Ampersand's 10 Best Of 2006

Ta-da! My ten favorite posts written by me in 2006. (I’m not going to attempt to rank the posts of other “Alas” contributors – but Maia has already done a “best of Maia 2006” post, and perhaps Rachael will do the same.)

My ten favorite posts of 2006 are almost all refutations of something or other; that’s the sort of thing I write best, I think. Usually the posts I’m proudest are the ones that took significant research on my part, although there are a couple of exceptions.1

One thing not on this list are any of my “link farm” posts; but I’m actually very proud of the link farms. Putting them together is more work than you might imagine, for one thing. And I like that there’s a wide variety of blogs I link to in the link farms; it’s not the same blogs all the time (although anyone who pays way too much attention could see that there are some blogs I read very regularly), and it’s not just the “big” blogs.

Anyhow, in no particular order, Amp’s top ten posts by Amp for 2006:

Posts about abortion.

Do They Really Believe That Abortion Is Murder?

By far my most popular post in 2006; this caused so many hits that “Alas” crashed for a day.

When Does Personhood Begin?

(Very) Basic Economics And Abortion

* * *

Refuting the Anti-Feminists

These sort of posts are one of the main reasons I do “Alas”; I want these arguments and the information they contain to be available for feminists who are stuck in debates about this stuff and are googling for ammo.

The IWF Attack On Rape Statistics.

If I ever get around to writing that book I sometimes contemplate, stuff like the above will be an entire chapter….

Men’s Rights Myth: Typical Child Support Payments Are Insanely High

Men’s Rights Myth: Women Trick Men Into Fatherhood So They Can Collect Child Support

Even those these posts are both months old, I still frequently have to delete “my ex-wife totally screwed me over” type comments left on these two posts. (I woudln’t delete them if they actually addressed the arguments in the post or presented non-anecdotal arguments).

In Defense Of Generalizations And “Petty” Complaints

* * *

Fat Acceptance Advocacy

The Case Against Weight-Loss Dieting

The emails and comments I’ve received from people who found “the case against weight loss dieting” helpful to them are some of the favorite comments I’ve gotten all year.

Anti-Fat “Science” (UK Edition)

Probably I spent longer writing this post than any other, all year long; the research just took forever, for some reason. This might also be my longest post of the year.

* * *

And a post that’s not research-heavy, for a change.

Othering And Centering (Jewish Family Driven Out Of Town By Christians)

* * *

Bonus eleventh post!

Worst. Newspaper error. Ever.

Okay, this post isn’t really “by me,” since it just reprints a newspaper article I found on someone else’s blog. But months later, it still totally cracks me up.

* * *

The Also-Rans

Regarding the US’s High Infant Mortality Rate, Poor Methodology In Anti-Divorce Study, Will Being A Few Pounds Overweight Kill You?, Affirmative Action Doesn’t Increase Minority Drop-Out Rates, Conservatives Slander Feminists And Whitewash Harms To Iraqi Women, Most Black Americans Oppose School Vouchers, On Transgender, Transsexuals, And Entrenching The Gender Binary System, Experts Answer: What Does DNA Evidence Prove?, Crack Cocaine Sentencing: Systematic Racism At Work (For some reason, this is the most-read post on “Alas” for both November and December, even though only 10 people have commented on it), and Should Men Be Called Feminists? (probably the most personal post I wrote in 2006).

  1. I was surprised that none of my 2006 posts about racism made my “top ten” list. There were a few that (I think) contained good research and good arguments, but someone none of them were top-ten-level standouts. []
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6 Responses to Ampersand's 10 Best Of 2006

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  3. 3
    Ampersand says:

    It’s a rare genetic malfunction – I think the human genome project just mapped it, actually. Oh, well; as genetic problems go, it could be worst.

    (I fixed the error in the post.)

  4. 4
    Rachel S. says:

    I’m opened to having people suggest their favorites from me. Any suggestions?

  5. 5
    Ampersand says:

    I liked your two posts on the state of black men in America, responding to (I think) WaPo articles on the same subject.

    By the way, anyone wanting to review just Rachel’s posts on “Alas” without anyone else’s posts, can do so by following this link.

  6. 6
    mousehounde says:


    I liked a recent post of yours “Pervasive Racial Bias in Employer Callbacks”.

    I also liked “Reframing Transracial Adoption”, “A Few Notes on The Language of Race and Stereotyping”, “I Still Want My Period”, “Do Black Women Earn More Than White Women?”, and “The Sky is Falling on Black Men?? Pt.1 Drop Out Rates and Graduation Rates”.

    I rarely have time to comment anymore, but this is one of the blogs I always check. I am grateful you post here as well as at your own site. Thank you.