Have an LJ? Vote against a jerk.

If you have an LJ, consider voting in the elections for the advisory board.

Livejournal is electing, via popular vote of LJ members, an LJ user to serve on their advisory board. Is this a significant position? Probably not. However, one of the leading candidates — jameth — is a troll whose recent bad behavior includes anti-semitic screeds, harrassing Ginmar, and adding to the harrassment of the Wiscon attendees. So, go vote against him.

Here, you can find an expanded and more informed version of what I just said.

In order to help your ant-jerk vote count for the most it can, p-zeitgeist recommends voting for the following advisor candidates: legomymalfoy, vichan, and rm.

Keep anti-semitism out of LJ. Or at least off its advisory board. Go vote against a jerk.

(Note: only vote once, and if you own multiple LJ accounts, only vote with one of them. Otherwise, your vote will be discounted.)

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6 Responses to Have an LJ? Vote against a jerk.

  1. 1
    Jerad says:

    Well, I saw this to late to vote, but if I understand the process right I don’t think he won.

  2. 2
    Lea says:

    I left LJ because they made it clear that they did not want users like me to pollute their advertisement cash-cow. I have no reason to believe any of that will change now.

  3. 3
    arturus says:

    The anti-semitism isn’t from jameth, it’s from someone on jameth’s friendslist. I’m not claiming the man’s not a jerk, he almost certainly is, but the link to the anti-semetic screed is not one to his livejournal.

    Most of the charges being leveled against jameth in the links you give are actually charges leveled against his supporters, which is a fair cop. He has the troll vote, and they’re, well, trolls. He got this following after his involvement in the fuss that resulted in the creation of ljdrama. A bit of a troll himself, true, else he wouldn’t have the following that he does, but he’s not like his followers are, that I can tell anyway.

    I don’t, however, trust legomymalfoy. Maybe if I knew her, or was a serious part of fandom on lj, I’d think otherwise, but I don’t trust people who are members of lj_abuse. The blog Exposing LJ Abuse, though a bit dated, gives some examples of why. Basically, I find them to be a bureaucratic bunch, who have a tendency to side with an over-broad, irrational reading of the latter of the law, to the detriment of livejournal as a whole.

    Full disclosure: I voted for jameth, and I don’t regret it. I voted for him in all three spots too, and I’m sort of baffled that a lot of people didn’t figure out that this is throwing away your second and third choice votes. I did it because it was funny, not because I thought it was the proper way to go.

  4. 4
    signthelist says:

    Well, I guess I’m done reading your blog.

    Thanks, arturus, for a comment that involves thinking, unlike a lot of others I’ve seen for this “election”.

  5. 5
    Mandolin says:

    “Well, I guess I’m done reading your blog.”

    Oh, alas, how we’ll miss you.

  6. 6
    Thene says:

    I voted for Vichan, RM and Sollitaire. I think it’s legitimate to ask if an LJDrama connection compares in toxicity to an LJAbuse one…for that, and a couple of other reasons, Legomymalfoy did not get my vote. The only reason I’d rather see her up there than Jameth is that she’s from fandom, and it’s people from fandom (as I am) who keep getting it in the neck over there.