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Open Thread and Link Farm, Pie In A Mirror Edition

The case for having the federal government guarantee a job for every9oe who wants one – Democracy Journal I’m worried about unintentional effects if this were to happen, but I’m also intrigued by the idea. One of the “Death Panels” … Continue reading

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Health Care Policy, Controlling Costs, And Not Admitting What You Want

The AHCA, also know as “repeal and replace,” has suffered an embarrassing defeat, and that makes me happy. It’s looking likely that Obamacare is going to survive. For now. The Republicans are in an interesting position. Most conservative intellectuals seem … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Who We Call Racist

Please support these cartoons at Patreon. One thing that continually bugs me is the “racists are unicorns” view, which I hear usually but not exclusively from the right. Basically, in this view, almost no one is racist, and no act … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Treadmill

If you like these cartoons, please support my Patreon! TRANSCRIPT OF CARTOON Panel 1 A toddler runs on a full-sized treadmill, carrying a teddy bear in one hand. A woman in a tight black dress squats, smiling, to address the … Continue reading

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Christian Teen-Torture Camps And Republican’s Reality-Denying Bubble

20/20 Video – Teens Gay Conversion Camp Administrators Sent To Prison For Child Abuse Pastor John David Young: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | The Harrowing Story of Life Inside Alabama’s Most Sadistic Christian Bootcamp A Firsthand … Continue reading

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On Wedding Cakes, Gay Weddings, And Free Speech

This is a reply to a comment left by MJJ on the Muslim Ban thread. I’m putting my response here, and hopefully further discussion of this issue will move to this thread. I didn’t think Melissa’s cakes has gone bankrupt? … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Muslim Ban

IF you like these cartoons, please support them at my Patreon. This is another one inspired by current events (as I’m sure you’ve already figured out). The point being made – that folks favoring the Muslim ban because of terrorist … Continue reading

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Cartoon: The Two Party System

In my youth, I was very tempted by third parties. Not so much nowadays. But this cartoon isn’t about that; it’s about the ridiculous choice between two major parties, one of which is a bit technocratic and complacent, the other … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Think of the Children!

This cartoon was written and colored by Barry Deutsch, and drawn by Becky Hawkins. Transcript Panel 1 CAPTION: 1940 A man in a suit and hat is speaking loudly to a crowd of people watching him. He is holding out … Continue reading

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Eight new SuperButch Pages Since I Last Posted About It

So, the last time I remembered to post a SuperButch update here, we had just posted page 8. Now we’ve just posted page 16. Oy. I’ll try to do better – honest. But if you want reliable SuperButch updates, I’d … Continue reading

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