Neat-wow images: There was something wrong with people in the 1950s

An ad from 1954. Why would anyone buy a product if it might make their kid look like an ax murderer?

There was something wrong with people in the 1950s

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13 Responses to Neat-wow images: There was something wrong with people in the 1950s

  1. 1
    Lyonside says:

    That isn’t doctored? Because follow the eyes! That “child” is grinning at fingers, not jam.

    They’re evidently not feeding kids enough in the Village of the Damned.

  2. 2
    Kevin Moore says:

    “Ooooh…yesss! You’ve been a naughty jelly sandwich, haven’t you? Yesss. Mmmm! We’re going to have a good time, yes! We destined, you and I. Oh, yes-yes-yes-yes!”

  3. 3
    Bjartmarr says:

    After murdering and eating her parents, Little Suzie went on to found the Natural Beauties photo service.

    (It seems the hate mail was getting to be a bit much for her: she’s taken down the worst photos. Pity.)

  4. 4
    balom says:

    My Preciouuussssss

  5. 5
    Ampersand says:

    My Preciouuussssss

    Oh my god, I can’t believe I didn’t see the resemblance before.

  6. 6
    Robert says:

    Dude, you thought that MLK earned his bones fighting Jor-El. It’s totally believable that you’d miss this one.

    She looks more like a young, blonde Gowron to me. “The bread will run thick with the jellied blood of my enemies!”

  7. 7
    Radfem says:

    “Claude was dead. He wouldn’t know if he had the medal pinned on him or not. “

    –Rhoda Penmark, while asking for some apricot juice sans ice and another slice of bread.

  8. 8
    Sailorman says:

    That’s not jam.

    that’s RAW MEAT, with a bowl of Jello in the background.

  9. 9
    Brittany says:

    Yeah, that looks like raw meat to me. Eww.

    This kid must be her equally evil brother. Mmm, beans.

  10. 10
    fathima says:

    ahahha. oh my lord. /shudder.

  11. 11
    Tarionne says:

    I think she’s staring at the knife instead of the jelly.

  12. 12
    RonF says:

    Nah. That knife is too dull for even a 7-year-old psychopath to do much damage with.

  13. 13
    classictimes50s says:

    that’s so classic!!!! she looks so innocent at the same time a bit sinister with those sweet eyes lol. I think it wasn’t meant to be like a sinister thing back then it was suppose to be cute and innocent. It’s still a cute image.