New Book! And new reward tiers on my Patreon.

New book!

I’m so excited about this!

I’ve been working like crazy since New Year’s, putting together a book collecting all my 2018 political cartoons. Here are the details:

  • You Only Drew This To Get Laid
  • Over 90 pages, in color.
  • 8″ x 10.5″ squarebound paperback
  • Includes every political cartoon I published in 2018, plus commentary and dozens of never-before-seen images. The new images are mostly drawings-in-progress, but also include some panels that didn’t make it to the final cartoon.
  • The image above is just a mock-up; those aren’t necessarily the final colors, and the real book won’t be that thick.

I’ve never self-published a book like this before, so I don’t know exactly when it’ll be out. But think I will be able to mail out copies in April or May.

And going forward, I plan to do a new book every year, collecting the previous year’s cartoons.

New Reward Tiers!

I’ve also added new reward tiers to my patreon.

But first, let me say: You can safely ignore all this if you’re a patron who would like your pledge to stay what it’s been. I’ll be honest – I’m hoping that some current patrons will find the book tempting enough to increase their pledge. :-)  But I’m incredibly grateful for every single patron’s support, at whatever level.

Here’s what the tiers now are:

50 cent tier– No one new can sign up for this level (because Patreon changed the minimum to $1).  But for you folks already pledging at the fifty cent level, don’t worry! You’re “grandfathered” in at that pledge level, and can stay at it as long as you like!

$1 tier – You get to see most of the cartoons a few days before I post them in public.

$3 tier – You’ll get a pdf copy of each year’s cartoon collection, as they come out. This way you’ll get a pdf file with all the year’s cartoons, rather than just a few a year when I happen to remember to do it (and let’s face it, I haven’t been great about that). And the pdf file will be high enough res so you can print cartoons out if you want.

$5 tier – You can share most of my cartoons even before I post them in public! Plus, of course, you’ll get the pdf copy of the book.

$8 tier – Here’s where it gets really exciting. At $8, you’ll get a PAPER copy of each year’s book mailed to you.

$10 tier – You, or a person or organization of your choice, will be thanked in the sidebar of one or two cartoons a year! (This could be an awesome gift for a loved one who likes political cartoons.)  PLUS you’ll get the paper copy of each year’s book.

$12 tier – This is just like the $10 pledge, except that I’ll hand-sign your copy of the book to you. (Or to whoever you designate).

$15 tier – You’ll get everything listed above. Plus, I’ll draw a a one-of-a-kind sketch in your book! I’m not talking about a 2-second head sketch either – I’ll take some time and make it nice.

Note: For new patrons at the paper-book-levels, I’ll wait a bit before mailing your books. (This is to protect me from people who pledge for a single payment and then cancel. I’m sorry about this, but if I don’t do this, I could actually lose money on these books. :-(   )

* * *

That’s it!

I really can’t wait to hold this book in my hands. I hope some of you are looking forward to that, as well!

For my patrons, thank you all for supporting these cartoons. I’ve gone from six cartoons a year to 45 cartoons a year – an incredible increase, and one that I could never have done without all your help. You folks are awesome!

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