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It’s Gross to Use Otto Warmbier’s Tragedy to talk about White Male Privilege

Otto Warmbier was a 22-year-old American who, early in 2016 was convicted by a North Korean court of stealing a poster. He was put in a North Korean prison, until he was returned to the US in a coma on … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Muslim Ban

IF you like these cartoons, please support them at my Patreon. This is another one inspired by current events (as I’m sure you’ve already figured out). The point being made – that folks favoring the Muslim ban because of terrorist … Continue reading

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Goodbye to SEK

Scott Erik Kaufman, a writer at Salon and other outlets, and a blogger at Acephalous and Lawyers Guns and Money, has passed away. I was never lucky enough to meet SEK, as I thought of him. But he was an … Continue reading

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Jack Chick, Creator of Unintentionally Ludicrous Evangelical Comics, RIP

Jack Chick, arguably one of the most widely-read cartoonists in the world, has died. He was in his nineties. If you’re not familiar with Chick Comics (those tiny little comics fundamentalist preachers give out on street corners), here’s a fairly … Continue reading

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Rick Snyder’s Staff Knew About Flint Water Crisis By October 2014

As far back as October 2014, Rick Snyder’s staff: 1) Knew that Flint’s water was an urgent crisis. 2) Said the decision was made by the Snyder-appointed emergency manager, contrary to what Synder and other Republicans have claimed. 3) Actively … Continue reading

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David Bowie 1947-2016

David Bowie, Pop Star Who Transcended Music, Art and Fashion, Has Died at 69 – The New York Times

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Eight Points About The Armed Anti-Government Activists In Oregon

In a nutshell: Some armed anti-government folks – they claim to number 150, but probably the real figure is closer to a dozen – have occupied a Federal wildlife management building in Burns, Oregon (which is a long way from … Continue reading

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UPDATE: The Kim Davis Letter IS DEFINITELY A Fake

UPDATE 2: SamC in comments provided this link. The Kim Davis letter, and the associated Twitter account, is definitely a fake. Apologies to everyone reading (and also to Mrs. Davis, if she ever runs across this post, which is happily … Continue reading

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Please Stop Snarking About Kim Davis’ Four Marriages

I’ve been seeing a zillion memes like this today about Kim Davis, the Christian Kentucky Clerk who is going to jail for contempt of court, because she’s refusing to do her job and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. 1) … Continue reading

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The Stories That Should Have Been 2015 Hugo Nominees, With Links

Tobias Buckell posted this compilation of the Hugo nominees that would have been if the nomination process hadn’t been hijacked with slate voting. One of the most unfair things about the use of slates this year, is that many stories … Continue reading

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