Monday baby blogging: Pigtail Girl


Kim decided it would be cute to tie bows in Sydney’s hair. And lo, cuteness was created.

Several more pics below the fold. (Sydney’s relatives who already got emailed these photos by Kim, it’s worth it to click through – most of these photos aren’t the ones Kim sent you!)


Here Sydney can be seen being thoughtful and contemplative. I’m tempted to add a thought balloon to this picture, but I can’t decide between “so much yet to be destroyed” and “somewhere out there is chocolate waiting to be eaten.”


This “Sydney, look at the camera!” photo is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken of Sydney. I love the wry expression on her face. To me, it shows both Sydney’s unwillingness to hop to it just because some grown-up has told her to do something, and her good-natured reaction to most of the odd things grown-ups ask her to do.

(Of course, sometimes Sydney’s reaction to grown-up interference is to cry, cry, cry. She is two years old, after all. But the crying fits, which were a major pain several months ago, have since then become much less frequent and severe).


Such a little lady!


I was making weird noises with my lips to make Sydney laugh when this pic was taken.

The thing that makes Sydney laugh the most, oddly enough, is murder. She likes pretending to be a pirate, and when she makes someone walk the plank or stabs someone at the end of a sword duel, the more drawn-out the groaning and ridiculous the expression of the grown-up pretending to be expiring, the more Sydney laughs. What a cutie!

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6 Responses to Monday baby blogging: Pigtail Girl

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  3. 3
    roro says:

    These pictures just totally made my day. She is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. 4
    proud to swim home says:

    ah, another cute baby falls to the cult of cthulu! “can i play with your cah-hoo-hoo doll daddy?” asks mine. then she chases her baby sister around who appropriately (and jokingly) runs away going “ooh! scawy!”

  5. 5
    Maysa says:

    I think she is enjoying her day and the photoshot too. Look at her expressions man but she is cute and adorable.

  6. 6
    Wally Whateley says:

    Yay! Cthulhu dolls!

    I love the idea that future teachers will fret, “All the kids in my kindergarten class are into some giant green octopus-monster called Cuh-thool-who. They sacrificed and defiled all the Barbie dolls. They run around wearing yellow masks and tattered robes. Do I need to have them all expelled before they sacrifice me to their eldritch god?”