Welcome to Nojojojo, The Angry Black Woman, and Karnythia

Hmm. Maybe I should have gotten this out sooner since Ampersand has already set up the feed to scoop up posts from these three wonderful writers. However:

Alas is proud to announce that we’re going to posting the work that appears on The Angry Black Woman, an extremely smart site about race, feminism, and liberal politics, written by Nojojojo, The Angry Black Woman, and Karnythia.

I don’t have the plaesure of knowing Karnythia, but I’ve met both Nojojojo and The Angry Black Woman in our circles as science fiction writers, and have had the pleasure of purchasing work from both of them for the world’s first audio fantasy magazine, PodCastle. You can listen to Nojojojo’s smart story, “Red Riding Hood’s Child,” here.

There’s been some incredibly brilliant writing on The Angry Black Woman site. Maybe people would like to share some of their ABW favorites at the same time as they welcome these fantastic writers to Alas.

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