By the way, I'm working on Hereville again.

Hereville – remember Hereville? — I draw a comic called Hereville – is back on. It’ll be a little while before I officially post any of the new pages — but barring absolute disaster, I can promise that when new pages start appearing, they will appear once a week, without ever missing a week, until the story is finished. (And due to the long lead time this gives me, I can probably promise that for the next Hereville story, too.)

That’s a lot of the reason I haven’t been posting as much on “Alas, a Blog” lately — too busy drawing.

I’ve begun reposting the old pages (with minor art and dialog fixes) on webcomicsnation. You can always find the most recently posted page here (it’s currently on page 5), and you can read it from the start by going to the Hereville table of contents. The webcomicsnation “Hereville” page will be updated with an additional page every Wednesday. And, once again, I promise: there will be no missed weeks from now until at least the end of “How Mirka Got a Sword.”

hereville_thumb_44-45.png(“How Mirka Got a Sword” will be 59 pages long when finished. 43 of those pages are now complete, and 14 of the remaining 16 pages are already penciled, which is why I’m confident I won’t miss any weeks, despite my – cough! - poor past record in this regard.)

For those of you who are interested, here’s a sneak peek at some of the new art — a double-page spread from later in the story than anything I’ve posted in public. Click on the thumbnail to see the big-sized version. (Minor spoiler warning, I guess.)

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2 Responses to By the way, I'm working on Hereville again.

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    E to the M says:

    I know some knitters who will love this. I’m on my way to post a link at

  2. 2
    marie in florida says:

    how fun…knitting needles lead to swords? sounds like a good idea to me.