Help My Wife Inspire Her Kindergarteners to Read – Donate to Her Project at Donor’s Choose

Have you ever seen the pride and joy in a child’s face when he or she reads independently for the first time? That is the feeling my wife wants her kindergarten students to have. She is trying to raise money for another DonorsChoose project. Some Alas readers were generous enough to contribute to her last project, and I am hoping people here will be willing to help her out again.

This time, she’d like to fund the purchase of an ELMO TT-02RX, a document camera that will allow her to project reading material for the entire class to see, making it possible for her to give her entire class the kind of interactive learning experience that would otherwise only be possible one-on-one. This equipment also allows students to read and write with a partner which is a crucial learning method, especially in early childhood.

My wife’s students are 95% African-American, living in Brooklyn, New York. For many of them, her kindergarten class will be the first time they ever touch a book. Brownsville is a low-income community where many live below the poverty line. We know that education is one way to break the cycle of poverty and we know that the earlier children start reading, the more likely it is that they will continue to do so for the rest to their lives. Please help her make that happen with a generous donation of any amount you can afford.

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5 Responses to Help My Wife Inspire Her Kindergarteners to Read – Donate to Her Project at Donor’s Choose

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    zane says:

    Cool idea. How much is the total cost? I’ve tweeted this out on all my twitter accounts to try and raise some awareness.

  2. Zane,

    Thanks so much! The total cost, as listed on the DonorsChoose website, is about $935. The numbers on the DonorsChoose website are a little confusing because the full total they list, about $1100, includes optional donations that people can make in order to help fund DonorsChoose itself–which is a worthy cause. But for my wife’s proposal the bottom line is $935. Again, many thanks!

  3. 3
    Ampersand says:

    I donated $25. But what happens to the donated money if not enough is raised to buy an Elmo?

    By the way, I do talks at middle schools, and I LOVE it when they have an Elmo I can use. Elmo projectors are awesome.

  4. Thanks, Barry. My wife really appreciates it. To answer your question: In the event she does not get enough pledges to cover the cost of the ELMO by the deadline, which I think is in January, you will not be charged. Again, many thanks!

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