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‘Warcraft’ Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing ‘Warcraft’

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    plunky says:

    We finally killed Kael on Sunday…I was a very happy tank.

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    Renee says:

    Wayne Ryzack was sentenced to one day plus time served for murdering sex trade worker Stephine Beck. After much community outrage the crown has decided to appeal his sentence. I posted about this because it serves as an example of how women are devalued in our society. Had Beck never been a prostitute there is no way Ryzack would have received the sentence he did in the first place.

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    Radfem says:

    Sandra Hutchens was appointed as the first female sheriff in Orange County (California) to replace the thoroughly disgraced Mike Carona who is facing federal corruption charges. An appointment is done because by state law, they can’t hold a special election until 2010. My county faced a similar situation (and a similar one-vote decision) when its county sheriff resigned (purportedly to take a state job but there were hints of problems).

    Anyway, cries of reverse sexism, “affirmative action” appointment and the Santa Ana councilman who was overheared telling a conservative blogger the following:

    “I kept telling the chief,” he said, referring to Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters, who narrowly lost the sheriff’s job, ” ‘Maybe we should get you some implants. Or a water bra.’ “

    Critics see bias in O.C. sheriff pick.

    Comments like this are not surprising as law enforcement has sexism within its ranks and so does O.C. politics not to mention racism. Carlos Bustamante, the councilman denied he made the comment but it was heard by a reporter.

    I’m not a Walters fan because among other things, activists have a way of coming back from his city with crutches and casts and I had asked him about that and he went into some diatribe. He was the top candidate to be picked as the police chief in my city about eight years ago but was only using it just to angle a salary raise from his own city. He had ran against Carona in 1998, I think for O.C. sheriff.

    I’ve been blogging about it a bit.

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    Radfem says:

    Racialicious also posted this, Whose feminism?

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    Radfem says:

    In Kern County, California, the city clerk stopped doing all civil weddings due to “security” and “budget reasons” but she’s backed by one of the top legal firms against same-sex marriage.

    Reaction to county clerk’s decision to halt civil weddings

    New York Times article on Japanese companies and local governments being fined if the waist measurements of their male and female employees are higher than a certain standard.

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    Radfem says:

    Womanist Musings:

    Cynthia Mckinney the fallback choice which is about the decision of Hillary Clinton’s supporters to vote third party in protest of Clinton not being the Democrat nominee and for McKinney, a candidate they previously ignored.

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    Denise says:

    We finally killed Kael on Sunday…I was a very happy tank.

    Wow, your guild actually bothered to kill Kael? Grats to you guys, most people don’t even try anymore!

    I think that was the most exciting boss down ever.

  8. 9
    Ampersand says:

    Thanks for all the links, Radfem (and everyone else!).

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    Acheman says:

    This guy has just started blogging, and already has a fair number of posts up which are well worth reading. I should probably attach a disclaimer that he’s a dear friend of mine. But I think I’m objective enough to point out that he can write pretty bloody well.

    At one point he describes his objective as being partly

    the search for Blair’s children, the task of understanding those who came to political maturity under New Labour. I want to understand what it is that is peculiar to our experience, how the character of government has made us what we are.

    And I think his observations would be interesting to read even for those insular ‘Mericans among you that don’t usually follow UK politics.
    This isn’t an ‘endorsement'; I disagree with him on a bunch of stuff. What else are dear friends for, after all?

  10. 13
    ms_xeno says:

    Recreate 1968 in Denver, 8/2008.

  11. 14
    Renee says:

    Our Home And Native Land deals with the unacknowledged systemic racism in Canadian culture. Canadian identity is discursively linked to American culture. As long as Canadians can point an accusatory finger southward this keeps us in denial about the state of racism under the maple leaf. All is not peace, pot and hockey.

  12. My blog gets hundreds of extra hits whenever a Louis Theroux programme is on.

    I don’t think I can get more random than that in an open thread.

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    sailorman says:

    I finally saw a greater yellow bellied flycatcher at my bird feeder!

    I have tons of birds where I am. Downy, hairy, and redbellied* woodpeckers and a flicker. Bluebirds, hummingbirds, and orioles, Catbirds, doves, hawks, jays, cardinals, etc. But this is my first resident flycatcher.

    We have a mirrored bird feeder, so our kids can plaster themselves nose-to-glass literally inches away from the birds inside. Looking inside the mouth of a bird as it happily eats on the other side of a one way mirror is pretty great–best $50 I spent in years! My 4 year old can identify tons of bird; knows how to tell males from females–basically a budding naturelover :)

    the flycatchers are super shy, so it didn’t stay long. But both of my kids got to see it.

    This doesn’t match my “best sighting” of the year, where I saw 2 bluebirds, 4 cardinals, 3 downy woodpeckers, and a redbellied… all at the same time, in a 15′ circle in my yard and on my feeders.

