Monday Baby Blogging – Belated Halloween Edition

Kitty Sydney!

I’m finally back in Oregon and can upload Sydney’s halloween pictures. As you can see, she went as a cat. None of the pictures of her trick-or-treating came out well, but a few I snapped before we went out are pretty nice.

Kitty Sydney!

What’s cool is that – unlike her first Halloween costume, which was just another outfit to her – this time Sydney “got it.” Before I grabbed the camera, she spent quite a few moments just checking out her kitty self in the mirror.

And then she went straight for the cat.

Kitty Sydney!

It’s a shame that these pictures don’t have audio, because the cutest part of this was Sydney saying “meow… meow… meow” to the cat.

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8 Responses to Monday Baby Blogging – Belated Halloween Edition

  1. 1
    sparklegirl says:

    Aww…I had a costume just like that when I was little!

  2. 2
    Rachel Ann says:

    Oh, so cute!!!!

    Now I wonder what kitty was thinking!
    (We have a Tabby as well. She is sweet, but likes to nip and keeps escaping outside. Is this “Tabby” like behaviour do you know? Or cats aren’t like that; breeds and personality don’t go hand in hand?

  3. 3
    Robert says:

    The kitty was thinking “someday you will grow sick and weak, tiny human, and then I feast.”

    This is pretty much what all cats are thinking, pretty much all of the time.

  4. 4
    Kip Manley says:

    You forgot, “Until then, feed me! Then let me out.”

  5. 5
    AndiF says:

    I suspect that the cat and Sydney are thinking the same thing — I’m the king of the word. Who the heck are you?

  6. 6
    LAmom says:

    She looks adorable.

  7. 7
    Kim (basement variety!) says:

    My theory is that she was trying to fake Radcliff out by pretending to be Mosley.

  8. 8
    La Lubu says:

    So, did Radcliff meow back?