Heart Posts Hypocritical Bullshit; Mandolin Fails to Faint in Surprise

Heart would like the world to know that there really are no problems with the racist illustrations in It’s a Jungle Out There because those illustrations happen to have been called out on this blog:

On the day that Ampersand, of Alas a Blog, gets taken to task for — every single blessed day – benefitting from the sale of blatantly racist, misogynist pornography on his website, advertised not just by way of text but with pornographic imagery, photographs, maybe on that day I’ll take all of this outrage against Amanda, by people who suck up to Ampersand (and others who share Amp’s views) every single day, posting or commenting to his blog like they have some shred of sense, decency, or concern for female persons, seriously.

…On the day that Maia recognizes the seriousness of the presence of misogynist, racist pornographic images and text on Alas – where she regularly blogs – I’ll take her concerns about Seal Press and Amanda’s book seriously. When any of the crowd currently excoriating Amanda Marcotte begins to take racist, misogynist male pornographers and their apologists to task, I’ll view them as possibly having some shred of credibility, a leg to stand on, in criticizing Amanda Marcotte.

Apart from the fact that it’s obviously fallacious to assume that because someone disagrees with her — or is even provably wrong — on one subject, that will automatically taint their perspective on any other subject, I find this a pretty facile way of ignoring the problems that other feminists have raised outside Alas, many of them predating our postings.

It should be noted that I’m the only one calling Heart hypocritical and full of shit. Barry, for some reason unfathomable to me, actually has a great deal more respect for her than I do. So, if you’re offended, be offended at me, not him or Maia.

(Shocker: Feminists, anti-racist comments only. Probably best to assume any further posts I make to this site are such.)

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21 Responses to Heart Posts Hypocritical Bullshit; Mandolin Fails to Faint in Surprise

  1. 1
    Les says:

    Heart the rabid transphobe? People pay attention to her? Speaking of a lack of credibility . . ..

  2. 2
    Thene says:

    Logs. Eyes. That kind of thing. We’ve all done something dubious, but I don’t see how Amp’s share of the dubious removes the stain from Amanda (or from Heart, rabid trans*-hater that she is). And trying to say Maia is somehow affected by guilt by association, and so her opinion about Amanda’s racism is invalid…well, isn’t it nice to see a feminst who believes in sisterhood go to that length to negate a woman’s words. To rope in a man in order to negate a woman’s words, even.

    [edit: I crossposted with Les. Strange that the first thing that popped into both our minds when it comes to Heart is ‘oh, the rabid transphobe? She’s a credible speaker when it comes to Maia’s supposed flaws, is she?’]

  3. 3
    Chris Clarke says:

    You have to admit, though, it is kind of odd how the sale of the domain here went completely uncommented on by the blogofemilieu. No anger, no mass delinkings, no… OK, that was as far as I could get with a straight face.

  4. 4
    Ampersand says:

    You have to admit, though, it is kind of odd how the sale of the domain here went completely uncommented on by the blogofemilieu. No anger, no mass delinkings, no… OK, that was as far as I could get with a straight face.


  5. 5
    Daisy says:

    Heart was a fundamentalist, and basically, still is. You can take the fundie out of the church, but…

    Puritanism by any other name, is still puritanism.

    I read everything she says with that in mind. It would usually sound fine coming out of the mouth of Dr Dobson, and speaking of appropriation, probably has.

  6. 6
    Raznor says:

    What I find frustrating about comments like that is that the original post isn’t a blanket condemnation of Amanda Marcotte. I was left with the impression that Amp has high praise for Marcotte generally, and would likely have nothing but high praise for her book if not for the illustrations.

    Ampersand: I’m disappointed and disturbed by racist illustrations in Amanda Marcotte’s book.
    Heart: You link to pornography, ergo, there’s nothing racist about booga-booga spearchucking savages.
    Mandolin: Um, what?

  7. 7
    Meep says:

    I had almost forgotten about the whole thing, actually. I had stopped reading this blog because I remember getting into a trans-related shitstorm and I was pretty much feeling irritated because I couldn’t get into discourse without either putting up with some of the bloggers here or the commenters.

