Some Reasons for Optimism Regarding Same Sex Marriage

Rhode Island May Be Next
Percent of likely Rhode Island voters who oppose same-sex marriage: 39%
Percent of likely Rhode Island voters who favor same-sex marriage: 45%

Changing Demographics Are On The Side Of Equality

Even two years ago, 15- to 25-year-olds favored gay marriage by 56 percent to 39 percent, according to a national survey by the University of Maryland’s youth think tank, the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE at […]

Within perhaps 10 years, gay marriage will enjoy majority support nationwide because younger, more accepting voters will have replaced many of today’s 65-plus voters. Notable findings include:

# Eighteen- to 29-year-olds are the first age group of voters to prefer gay marriage over other options for gay couples, 2004 election exit polls show. Asked their preference, 41 percent chose marriage for gay couples, 28 percent favored civil unions and only 30 percent said no recognition.

# Age breakdowns provided to me by the Pew Research Center of its March poll show the 18-to-29 group favoring gay marriage, 52-42 percent. That contrasts with the 65-plus crowd — opposed by 69-20 percent. (When all ages are combined, a bare majority — 51 percent — opposes gay marriage. Go to:

Poll Shows Most Americans Oppose Federal Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage

The polling, conducted in April among 802 registered voters nationwide, showed that 49 percent of those questioned believe gay marriage should be a state issue. Only 33 percent of those questioned believed the issue should be decided by amending the U.S. Constitution. Another 18 percent were not sure how to handle the issue.

Why is the leadership of the anti-equality movement so desparate to get marriage banned in the Constitution? Because they know that if they don’t win soon, and in a way that will be incredibly hard to undo, they won’t win at all.

(For more stats – with graphs! – see Pam’s House Blend.)

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9 Responses to Some Reasons for Optimism Regarding Same Sex Marriage

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  4. 4
    Christopher says:

    Of course, RI is in New England.

    Run a poll asking the same question in Red State Murika and the results would be reversed.

    Is it too late to divide the USA into 2 parts? Maybe right along the Mason Dixon line? All the social fundies and move to Jesusland and the rest of us can live in the West and Northeast?

  5. 5
    Robert says:

    We already tried that, Christopher. Y’all wouldn’t let us go.

  6. 6
    brynn says:


    Maybe the timing was just wrong….

  7. 7
    RonF says:

    Actually, right now I’m against a Federal amendment banning gay “marriage”. But that’s conditional on the courts agreeing that this truly is a state issue, and that the “full faith and credit” clause of the Constitution does not require a state with a ban on SSM to be forced to accept an SSM solemnized in another state. If the courts decide that this is a Federal issue, then I’d have to support a Federal amendment.

  8. 8
    RonF says:

    I’d be interested to see a poll of politicians with the following questions:

    1) Do you think that voting against SSM would cost you votes?
    2) Do you think that voting for SSM would cost you votes?
    3) Which position do you think will cost you more votes?

    Will people who favor SSM vote against a politician who votes against it? Will people who disfavor SSM vote against a politician who votes for it? Which group is more likely to mobilize on the issue?

  9. 9
    Carlos says:

    Being against or for Gay Marriage is only about and exclusively about rights, not religion, not morals, not conscience. Gay people do not want special rights, they want the same rights non-gay people have; and not granting them is plain and simple discriminatory. They want the right to marry another human being, not a goat or a dog as some have said this eventually will come down to… and in regards to those that believe marriage is a matter of a man and a woman… those need to think about the history of “unions”, where at first, it was all about everything else other than morals and religion… marraige was a trade, marriage was a way up to lineage, a way to preserve power… a many other things that are not RELIGION and BELIEFS. Religion was a part of marriage because it “blessed” the union, it celebrated it… civil unions, where religon is not involved are plain and simple a contract far from a commitment related to love. That there would be love, yes, that there would be commitment, yes, everything is possible. However, marriage, as known for most of the civilized world is a way to protect the uniting couple in ways far from the beliefs that those opposed to gay marraige insist it conveys.