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Trains, Brains, and Computers

When I teach my speculative fiction class (there’s a section this weekend, by the way!), I like to talk to the students about the most popular varieties of speculative poetry. A lot of speculative poetry is narrative, or works with … Continue reading Continue reading

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Patreon content for January 2018

Patreon content for January has just been posted! $1 and above patrons can read a piece from my recent found poetry kick based on google searches for emotions–in this case, “anxiety.” $2 and above patrons get to see a sneak … Continue reading Continue reading

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Haiku Round-up #1

Lately I have been posting haiku to my Patreon. While I was having trouble writing fiction, a friend of mine showed me a haiku they’d been working on. I couldn’t manage something like a whole story, but writing seventeen syllables … Continue reading Continue reading

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How Long Does It Take To Write a Poem? Also, “Inside Her Heart,” and a class!

I’m teaching an online class on writing science fiction and fantasy poetry on June 30 at 9:30-11:30 PDT. It’s a fun class because it draws people from many different backgrounds with many different goals. Some are dedicated poets, looking to … Continue reading Continue reading

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