Open Link & Comment Thread

Mandolin pointed this out to me:

105 years ago, they thought everyone would be able to afford Segways. The gender roles in the illustration are not surprising, but I always find that sort of thing ironic in folks who are thinking about future changes (see also, Ray Bradbury’s Mars stories). And speaking for myself, I wish that everyone still wore bowlers nowadays.

I like the detail that all the sidewalks have sloped edges.


Anyway, feel free to use this thread for any links or comments you want. Such as this link to the Predatory Loan Association, suggested by Sailorman.

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    Thene says:

    I’m reminded of a ‘Then and Now’ cartoon I saw in Private Eye in, I’d guess, 2000. ‘Then’ was a small child playing on a miniature scooter and a suited, overweight man talking into a mobile phone. ‘Now’ was the child on the phone and the man on the scooter… It’s interesting how cartoons use familiar stereotypes to communicate with us.

    As for links and comments; I’m surprised how little coverage this has attracted in the feminist blogosphere.

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    Alex T. says:

    It’s kinda funny that this did come true – no one walks (except the very poor), everyone drives around on wheels. Sadly, it’s not at all like this utopian version of getting around.

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    Sailorman says:

    thene, that was on both feminist and feministing i think.

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    Radfem says:

    I’ve been blogging on the situation with Drew Peterson, the police sergeant in Illinois who’s had one wife disappear and another die under mysterious circumstances. Three of his four wives all told people that if they died and it looked like an accident, it wasn’t. The third wife, Kathleen Savio just had her body exhumed.

    Here’s a very helpful link I found on DV in law enforcement, called Abuse of Power. The information provided in the site really helps provide insight into what is being described about the lives of these women while with Peterson.

    Here’s a fact sheet on law enforcement-related DV which shows that it’s more common in law enforcement families than the public at large.

    The Purple Berets address the issue as well.

    I’m looking for more links in women in law enforcement particularly women of color. One of my readers was just elected to the head of the police union and he needs to adjust some of his attitudes on women in law enforcement, not to mention women in general based on some of his commentaries.

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    Radfem says:

    Having read the fine print which is Black Amazon’s site has got a great articles, including postings and discussions on oft-repeated femininst quotes.

    They are must reads.

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    tred says:

    FBI Hate Crime Stats

    “In 2006, police identified 7,330 offenders; 58.6 percent white (80% of the population), 20.6 percent black (12% of the population), 12.9 percent race unknown and the rest other races.”

    Not only are drug laws unfair, it appears now that hate crime laws unfairly target blacks as well.