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Open Thread and Link Farm, About To Leave England Edition

Here’s How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled White Nationalism Into The Mainstream A long read, but very interesting slash infuriating. Related: Vice Has Fired the Writer Who Told Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos to ‘Please Mock This Fat Feminist’ This is a rare … Continue reading

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Touristing And Loving It

Things I’ve done in the UK so far: 1) Did a bus tour of London, on one of those double-decker buses with no roof on the second level. My expectations were low, but I loved this. The tour filled my … Continue reading

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I’ll be at Geek Girl Con in Seattle this weekend

My “SuperButch” co-creator Becky Hawkins and I will be tabling at Geek Girl Con this weekend. We’ll be at table D125, which I’m told is near the concessions. If you’re at GGC, I hope you’ll come introduce yourself.

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Cartoon: Back To The Future (Of Racism)

Please support these cartoons on Patreon! Even a $1 pledge matters a lot. This cartoon was originally published on The Splinter. Thanks, Splinter! There’s an adage I’ve seen around; I’ve seen it put various ways, but always from Black writers. … Continue reading

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Open Thread and Link Farm, Catch 22 Subparagraph A Edition

Whoops, there are forty links here. I really should have posted this sooner. Maybe Voting Before Healthcare? | Noah Berlatsky on Patreon Noah argues, and I agree, that voting rights should be the top priority of Democrats, not Medicare For … Continue reading

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What should I see in London and Paris?

I’m going on a pleasure trip to London and Paris with my mom. We’ll be spending about five days in each city. (Yes, you’re right, I AM lucky!) Anyone been? What do you recommend we see? Any restaurants we should … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Ten Reasons We Want To Kick Out The Dreamers

If you like these cartoons, please support them at Patreon! A $1 pledge really matters to me. I do a fair number of cartoons about immigration, because it’s an issue that drives me up the wall; the anti-immigration position seems … Continue reading

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Is Evangelical Support For Trump Alienating Young Christians?

This postscript, from Rod Dreher (who is both anti-gay and pro-evangelical), is anecdotal but interesting: I just returned from a lunch meeting with a group of conservative Evangelicals, including a few pastors. […] A couple of people in college ministry … Continue reading

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Cartoon: The Democratic Coalition

If you enjoy these cartoons, please help me make more by supporting my Patreon! A $1 pledge means a lot to me. This cartoon was originally published by The Nib. When one of my cartoons is published by a site … Continue reading

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Open Thread and Link Farm, What Your Gender Studies Professor Told You Edition

Trump’s Awful Afghanistan Speech | The American Conservative It’s important to remember that many of Trump’s reality-denying beliefs – such as his conviction there was any legal or pragmatic way to remain in Iraq in 2011 – are completely mainstream, … Continue reading

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