Open Thread (lightning strikes up from buried crystal caves edition)

As usual, post what you want, when you want, with whomever you want. Self-linking is awesome.

  1. People really can die of loneliness.
  2. History may suggest that we’re doomed to a long, slow, unpleasant economic recovery.
  3. This music video, featuring a single close-up shot of Christopher Eccleston staring into the camera for nearly three minutes, is surprisingly compelling.
  4. Marx and Ayn Rand are the same: They both believed “that the world is fundamentally divided between virtuous creators of wealth and lazy parasites.” The main difference is that those Marx saw as parasites, Rand saw as creators, and vice versa.
  5. MMW Roundtable on Time Magazine’s Aisha Cover.
  6. And be sure to read this as well: Nobody is Helping Aisha. (Possibly disturbing photo.)
  7. Noah Millman’s discussion of the Shylock character is actually pretty interesting.
  8. More studies finding that children raised by gay parents do just fine.
  9. Common but foolish responses to the Bechdel Test.
  10. Senate cutting food stamps to pay for Medicaid and teacher funding
  11. These examples of John Vassos’ 1931 illustrations of phobias are really cool.
  12. Even the most cosmopolitan of us are really just provincial hicks. Which is nice actually; it means there’s always some city we can wander into, looking about in wonder.”
  13. A Strong Argument Against Context. This short, snarky post cracked me up.
  14. The Obama Administration is deporting more undocumented immigrants than the Bush administration ever did. Newflash, Obama: There is nothing, nothing, nothing you can do that will cause right-wingers to stop hating you. So please, for mercy’s sake, stop trying.
  15. Photoblog – Pilot ejects an instant before fighterjet crashes
  16. Han Solo and Chewy, 30 years later.
  17. Giant Crystal Cave in the Mexican Desert. Extremely awesome photos.

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7 Responses to Open Thread (lightning strikes up from buried crystal caves edition)

  1. 1
    allreb says:

    Not much over on my blog, but from work, I’ve got a July news roundup on the AIDS Drug Assistance Program crisis.

  2. 2
    Havlová says:

    Hello! Loved the links.

    The latest at The Czech:

    France is Fucking Up

    Why I Am Uncomfortable Labeling Myself a Feminist

    Financial Security and Social Justice -this is an early draft of what may become a bigger piece. Comments & respectful criticism very welcome.

    Gendertastic! Meeting a beautiful woman can be bad for your health, scientists have found.

  3. 3
    Ann Q says:

    Shameless plug: I’m participating in a ride for a cure for diabetes on August 21. It’s 63 miles – About 20 more than I’ve ever ridden at once. I think I’m ready… Please check out the website if you’d like to pledge for the cure.

  4. 4
    Dianne says:

    Hello. Any thoughts on the 6th of August?

  5. 5
    Maggie Griffin says:

    Hey everybody,

    a friend of mine is searching for female managers to interview them for her Dissertation.
    The research topic is about breaking the glass ceiling, personal experiances concerning barriers and how to overcome these.

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  6. 6
    Radfem says:

    More scandal in Riverside and its police department, it never stops. But the number of claims and lawsuits inhouse has really gone up.

    Here is the news story from the press.

  7. 7
    Matt says:

    Brett Domino doing Bad Romance.