Barry's Interview On KBOO

Here’s my interview on KBOO. Thanks to interviewer, host, and man-about-town SW Conser — I’ve done interviews before, but this was my first live interview, and he made it easy.

Click to hear the interview!

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One Response to Barry's Interview On KBOO

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    nobody.really says:

    Ever see a movie version of a book, or hear a recorded version, and think, “That’s not the voice I imaged for this character”? I never know WHAT voice I had in mind; I just know that THIS voice is not the voice I had in mind.

    I feel that way about this interview – except that in this case, I know EXACTLY what voice I imagined Barry would have: I’d imagined he’d sound like Douglas Adams. Upon reflection, I realize that that’s obviously silly but, of course, I’d never reflected on it before. And after years of reading Barry’s stuff and hearing Adam’s voice in my head, I must now confront the idea that Barry sounds less like Adams and more like my old Dungeonmaster. All very unsettling.

    Nice interview, though. Barry sounds quite natural and relaxed, if not British. When it’s time to create the movie version of Barry’s life, however, I think I may recast the part. Anybody know a Douglas Adams impersonator…?