Cartoon: An Easy Mistake To Make

Cartoon: Such An Easy Mistake To Make

Click on the image to see a larger version. (I think the drawing is nicer than my usual on this one). (Of course, it’s still new; in a month I’ll probably hate the art.)

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    Grace Annam says:

    Meep @62 wrote:

    Wow, I feel kind of unwelcome now. I know that’s not the intention of the blog, but it’s nice to have something to read that doesn’t make me feel like a total outcast all the time. I’m a human being too, with feelings, ideas, desires… why does my gender seem to impede people? It’s not like I don’t get uncomfortable too, you know. Sorry if I’m venting, but reading all of those comments makes me wonder if I even get to have a place without rubbing other people the wrong way somehow.

    Meep, I understand completely why you feel that way. It’s frustrating that it always has to be an issue, and that most places I go, people always feel okay about displaying their ignorance and bigotry about trans people.

    It’s interesting, because I was feeling just the opposite for much of this thread. Ordinarily, when I visit spaces on the web which are not explicitly trans, cis people feel free to make all sorts of disparaging comments, and ask all sorts of mean-spirited rhetorical questions. If I speak up, I’m the only trans person present, and even when I try to keep it theoretical, people quickly make it personal, and that’s if we ever get past the dismissive “whacko gender theorists” comments.

    But here, most of the people defending me and those like me are cis people. Here’s a space where, when someone says something bigoted, I’m not alone, or first, in calling them on it. Cis people have already gotten angry on behalf of trans people, and they don’t even know me.

    It feels really good. Frankly, as I type this, I’ve got tears in my eyes.

    Thanks, everyone. This kind of safe space shouldn’t be unusual, but it is, and I really can’t adequately express how wonderful it feels.


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    Grace Annam says:

    nexyjo @98:

    You’re right. That’s an awesome definition, and the closest to be right that I’ve seen.


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    Grace Annam says:

    Acer @51 wrote:

    can any of you direct me to an elementary resource on transsexuality? Is there a trans equivalent of the Feminism 101 blog?

    In addition to the other references, you might try


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    Ellen says:

    something for everyone to consider, gender isn’t black and white the reason trans individuals make the choice to change gender isn’t because they woke up one morning and said, oh hey i wanna be a man or a woman, it isn’t that simple.
    in the most common case of people transitioning there is a medical and psychological diagnosis that determines a person’s internal identity
    this is a condition called gender identity disphoria, it is a condition that is hard wired into the brain of the individual suffering from the condition, it is by no means something an individual can switch on or off because they are hard wired as the opposite gender that their physical body is and they often exhibit great suffering living in their body. so yes essentially a MTF (male to female is technically a woman trapped in a guy’s body) the same would be true of a FTM (female to male) there is just no helping them with the exception of surgery to allow the body to fit what the mind is essentially stuck as, and since it is hard wired in the part of the brain that determines gender, it would be unethical to perform brain surgery, because there is nothing wrong with that individual. the only thing wrong with them is that they were born in the wrong body.
    i posted this for those who don’t quite grasp the concept of being trans.
    it isn’t their fault they are trans it is simply the result of nature being diverse and selective