Swimming on Neptune, in Rome

If I had one wish that could only be something transient and tiny, it might be to swim in the Hearst Castle pools.

488px-Neptune_pool wikipedia

The Neptune pool, outdoors

(image from wikipedia)

roman-pool hearstcastle.org

The Roman pool, indoors

(image from hearstcastle.org)

Okay, it wouldn’t actually be that, but it would be amazing to be in that water.

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One Response to Swimming on Neptune, in Rome

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    Pesho says:

    No, it would not. “that water” is chilly and oily. And seriously, this is a pretty easy wish. The security there in the 90s was crappy. I doubt it is much better now.

    I still have the pictures, although something else that was crappy in the 90s was cheap cameras. We did not have a good one, because getting caught was something we had planned for.