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Grouping People Together: The Problems and Prospects of Panethnic Language

Some people may wonder what the terms panethnic or panethnicity mean. My first exposure comes from this book by Yen Le Espiritu. Here is the description of the book: With different histories, cultures, languages, and identities, most Americans of Chinese, … Continue reading

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Link Farm and Open Thread #21

As usual, feel free to post your own links in the comments, and to discuss whatever comes to mind. Meanwhile, here’s some of what I’ve been reading lately…. Diary of a Goldfish: May First is Blog Against Disablism Day Reappropriate: … Continue reading

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Responses to the Reactions to Blac(k)ademic's "Gender Does NOT Trump Race"

As I’m sure folks already know, this post by Blac(k)ademic led to something of a flame war on “Alas.” Several feminist of color bloggers have responded: Feministing: Intersectionality and the politics of white feminism Good post, but the discussion was … Continue reading

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Duke Case: Will Mary Doe's Past Rape Report Be Admissible In Court?

It has recently come out that ten years ago, Mary Doe (the student who reported being raped by three Duke lacrosse players) reported being raped by three acquaintances (one of who may have been a boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend) to … Continue reading

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On Transgender, Transsexuals, and Entrenching the Binary Gender System

It’s been years – almost two decades – since the last time I wore makeup or a dress. Why? I like dresses. I recently noticed that – although I’ve never given the matter any conscious thought – that I always … Continue reading

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Nothing Has Changed Since The Rodney King Verdict

I’m late with this, but the three Wisconsin police officers accused of attacking Frank Jude Jr. and Lovell Harris were found not guilty on April 14. The three were accused of being among a dozen off-duty cops, all white, who … Continue reading

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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day (thanks to Bob Hayes for reminding me). Here’s my suggestion for what you can do today, or in the next couple of days, that I think is appropriate: Go check out the Genocide Intervention Network’s … Continue reading

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The Big Fat Carnival Call For Submissions – Let's Talk About Sex!

Vegankid has posted a call for submissions for the third Big Fat Carnival. I know, i know. Fat people aren’t suppose to talk about sex unless its within the context of feederism. But fuck that. We are sexual creatures regardless … Continue reading

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Gender Does NOT Trump Race

gender trumps race Why does this statement bother me so? Because it is ridiculous to lay claim to the idea that all women are oppressed on equal terms, simply because they are women. Obviously, oppression is more complicated than that … Continue reading

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Monday (Tuesday?) baby blogging: Easter (part two)

The second week in a row I’m doing a baby blogging based on an insipid Hallmark holiday version of a Christian holiday, and the second week in a row the baby blogging is a day late. Coincidence? Or petty revenge … Continue reading

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