Guest Posts at Jeff VanderMeer's Blog

I’ve been guest posting at Jeff VanderMeer’s blog, Ecstatic Days. I haven’t reposted everything I’ve put up there over here, so here are some links to my guest entries:

Bad Credits Will Not Get You Published.

You do not need to publish in crappy venues in order to get a publication credit that will make the editors of better venues look at your work.

There’s this terrible, oft-repeated canard that editors won’t take you seriously if you don’t have any credits. It’s not true! Many editors have spoken in numerous locations about their desire to find new authors…

In fact, sometimes putting a crappy credit in your cover letter will have the opposite of the intended effect.

Weird (and awesome) link! Green porno

lo and behold, wikipedia presents to me (via Isabella Rosselini and the Sundance Channel) the most wonderful of all possible gifts. Green porno.

I gape. Isabella Rosselini is vamping it up in a beige body suit with painted nipples, pretending to be a snail.

Self-promoting like a self-promoter.

“A Memory of Wind” tells the story of the sacrifice at Aulis from Iphigenia’s perspective. Traditionally, her voice has been ignored; the original Greek tragedy, Iphigenia at Aulis, concentrates on the pain of her father, Agamemnon, as he decides whether or not to have his daughter killed so that he can go to war. I began writing “A Memory of Wind” several years ago, after seeing a feminist reinterpretation of the tale in which Clytemnestra (Iphigenia’s mother) was given her turn as protagonist. I wondered whether Iphigenia would ever get her chance to speak.

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