A Bunch Of Twenty-Five Dollar Sketches

I have an ongoing offer to do a ten $25 dollar sketch for people who buy a copy of Hereville from me. It’s fun for me to do, and I think people enjoy having a one-of-a-kind drawing done just for them.

With only a couple of exceptions, these were drawn entirely on computer, and then printed out with a high-quality art printer. (This is the same way I draw Hereville; I hardly ever draw directly on paper nowadays!). Some of these were requests (“draw a Wren in the picture,” for example, or “something to do with Twilight”), others were just me drawing whatever I felt like (which turned out at least twice to be Mirka in a tree).

Click on any of the drawings to see them bigger.

[Note: I’m sorry, but I’ve raised the price to $25. Sorry, but these just took me too long to produce to justify $10!]


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3 Responses to A Bunch Of Twenty-Five Dollar Sketches

  1. 1
    Suzene says:

    And here I went and got my copy on Amazon like a sucker. ;) Ah, well. It’s a fantastic read, and trust that I will be recommending it to anyone who’ll listen. Thanks very much for writing it.

  2. 2
    Dianne says:

    I think it’s reasonable to assume Mirka spends a fair amount of her spare time in trees given how readily she (SPOILER ALERT) climbed the tree to get away from the pig.

    So about that second book…

  3. 3
    Lonespark says:

    Ongoing, you say? Hmmm, maybe the copy I bought at Barnes & Noble needs a new home.