8th Erase Racism Carnival

We had a little glitch last month, but we’re back in business for December. This will be the 8th Carnival, and it will be hosted at Christina Downloaded. For more information about the Carnival and its history, you can click here.

Submissions to the Carnival can be sent through this blog carnival link. The deadline is the 17th, and the Carnival will go up on the 20th.

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4 Responses to 8th Erase Racism Carnival

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    Stripper says:

    [Name deleted], who isn’t a rape victim, claimed in graphic detail that she was gang raped vaginally, orally, and anally by three men in a bathroom – medical and police evidence never supported such a claim, yet Mike Nifong rail roaded three innocent boys, destroyed their reputations, and dragged this case out for almost a year. Ms. [Name deleted] swore under oath months ago that she was 100% sure that two of the boys raped her and 90% sure that the other one raped her. [Name deleted] destroyed the lives of innocent boys and Mike Nifong had a great part in the propogation of this rape lie. They both deserve prison time

  3. 3
    Stripper says:

    Still claiming to be a victim… it’s getting old and people aren’t that stupid. You’re a feminist NAZI who’s too afraid to face the world as an equal, you always have to be the victim. You totally suck Racheal.

    [Banned. –Amp]

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    Jake Squid says:

    Amp, can you delete the accusers name from comment #1?