What If Internet Predators Are Trying To Recreate The Good Old Days Of …

… boys will be boys?

What if youthful rapists don’t grow out of the habit of raping when they leave an environment where they have easy access to victims?

What if boys and young men who raped their peers got a thrill from rape and sexual exploitation they can never recreate when the sex is fully consensual?

What if those who declare that college rapists pose no ongoing danger are wrong and those rapists only change their MO?

What if many Internet predators go after children not because they are pedophiles in a clinical sense but because children have the fewest defenses against sexually exploitive people and they can pursue their targets without friends and family noticing their little hobby?

Wouldn’t you want to stop these rapists before they become fully developed sexual predators?

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5 Responses to What If Internet Predators Are Trying To Recreate The Good Old Days Of …

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  3. 3
    ginmar says:

    Wouldn’t you want to stop these guys before they became fully-developed sexual predators?

    A quibble: what have they been doing till now? Practicing? Getting freebies while they perfect their technique? They are predators.

    And the answer is, if they’re rich, white and good-looking, they’re not rapists, duh. They’re, uh, misunderstood.

  4. 4
    confanity says:

    What if… I don’t get the point of this post? Shouldn’t rape be stopped regardless of whether it has the potential to evolve into some other form of sexual predation later on in life?

    I don’t know what you’re responding to; it seems like you read something somewhere that got you angry (perhaps someone trying to argue that college-aged rapists should be treated lightly because they’re just blowing off steam and will quit when they get a job and grow up?), but without a context it really doesn’t make any sense.

    Rape is bad. There’s no need to complicate that with dramatically-phrased hypotheses about the evolution of such individuals over time. Unless, of course, you’re planning on doing research based on your hypothesis. Then, you know, go science.

  5. 5
    MisterMephisto says:

    Confanity, I don’t know which is funnier. You responding to all these 5- and 6- year dead threads or the intensity of your responses to said dead threads.

    Hell, I don’t even know if Abyss2hope even posts here anymore…

    That said, I think it’s reasonable to assume that Abyss wasn’t saying that certain types of rape are okay. In fact, it’s sort of unreasonable for you to assume that is what is being said from what Abyss actually wrote.

    Abyss was (5 years ago) fairly clearly drawing a line between rapists that “get away with it” and future child-assault due to a (disturbing as the turn of phrase is) “refining of their techniques” that comes with “practice.”

    And, yes. Victimizing people via rape is awful. But if we’re talking about scale, victimizing via rape those that cannot really defend themselves in any fashion (children, for instance) is actually worse.