Link Farm and Open Thread #13

Another link farm! As always, feel free to post about anything – including links to your own stuff – in the comments.

Blog Against Sexism Day
Congratulations to Vegankid for the huge success of the first annual “Blog Against Sexism Day.” (I badly regret not participating – I wanted to, but I was feeling too sick to do anything but lie like a lump in front of the TV. Oh, well, there’s always next year…). Vegankid has a list of some favorite BASD posts, and so does Andrea at the official blog. (Edited to add: And Angry For A Reason has a round-up, too!) Check ’em out.

Transending Gender: The Fourth Carnival of Bent Attractions!

Andrea at How To Be a Real Nice Guy

Digby on Senator Napoli’s “Sodomized Virgin Exception”

[Bill Napoli] seems to have given it a good deal of thought. I suspect many hours have been spent luridly contemplating the brutal, savage rape and sodomy (as bad as it can be) of a religious virgin and how terrible it would be for her. It seems quite clear in his mind.

New to the Blogroll: Feminist Law Professors Blog
A lot of the links below were taken from this blog…

Alice Ristrophe: A Feminist Critique of the Prison Rape Elimination Act

Ann Bartow Fisks The Times on Plastic Surgery For Butts

Spittle & Ink: South Dakota’s Abortion Application Form

The Well-Timed Period Catches The NIH Lying About The Morning-After Pill

Echidne: Misogynists in My Study

Misogynists are a minority of men (and women). This is important to remember because they don’t seem like a minority to those of us who run feminist sites. We are the honey that attracts them, and this means that we interact with woman-haters at a greater frequency than their numbers would let us expect. And why do we attract them so? Because uppity women are a terrible thing for those who hate all things female.

Ann Bartow: Rewriting Judy Bloom to modernize tampon technology

Amanda at Pandagon: Rewriting Judy Bloom to modernize tampon technology

Bitch PhD: Have Working Mothers Reached The Limit On Hours In A Day?
Bitch PhD comments on a recent Times article which suggested “that women may have already hit a wall in the amount of work that they can pack into a week.” See also this post at Workplace Prof Blog.

Hugo Schwyzer: Women Nowadays Are Expected To Remain Virginal Three Times As Long

A century ago, the time between the onset of puberty and marriage was but five years; today it’s close to fifteen. If a contemporary young woman is trying to “wait” until marriage to lose her virginity, she is waiting — in a very real sense — three times as long as women did in her great-great grandmother’s era! She’s got three times the frustration of coping with unexpressed sexual feelings and longings, three times as long to struggle to live up to a cultural and religious standard of purity. Forget trying to live up to the standards of one’s ancestors; today’s young women who remain committed to virginity are trying to accomplish something that has, from a demographic and physiological standpoint, never been achieved before.

Hugo Schwyzer: Reply to Anti-Feminists Attacks on Feminist Guys’ Masculinity

Vegankid: Don’t Kid Yourself

Its easy as transgendered and genderQueer people to believe that we are beyond or outside of gender politics as usual. As those who live on the margins, its only natural to focus on ourselves as oppressed beings – victims of a transphobic society. But something i’ve had to come to terms with is my own socialized sexism as a trans persyn.

The Debate Link on “Judeo-Christian”
David discusses his annoyance at people who say “Judeo-Christian” when they really mean “Christian, but I want to sound more inclusive than I’m actually being.” I quite agree.

The Boston Globe: My Late-Term Abortion

Freakonomics: For Children Over Two, Car Seats Are No Safer Than Seatbelts

Political Animal: Why We Should Argue For Single Payer Health Care Instead Of Incremental Steps

Paul Krugman and Robin Wells: The Health Care Crisis And What To Do About It

Jill at Feministe: Fat-phobes go after Redbook

Washington Post: Moms At War
Good article in the Washington Post calling for a truce between working moms and stay-at-home moms.

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  3. 3
    Blake says:

    Levitt (of Freakenomics) would ask, “Are you fat because you read Redbook, or do you read Redbook because your parents are fat?”

  4. 4
    Sine.Qua.Non says:

    :: Excellent Philosophical Question

    “As the religious right tees up a Supreme Court fight over abortion, some voices on the left are pushing the “life begins at conception” argument to its logical extremes.”…..[more]

  5. 5
    Ann Bartow says:

    Thanks so much for the link and the nice PR. Much appreciated!

  6. 6
    tekanji says:

    Thanks for the double link, but it’s “Andrea” at, not Amanda ^_^

    [Whoops! Fixed! –Amp]

  7. 7
    Hugo says:

    Wow — two links and a quote! I am indeed blessed! Thanks!

  8. 8
    VK says:

    My young man suggested an interesting idea. State laws do not apply inside reservations, only federal laws yes? Suggest setting up abortion clinics in reservations with South Dakota?

  9. 9
    Jen Burke says:

    Thank you so much for this link!

  10. 10
    Sine.Qua.Non says:

    VK: What an excellent IDEA!!!