Open Thread and Link Farm, Two-Face Was A Piker Edition

  1. “The hypocrisy is astounding”: this tax bill shows the GOP’s debt concerns were pure fraud
    In other news, ocean still wet.
  2. Can We Cut the Crap on the Debt from the Tax Bill Hurting Our Kids? | Beat the Press | Blogs | Publications | The Center for Economic and Policy Research
    The GOP tax bill is terrible – but the problem is not the effect of future debt on the children.
  3. GiveDirectly is launching their randomized control trial of long-term guaranteed basic income in Kenya. The Unit of Caring has gathered some highlights.
  4. Letting robots kill without human supervision could save lives | New Scientist
    You can’t read the whole article, because paywall, although you can read enough to get the gist of the argument.But honestly, I added this to the link farm because I just love the headline, about which someone on Twitter wrote “Was… was this written by killer robots?”

  5. What alarmist articles about transgender children get wrong.
    It’s not true that 80% – or anywhere near 80% – of transgender children either desist or detransition.
  6. Detransition, Desistance, and Disinformation: A Guide for Understanding Transgender Children… | Julia Serano
  7. Prepubescent Transgender Children: What We Do and Do Not Know – Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
    Only the first page here. To read the whole article, email me and I can hook you up.
  8. When “desisters” aren’t: De-desistance in childhood and adolescent gender dysphoria | Gender Analysis

  9. ‘Lady Bird’ Star Laurie Metcalf Might Be the Best Actress Working Right Now
    I saw “Lady Bird”; the movie was wonderful – it did mostly the usual coming-of-age narrative moves, but it did them all so well – and Metcalf, as the main character’s mother, was astounding. (Metcalf is most famous for playing Jackie on “Roseanne.”)
  10. Speaking of Roseanne, one of my favorite TV shows ever, there’s going to be a tenth season next year, with Metcalf and the rest of the original cast (including John Goodman) returning to their old roles. I hope it’s good.
  11. The Rise of the Post-New Left Political Vocabulary | The Public Autonomy Project
    Long and (to me) interesting comparison of New Left and Social Justice Left jargon, asking why the vocabularies changed and if it matters.
  12. Obama won lots of votes from racially prejudiced whites (and some of them supported Trump) – The Washington Post
  13. Liberals Are Becoming Knee-Jerk Anti-Trumpists | New Republic
    “The left should be encouraging the president’s moderation on foreign policy rather than distorting the truth about alleged gaffes.” Article by Jeet Heer. (In context, I think “moderation” means not that Trump is a moderate, but that Trump has moderated his rhetoric and approach compared to his previous statements.)
  14. The Right Way, And The Wrong Way, To Measure the Benefits Of Tax Changes | Tax Policy Center
  15. Facing deportation, Lucio Perez is adapting to life in Amherst church sanctuary |
  16. Here is a fantastic example of the difference between the male and female gaze. Patty Jenkins’ Amazon warriors on the left. Zack Snyder’s on the right.”
    I don’t think I agree with the terminology – perhaps I would call it a fantastic example of women as subjects vs objectification – actually, I’m not sure that’s right either – but whatever the terminology, it’s a striking comparison.
  17. The Zombie Fungus Takes Over Ants’ Bodies to Control Their Minds – The Atlantic
    Turns out the fungus is even creepier than previously thought. It’s like they plagiarized their ideas from “Get Out.”
  18. Sandy Hook Victim Noah Pozner’s Family Driven From Boca – The Forward
    Conspiracy theorists seem ridiculous, but they can (further) destroy people’s lives.
  19. How to stop sexism and raise a son who respects women.
  20. ZOA Rolled Out The Red Carpet For Steve Bannon — And It Backfired – The Forward
    The headline doesn’t really reflect the article. “Zionist Organization of America rolls out the red carpet for Steven Bannon, and this illustrates major divisions in the US Jewish community, and also Alan Dershowitz makes a cameo and is a jerk” would have been more accurate.
  21. A comic about every comment thread under any content involving a fat person existing. Ever.
    I’m jealous that I didn’t create this strip.
  22. An LAPD officer accidentally filmed himself putting cocaine in a suspect’s wallet – Vox
  23. Myths of the 1 Percent: What Puts People at the Top – The New York Times
    According to this economist, the answer isn’t trade, or information technology, or declining unions, or immigration. “Almost all of the growth in top American earners has come from just three economic sectors: professional services, finance and insurance, and health care, groups that tend to benefit from regulatory barriers that shelter them from competition.”
  24. Reflections of an Affirmative-Action Baby – The Atlantic
    The author, a white man, writes “the affirmative action I enjoyed, and the sexual harassment Sarah suffered, were connected. I was given extraordinary opportunity at TNR, in large measure, because talented women like Sarah Wildman were not.”
  25. Marvel takes on colonialism and white supremacy in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’
    The movie is an anti-colonial fantasy disguised as a screwball comedy disguised as an action movie. I really enjoyed it.
  26. Detroit cops posing as drug dealers tried to arrest Detroit cops posing as drug buyers and then they all had a fistfight in the middle of the street. This would make an awesome movie.
  27. The Disappearing Right to Earn a Living
    Do we really need someone to be licensed to hook up a stereo? “In the 1950s, about one in 20 American workers needed an occupational license before they could work in the occupation of their choice. Today, that figure stands at about one in four.” This is an issue I agree with libertarians about.
  28. Hari Kondabolu’s The Problem with Apu attempts to shut down The Simpsons’ racist caricature for good – The Verge
  29. The Last of the Iron Lungs
    The reporter found and interviewed the (as far as they know) last three people still using iron lungs to survive. All three are polio survivors, and boy, do they not like anti-vaxxers.
  30. I love Yoshitoshi Kanemaki’s wood carvings. Check out Kanemaki’s Behance page, and be sure to look at the gallery for the statue at the top of this post, which includes multiple angles as well as making-of photos.
  31. The bottom image is by Alessandro Sicioldr, another wonderful artist with a tendency to go all multi-face. Check out his behance, too.

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  1. 101
    Eytan Zweig says:

    This is apropos nothing, but on my facebook feed at the moment an extremely pro-Palestinian Israeli woman is having a heated debate with an extremely pro-Israeli Palestinian woman, and I am resisting the urge to step in. So let me just say here what I want to say there, in a nutshell: Ugh!

  2. 102
    Ampersand says:

    My mom says that’s an inspiring story. :-p

  3. 103
    Ben Lehman says:

    Eytan: Your comment cracks me up.