Responses to the Reactions to Blac(k)ademic's "Gender Does NOT Trump Race"

As I’m sure folks already know, this post by Blac(k)ademic led to something of a flame war on “Alas.” Several feminist of color bloggers have responded:

Feministing: Intersectionality and the politics of white feminism
Good post, but the discussion was marred by a racist jerk who called Nubian a “token.”

Having Read The Fine Print: Vein Above Her Eyes Begin To Bulge
The above-mentioned jerk infuriates Black Amazon enough to bring her out of her blogging hiatus for one righteously angry post.

Women of Color Blog: In Solidarity

well, i’m here to speak the truth. these white feminists might have positioned nubian as the sole speaker of color to their minuscule and unimportant movement, but in all reality, nubian is part of a community. she is part of a community of radical women of color who see the BULLSHIT put forth by white women, the whining, the crying, the defensiveness, the attacking, and we KNOW THE TRUTH.

Doing Justice: Blac(k)ademic on Race and Gender

Blac(k)ademic: Gender Does NOT Trump Race
You may have read this same post on “Alas,” but you haven’t read the same comments, so go check it out.

Nappy as I Want To Be: Reach down, and write from your crying place

How do white women propose we join up with them if they still do not respect us or our movements? If you do not respect the agency that we have had and do have to make our own decisions. We are not brainwashed, but we see the line, and we see you draw the line every time you expect us to choose sides. There is no wedge, we are not women and then coloreds, we are women of color and colored women. There is no separating that.

And the final word on the matter…

Blac(k)ademic: I Won’t Stop

* * *

I’m not going to say much, except that I’m sorry as hell that Nubian had such a terrible experience as a guest-poster on “Alas.” I’m a fan of her blogging, and the idea that she was a “token” is ridiculous – and racist. I didn’t intend to enable Nubian getting hurt, but I did anyway: For that, I publicly apologize to her. I’m sorry.

I’m not opening comments for this post, because I don’t want to encourage quick or knee-jerk reactions. Rather than commenting right now, I think it would behoove many white feminists – myself included – to make a conscious effort to put white defensiveness aside and read the above posts and their comments.

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