killed the part of himself in harry and dumbledore was planning on taking over the world!!!!!!!DAMN