Michele Bachmann: Irrational conspiracy theories are awesome.

Matt Yglesias has the goods, but what it comes down to, basically, is that Michele Bachmann does not see the difference between China making an internal decision about what currency to use as their reserve currency and the institution of a sinister One World Currency, outlawing the dollar.

Not to harp on a point, or anything, but in my last post I talked a bit about how fundamentally unserious the Republican approach to government has become. This is like that times a bajillion. It’s either profoundly ignorant or profoundly deceptive, and I’m not sure which would be worse for the country and her constituents.

After Jeff Fecke wrote his “Once Again, We’re Sorry About Michele Bachmann” post, there were some people in the comments who tried gamely to defend her argument … and actually, hey, maybe that argument had some tiny kernel of truth buried deep within it that could be teased out into the light. Maybe.

As far as I can tell, this simply doesn’t.


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    Aftercancer says:

    It’s nice to have her around, she makes the rest of us look completely sane.

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