Eight Things I Hate About 23 Trends Guys Hate


I really loathe articles like “23 Trends Guys Hate (But Women Love).” Let me count the reasons why.

1) The misogyny.

This article is stuffed with anti-woman tropes, from the prude vs slut dichotomy (high shorts are bad because they show too much butt; but “mullet” skirts are bad for showing too little), to gems like this one about pantsuits: “Men’s business suits…you’re a woman, not a man.”

2) The misandry.

The premise of the article is anti-male, because it assumes “guys” share one big mass-mind, and we all think the same way by virtue of being male. Screw that shit.

3) The even more misogyny.

Another implied premise of the article is that the way we should judge how a woman looks is if it’s pleasing to men. Yuck. Why can’t she be dressed to please herself?

4) And another bit of misogyny.

“But women love”? So now women are the ones with one big mass-mind?

5) The snobbery.

I kind of hate people who hate on people who try dressing up in public.1 (All the photos for this article were taken from Lookbook, a street fashion site). I’m the world’s most boring dresser (jeans, t-shirt), but that just makes me appreciate all the more people who put in the effort. It’s all about making people feel as insecure as possible by being as unforgiving as possible.

By the way, if you hate on guys for wearing fedoras (or what you mistakenly think are fedoras), I kind of hate you too. Sorry!

6) The conformity.

How dare you wear bangles that clang! How dare you wear bright hats when it’s not even cold outside! How dare you have really funny fake fingernails! These things might make you look odd, idiots! Stop it! Conform!

7) The being an asshole about people’s bodies.

“It makes the fittest girl look frumpy and the less fit girls look even more unfortunate.” Ha ha ha that’s so funny go bite yourself and die of rabies you dinkass.

8) Responses featuring yet more misandry, mixed liberally with homophobia.

From the comments: “Are we supposed to believe this list was compiled by a heterosexual man?” Or this one: “Honestly not one f***en guy I know has any idea what any of this s*** you all call fashion is about.”

Look, I’m not interested in fashion, either. But I notice things like really entertaining looking leggings (starscapes! Florals!) or really cool nails or fun hats. The idea that all men are blind to all possible fashion choices is just another version of acting as if all men think the same way about all things.


  1. Unless they’re really really funny about it, of course. []
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4 Responses to Eight Things I Hate About 23 Trends Guys Hate

  1. 1
    nobody.really says:

    Look, I’m not interested in fashion, either.

    That’s just because you haven’t read THIS: http://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2014/02/the-fashioned-self

    Honestly, with the things you say, sometimes I just have to wonder if you’re falling behind on your reading of conservative Christian blogs….

  2. 2
    Ben Lehman says:


  3. 3
    tlfk says:

    As if the end product isn’t bad enough (the article/poll results/etc on women’s personal choices), the process itself of asking people these questions – “do you like this women’s fashion item?” “what do you think women should wear?” – just validates in the respondent’s mind that his/her personal opinion on this subject should actually matter to anyone but his/herself.

    Y’all – it really, really doesn’t.

  4. 4
    Hector_St_Clare says:

    Re: Another implied premise of the article is that the way we should judge how a woman looks is if it’s pleasing to men. Yuck. Why can’t she be dressed to please herself?

    I don’t really get the concept here.

    Of course women are free to dress/look however they want, and shouldn’t face any social or professional sanction for doing so (assuming they’re complying with the law and with workplace restrictions, etc.). If you dress in a way that’s pleasing to men, though, or to the specific men you’re trying to attract, then you have a better chance of success in the dating marketplace. If that doesn’t matter to you, then you can certainly dress however you want.

    It’s the same for men- some choices you make (dress, professional, social, lifestyle, etc.) are going to make it easier to attract women than others.