    *Why the star? Well… In some sort of odd “how to confuse people” naming convention, the redbellied woodpecker has a very red HEAD, which is noticeable, and a (somewhat) reddish belly, which is not noticeable most of the time. (
    And, FWIW, the ring necked duck doesn’t have a noticeably ringed neck. (
    Let that be your trivia for the day. Also handy for conversation:
    “What color is the chest of a red bellied woodpecker?”
    “White, of course.”

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    Ampersand says:

    Congrast, SM!

  15. 18
    Kristin says:

    A Texas judge intimidated a stepfather into spanking his 14-year-old stepdaughter, in public, with a paddle.

    “Justice of the Peace Gustavo “Gus” Garza told Zurita that the teenager would be found guilty of a criminal offense and fined $500 for truancy unless Zurita spanked her in open court.”

    Looks like it’s not the first time the sicko has done this, any bets he gets off on it?

  16. 21
    Jake Squid says:

    For more fun comment threads, this…

    contains reviews of a dedicated link cable & comments on those reviews with such gems as:
    If I could use a rusty boxcutter to carve a new orifice in my body that’s compatible with this link cable, I would already be doing it. I can just imagine the pure musical goodness that would flow through this cable into the wound and fill me completely — like white, holy light. Holding this cable in my hands actually makes me feel that much closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. I only make $6.25/hr at Jack In The Box, but I saved up for three months so I could have this cable. It sits in a shrine I constructed next to my futon in Mother’s basement.

    I only gave it four stars in my review because I can’t find music that is worthy enough to flow through this utterly perfect interconnect.


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    Radfem says:

    It was fun watching all the happy couples come out of the county building. Some friends from a local church handed out flowers and cake to help celebrate. No picketers which hasn’t been the case in some places.

    A local councilman compared my blog to something that’s flushed down that’s brown at a meeting. Another councilman, who’s a reader, came up to me and kind of apologized for him. People have stopped going to public meetings because they’ve been called liars, told they have no class and have no integrity or ethics by several city councilmen.

  18. 23
    RonF says:

    People have stopped going to public meetings because they’ve been called liars, told they have no class and have no integrity or ethics by several city councilmen.

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  19. 24
    RonF says:

    I actually had to read that comment twice before I realized that it was the city counsellors describing the citizens in such a fashion rather than the other way around.

    The President of Cook County (a.k.a. “Crook” County) just pushed through the highest sales tax in the nation, ~9.5%. He claimed that this was necessary to support health care for the indigent, etc. He was elected when his father had a stroke, hid his true health status until after the primary, and then resigned and arranged for his son to get the Democratic nomination in his stead. In Cook County, that’s tantamount to election. Todd Stroger (the son) claimed that he was different than his father and would cut spending and positions. Once elected, he raised spending and went on a hiring spree. A local municipality has had their State Rep put forward a bill that would enable them to secede from the county. Todd travelled to that town (Palatine) to face the voters. They all told him that they didn’t believe him and that he and the rest of the Cook County board were a bunch of crooks and corrupt. That tape played yesterday on the news and that’s why I was momentarily confused.

  20. 25
    Radfem says:

    We don’t have as much famial intrigue, fortunately (though came close once) except for electeds getting jobs for family members, including brothers and kids in the city.

    There was actually an ethics complaint system adopted by voters but the electeds throw out every complaint but one that’s been filed against them on a technicality. The only one that was heard, they thoroughly trashed the complainant who was essentially cursed at the meeting by a councilman.

    As far as seceding, the town of Needles is trying to leave the state of California and there’s a couple cities in the south-western part of the county who contemplate in moments of pique seceding to San Diego County.

  21. 26
    Radfem says:

    McCain popped in my city for some fundraising and I got to see his motorcade. Some charming guy saw some anti-war signs and started yelling that “we were winning the war” and how it was important to kill as many Muslims as we could.

    Lovely city.

  22. 27
    RonF says:

    As far as “Kill all the Moslems” goes, that sentiment is regrettably not limited to any particular city.

  23. 28
    Radfem says:

    You’re right, no it’s not. And there were Muslims in our group as we were leaving which is when we ran into this charming guy.

    The demonstration consisted of Obama supporters, Ron Paul supporters and several civil rights organizations but they spent as much time arguing about what democracy was. They were picketing one driveway but the security was all on the other end so I walked over there and saw the motorcade, mentioned it when I went back and this woman strongly insinuated that I was a plant from the Republicans trying to trick them. I said, no, my only interest in plants was in gardening and fortunately, there were people who knew me and my horrible reputation.

    Still, not bad turnout for such short notice on the protester end. My county’s strongly Republican but McCain hasn’t taken off here yet. Lots of complaints about him.

    I did find out that Cynthia McKinney is endorsed by Green and Peace and Freedom locally, not sure about state-wide. Peace and Freedom has their convention in early August. Don’t know if Obama is coming through on a fund raising trip. We don’t see many Democratic candidates but Bush and Cheney both come on through to do fund raising.