Interesting Sweeny Todd Revival on Broadway

Interesting New York Times article about a new revival of what may be my favorite musical, Sweeny Todd, on Broadway. In this production, the entire action takes place inside an asylum, and the actors are also the orchestra. When I first heard about this production, it sounded gimmicky, but the more I read about it the more I wish I could be in New York to see it.

So what else have I read about it? Very little: Arthur Silber’s excellent post about the production at his new blog Once Upon A Time, and the Times review (not the same as the other Times article linked), which is what could fairly be called a rave.

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7 Responses to Interesting Sweeny Todd Revival on Broadway

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    Diane says:

    That does sound interesting, though I must say I don’t share your enthusiasm for Sweeney Todd, though I liked it well enough. I saw it on Broadway with the cast that immediately followed the original cast, I think, but I no longer remember.

    Only last week, while I was sitting in my hotel lounge, I heard the Lia Delaria version of the main theme. Though not a jazz afficianado, I actually own the Delaria jazz album that has that on it. Delaria is a great singer and does well by the song.

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    Suzanne says:

    I love Sweeney Todd to pieces–it’s certainly one of my favorite musicals, and possibly my absolute favorite–so I had some serious reservations when I heard about what the new director had done with his production. Also, I hate Patti LuPone. The Times review may have convinced me, though. I’m back to wanting to see it. And since I’m too young to have seen the first two B’way productions, and I haven’t encountered any other productions anywhere, it’d be my first time seeing it live. (I do have the DVD, though.) I’m not sure what kind of first impression it would make. Of course, since I doubt I can afford the tickets, it’s kind of a moot point.

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    mort says:

    I just saw this production on Broadway tonight. It is excellent. I am a huge Sweeny fan…Patti L is top notch and plays a very sexy Ms. Lovette..The bit about the actors also doubling as the orchestra is perfect. Sweeny is all about the music and this version illustrates that fact perfectly. Their instruments simply become part of the play and it is great. Interesting to see that performance musicians can also act and sing…talk about triple threats…highly suggest the show.

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    MJ says:

    I am going to see it tomorrow night, taking my teenage girls…It is my FAVORITE musical, such great, dark and complex human folly stuff, great score — pentultimate Sondheim. I can not wait to have them experience it, and me too…I am so happy it is back, though am skeptical of the production…loved the big huge stage when it first opened with Angela Landsbury, didn’t like it at the Circle in the Square…so, we shall see. I saw Patti Lupone in Evita but my seats were on the ceiling, now I am 5th row center…YEOW!!! can’t wait!!!!

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    lisa says:

    I saw the new production last night and was very impressed. I have seen the original with angela lansbury and patti lupone and am a sweeeny todd fanatic. I was very skeptical when I saw the pictures in front of the theatre with everyone in modern dress with instruments, I was expecting the original staging. I went in with an open mind and was very pleasantly surprised. I hope every sweeny todd fan gets to see this production, everyone in it is incredible.

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    Anthony P says:

    Just saw Sweeney yesterday, 2/22/06, for the very first time. I absolutely loved Patti Lupone. She was every bit as talented, sexy and outrageous as her reputation says. I was disappointed in the staging and production. I did not like the fact that the performers were also the orchestra. While it certainly demonstrated their talents, I found it to be a distraction. I also found it odd that the performers very rarely looked directly at each other when speaking to each other. Except for some rare instances, when they were addressing each other, they would out at the audience. I thought the stage setting was too bland for my taste too. Very simple and teh performers ended up doing all of teh moving around of props, etc. In summary, Ms. Lupone was the best part of the performance, but overall, I was disappointed in the show.

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    Fiona H says:

    Hated it!!!!! Went with an open mind and 2 teen girls. We left at intermission. Have seen many shows and was suprised that a show this bad didn’t close immediately. Patti Lupone was not in the show today.