I’ve watched this like 30 times.

I know everyone’s seen it by now, but I am in love with this OK Go song shot in Zero Gravity:

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    MJJ says:

    What’s interesting to me is the question of what kind of trick photography they used to hide the stretches of gravity in the song – they must have fast-forwarded the film during the period times when the plane was ascending (as I understand it zero-G produced by a plane in artificial free-fall* can only be sustained for less than a minute before the plane would hit the ground).

    You can see gravity restored at a few places, but it lasts for only a second or so – I’m impressed that the balls, for example, didn’t move out of place for whatever period of time it took to restore altitude.

    *Artificial because the plane would actually have to be using power to compensate for wind resistance.

    UPDATE: OK, it’s explained here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upside_Down_%26_Inside_Out
    Am I the only one who finds the “zero-G in a single take” aspect more fascinating as a challenge than the “zero-g” itself?

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    Mandolin says:

    Yeah, my husband looked at that immediately. He’d already figured some of it out, but hardly all.

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    Carmilla says:

    OK Go: consistently making my favourite music videos since… 2001, gosh, well, now I feel old :P

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    Harlequin says:

    In case this wasn’t linked from Wikipedia, here’s the behind-the-scenes video!