PodCastle Stories I think Alas Readers Will Like

Some of y’all may be aware that I’m the editor of PodCastle, the world’s first audio fantasy magazine, which releases great fantasy fiction once a week.

We’ve been going since April, and at this point we’ve run about 30 full-length, and 20 miniature stories. Here are some episode recommendations in case you’ve got a little free audio time. I do encourage you to check out our entire feed, of course.

If you’re a PodCastle listener, please feel free to share your own favorites.

Some of my favorites from the first 20 episodes (I’ll do another set when we get to episode 40):

Full-length (10-50 minutes)

The Run of the Fiery Horse” by Hilary Moon Murphy
The Ant King: a Fairy Tale” by Benjamin Rosenbaum
Hotel Astarte” by M. K. Hobson
Magic in a Certain Slant of Light” by Deb Coates
Fourteen Experiments in Postal Delivery” by John Schoffstall
The Yeti Behind You” by Jeremiah Tolbert
Cup and Table” by Tim Pratt

Miniatures (0-10 minutes)

Giant” by Stephanie Burgis
Pahwahke” by Gord Sellar
Directions” by Caleb Wilson
Believe” by Katherine Sparrow

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2 Responses to PodCastle Stories I think Alas Readers Will Like

  1. 1
    Jeremy Tolbert says:

    Thank you for recommending my story!

  2. 2
    Mandolin says:

    I can’t help it that you rock. ;)