Israeli Gay Pride March Forced To Move To Stadium

Rabbi Yehuda LevinAnd of course, the bigots are gloating. Pam’s House Blend provides this quote from leading bigot Rabbi Yehuda Levin (pictured1):

This is not the homo-land, this is the holy land. Today is a great victory for religious power. The sodomites are back in the figurative closet. They are not free to provoke.

Despite Rabbi Levin’s victory dance, however, it appears that it was the threat of Palestinian reprisals to the recent Israeli shelling of civilians in Gaza which convinced parade organizers to switch to the stadium rally. So in effect, the good Rabbi is gloating because threats of Palestinian terrorism have forced Israelis to avoid the streets.

DovBear has some background on Rabbi Levin (who is an American, by the way). As Pam points out, fundamentalist Muslims and Chirstians also tried to have the march cancelled (although as far as I know the Christians didn’t overtly call for violence).

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    Rachel S. says:

    I heard this guy on NPR last night, and the American accent was really clear. Apparently, some pop group also made a song about stopping the march (reminds me of the reggae artists) that advocated violence.

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