Martin Luther King Day for White People???

Yes folks seems like we can’t even go a day without college students hosting “racially themed” parties. Today, the featured some pictures from a Martin Luther King Day party at Clemson University. The theme of the party was “Living the Dream.” Yes folk this is what some ignorant people think about the dream of the Civil Rights Movement. They could care less about providing equal opportunities, stopping hate crimes, ending segregation, and several of the other noble themes of the Civil Rights movement. No they would rather celebrate d-rags, malt liquor, big booties, and blackface. To them this is what Martin Luther King Day is about. Their dream is making fun of African Americans, claiming that they are parodying “ghetto culture” and if they are part of the academy awards, voting for groups like 36 Mafia, since they allegedly represent “real” black life and hip hop.

A few months back I put up a post called “Halloween for White People,” which included a few pictures I found on the internet of whites in blackface; this post is an extension of that post. Here I’ll be posting pictures from facebook and these parties. As I have highlighted before, facebook is rampant with racism, but on the positive side a group of over 2,000 students is fighting back by having a group called “Students against Racially Themed Parties” (you can only access this if you have a facebook account). First let me post a few pictures from the Clemson party:



Students Against racially themed parties has collected several pages of photos documenting racist parties and racism on facebook. Here’s picture that one guy decided to put up as his profile.


I was particularly struck by the friend comment on this profile. The friend says, “i’m lovin the nig costume.”

Here are a few more



Unfortunately some of these are a little grainy, but this is some of what’s going on on college campuses. I waiting for the apologists to come out of the woodwork on the last photo with the “look her black friend thinks it’s OK.”

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  1. 101
    FurryCatHerder says:

    bean writes:

    And sure, the vast majority of Jews (particularly in the States) would considered a converted Jew to be a “real” Jew — but not all. My friend who converted is accepted as a “real” Jew by probably 95% (at least) of people out there. But that doesn’t stop her in-laws from stating that she isn’t a Jew, and neither are their grandchildren, because she converted, wasn’t born into the faith. Sure, she’s accepted in her Temple, and accepted as a “real” Jew. But she’s not accepted into her in-laws Temple (not as a Jew).

    (The following is true of different Christian sects as well, but we were talking about Jews first :) )

    The problem isn’t so much that your friend is a convert, as that the three main sects (Orthodox, Conservative (what I am) and Reform) have different “rules” for “Who is a Jew?” Someone who converts according to Orthodox halacha (law) is a Jew by all the sects, unless there was some flaw, for some technical reason, in that person’s conversion. But assuming there were no flaws, they are a Jew, period, and will always be a Jew, and in very, very few ways (only one I can think of — if female they cannot marry a member of the priestly class) are just as Jewish as any other Jew. Where things get dicey is with Conservative and Reform. All Conservative conversions are recognized by the Reform movement, but are generally not recognized by the Orthodox, and some Reform conversions (and children born to Reform Jews) are recognized by the Conservative movement, but the conversions almost definitely are not recognized by the Orthodox, and their children may not be either.

    It’s these weird (hey, I’m Jewish, I can call them weird) rules that make pinning down the precise answer to “Are Jews a race, ethnicity or something else?” because “Who is a Jew?” such a complex matter. My father is 100% definitely a Jew by Orthodox law, even though he thinks he’s a Southern Baptist. But by Israeli secular law, he isn’t entitled to the Right of Return because he’s a Christian. He’s not Jewish by the Reform movement, and may or may not be by the Conservative movement. I wouldn’t call him “ethnically” Jewish or “culturally” Jewish or anything else of the sort. He has some of the racial markers that are associated with Eastern European Jewry, but that’s about it for culture, ethnicity or race.

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    Rachel S. says:

    It became the University’s business when one of the students posted the pictures on facebook, which is specifically linked to a University based network.

    Moreover, the students are all members of the University community.

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    sylphhead says:

    blackandproud, freedom of speech is a legal concept. It doesn’t mean that we, as citizens, have no right to criticize what others say using their freedom of speech, because we in turn are only using our own freedom of speech.

    Whether the party was private or not is irrelevant. We’re not bears, we’re human beings. We mind each other’s business, and when people act like fucktards on their own property, sometimes it’s easier to call them on it at the moment than let their fucktardiness grow unabated and then swamp us all afterwards.

  4. 104
    Justine Brown says:

    As a black woman who is almost forty. I am not suprised by the Martin Luther antics and the intolerance young white people have. I can see it also becoming worse.

    It is important, when discussing an issue to ensure you use primary experiences that will be subjective and look at the whole issue with an objective eye. My experience as a black woman with two university degrees is similar possibly to someone with learning difficulties.As I have worked with people in this area.

    We inherit status, social position from our parents as we inherit skin and eye color. Traditionally blacks have been stereotypes by whites as lazy, indolent, simple-witted and child-like. So even if I gain a PHD, the natural reaction for people is to think I am automatically retarded. The degrees I obtained were probably easy, I cheated, I was helped or I am simply lying.

    If I do talk about black rights I tend to be labelled a bigot as I am not championing Gay rights or rights of other minorities. However , I have met very few gay white men who champion anyone’s rights but their own and no other group has asked me to speak on their behalf, so I don’t.

    Being Gay is not like being Black as you can refrain from sex and be psychologically gay, but abstinent.

    I can never refrain from being black, so it follows you for life. You also can pretend not to be gay and still be a powerful, white executive or CEO. You can’t pretend not to be black, to get an easier life.

    Many white powerful men have secretly been gay and have hidden their sexuality to “get on”. I dont know if anyone has been secretly black, arab or chinese etc.

    When comparing minorities you have to compare like with like. I am English, but I could pretend to be an African- American or African to get a job as my race is obvious, not my ethnic group. I couldnt pretend to be white.

    It is very rare that people ask you about your sexuality, when job hunting, walking down the street, buying clothes, driving in your caretc.It is apparent to everyone what colour skin you have, in everyday activities. These are when most prejudice occurs

    It is important that white male homosexuals dont use “well I’m gay , so I know what its like to be a minority”. You know what its like to be a sexual minority , not a racial minority. You can also be black and gay, which is another issue entirely.

    I am not homophobic, buy I get a little cheesed off, when I am told an organisation, department etc is multicultural and non racist, when every decision maker /shaper is white and male. Then I am told well :

    two of them are jewish,
    one has a great grand father who is black
    five of them are gay
    six of them irish
    two poles etc

    If you scrutinise an organisation or company 60 years ago the breakdown would be much the same . The employees just wouldnt be open about their racial, ethnic heritage or sexuality, but it would still be predominantly white males.

    If people dont want to hire blacks or even acknowledge their existant in anything other than taking orders. Who am I to argue. But racial prejudice is racial prejudice, its not sexual, religious etc