    While I still disapprove of the form of funding for this site (a lot), there’s so much hypocritical stuff that’s been going on lately. And I’m a hypocrite because I work for a company that exploits people.

    But there’s got to be a way to set things right.

  8. 8
    Natalia says:

    Fundamentalist feminism is my favourite new catchphrase.

    Oh, and what Daisy said.

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  10. 9
    Lisa Harney says:

    I recall that Heart called Amanda out on the original cover for this book, but yeah.

    Also, I had someone drop by my blog to militantly explain that Heart’s not transphobic in the least. It was really funny how we could produce multiple examples of Heart being transphobic and this one person kept saying “You’re wrong” or “you’re twisting her words” or “you’re taking it out of context” before leaving the discussion because there’s only so long you can use a bucket to stop a flood.

  11. 10
    Jennifer Juniper says:

    Heart? A woman who went off the deep-end in fundamentalism/Quiverfull land, then went off the deep-end on the other extreme because she has no common sense or sense of moderation? A woman who is so incompetent she needs donations to get herself to events she wants to go to, but thinks that she’d make a fine president? A woman who wrote her own wikipedia entry because she thinks she’s notable? Why do any of you pay attention to her in the first place?

  12. 11
    FurryCatHerder says:

    All I can say is that if the people paying Amp’s bandwidth think whatever pr0n it is they are selling is being sold to me, well … I didn’t even know there was pr0n to be found here. I’ll be sure to read and post all the more, just to increase the pr0n purveyors bandwidth expenses.

    Hey — a perfect reason to read and post to “Alas!” — taking money from pr0nographers!!!

    And yeah, what Daisy said.

  13. 12
    ms_xeno says:

    I wanted to write my own wikipedia entry, too. But I misplaced the graphic where I’m drawn like a South Park character. What’s the point of vanity if I can’t be a South Park character ?

    Woe is meeeeeeeeeeee !!!

  14. 13
    FurryCatHerder says:

    First, Daisy, thanks for the link you posted. Nice to see there is reality outside of Heart World and the Women Who Swoon At Her Every Word.

    When I stopped thinking that Heart was the epicenter of the Radical Feminist world, amazingly enough my mental health dramatically improved. Now I look and see how many other women are saying any of the things Heart, or the women who still read and respond to Heart, say, and if it’s just that small corner of the planet, I conclude that it’s a bunch of crap and believe or do the opposite.

  15. 14
    Les says:

    A woman who is so incompetent she needs donations to get herself to events she wants to go to, but thinks that she’d make a fine president?

    That’s really unfair. A lot of activists face economic discrimination – either because of their activism or from the forces that spawned their activism. A radfem who is short on cash is not automatically “incompetent.”

    Her words are enough to condemn her, so why drag this in? She’s a rabid transphobe, what more do you need?

  16. 15
    FurryCatHerder says:

    Heart is also very wealthy. Why she “needs” donations, who knows.

  17. 16
    Lisa Harney says:

    Heart had a multi-hundred thousand dollar settlement in the late 90s or early 2000s.

    It might have exceeded $1,000,000, actually. I’d have to go look it up and don’t want to. She’s not poor.

    The money thing is one more item on top of her racism, her transphobia, her need to label disagreement as coming only from mortal enemies, her coddling the straight-baiting Satsuma (and yes, referring to straight women as brain damaged is baiting).

    It’s hard to pick just one thing.

  18. 17
    Charles says:

    I think this thread is going a little far in the Heart-bashing direction.

    What I find funny is that Heart links directly to the porn link page, there-by giving every ounce of her google-juice straight to the porn sites, and making the link farmer happy as a clam.

    Surely she’s pointed out the nature of the server provider for Alas, and Amp’s deal, that she could stop giving the porn sites her google-love? Her readers already know of the devil’s bargain that pays for Alas’s bandwidth, so why give the Margin’s google-juice to the pornographers yet again?

  19. 18
    Emily says:

    Is there a link to discussion of this “devil’s bargain”? I am late to the party and have no idea what you’re all talking about.