Spam-Catching Program Akismet Is Messing Up Today

UPDATE: Akismet says that the bug causing the false positives has been fixed. Original (now, I hope, moot) post is below the fold.

Akismet,” the generally excellent spam-catching program I use (it’s blocked over 100,000 spam comments since I installed it) is badly screwing up today. In particular, it’s making a lot of “false positives,” mistaking non-spam comments for spam.

Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to rescue any falsely spam-blocked comments that aren’t on the front page of my “manage Akismet” screen. I apologize to anyone who lost a comment, and I encourage you to resubmit. I’ll be monitoring Akismet more closely for the next few days, so hopefully any more false positives will be caught.

It seems I’m not the only one having this problem: A few minutes search reveals that Ebiquity, Called To Fish, and Working At Home are all having the same problem I am this week. Whatever the error is, I hope Akismet fixes it soon; I’d hate to have to go back to other spam-catching methods, none of which are (in my experience) as effective and unobtrusive.

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2 Responses to Spam-Catching Program Akismet Is Messing Up Today

  1. 1
    Joe says:

    Hey Ampersand,

    It seems to have been fixed. I can comment again, AND your trackback showed in My Comments. That’s how I knew you were having the same problem.

    Hopefully, it’s over.



  2. 2
    lucia says:

    Have you tried spam karma II with the Akismet plugin? I have mine set up this way. Spam karma throws lots of the spam out before even sending it to Akismet.