Monday Baby Blogging: We're All On Vacation

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m on vacation in New York right now. What I haven’t mentioned is that Sydney and Maddox are also on vacation, visiting their grandparents in Minnesota Maine Michigan.

So I’m not even going to see Sydney or Maddox for another couple of weeks. In the meanwhile, to tide you over, here’s an extremely cute photo of Maddox that Sally, Maddox’s grandma, kindly emailed to me.

Maddox relaxes on vacation

(When I get back home, I’ll print a couple of the photos I snapped of my adorable niece and nephew, as well.)

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4 Responses to Monday Baby Blogging: We're All On Vacation

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  3. 3
    NancyP says:

    Totally cute!

  4. 4
    Nanna Sally says:

    From Maddox’s NANNA Sally in MICHIGAN, Uncle Barry:

    I have more photos for you in case you are suffering baby withdrawal. In fact, I have a photo of Sydney in full emote during Jack the Pumpkin King’s solo while watching the Nightmare before Christmas early into the movie and I have another one of her helping me “snap” wax beans while wearing a diaper and Elvis sunglasses! Maddox photos are adorable but not quite as entertaining.

    So, gGet it right, Barry, since you are emphatic about that on all other topics! NANNA and MICHIGAN!!! :-)

    Nanna Sally