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“Minions” may beat “Lava” for most sexist kid’s movie of the year

“Lava,” as I hope you don’t recall, is the animated short that accompanies “Inside Out,” the otherwise wonderful new Pixar movie. As I’ve said before, some cartoonists draw women as “visual aliens”; men are allowed to be earthy and funny-looking … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Gay Bullies

I got paid to make this cartoon because of my Patreon supporters. Thanks, patrons! Transcript of cartoon Panel 1 There are two women talking. One has streaks dyed in her hair; the other has black hair. STREAKS: We can’t talk … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Police Shootings, or Oh The Tragedy!

Transcript of cartoon Each panel of this cartoon shows the same white dude in an armchair, from the same angle, watching the news on TV. Small details change throughout the cartoon – his hairline recedes, his drink changes, he switches … Continue reading

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Hugo 2014 Graphic Story Nominees

The Graphic Story Nominees are a nearly puppy-free category; four of the five nominees didn’t come from puppies. The five nominated works are (in order of my ranking): Sex Criminals Volume 1: One Weird Trick, written by Matt Fraction, art … Continue reading

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My cartoons at a May Day festival in Israel

An Israeli reader very kindly showed me this photo, of “May Day in Israel. At the working and studying youth movement festival.” There are two of my cartoons (flipped left to right and translated into Hebrew) visible in this photo: … Continue reading

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Cartooning process: Sweet, Sweet Denial

Here’s an image showing my process on a political cartoon I did years ago about the chocolate industry. I really like seeing process posts from other cartoonists, so I hope people enjoy seeing this. I’m doing this partly to support … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Maternity Leave vs Profit

This seems like a good time to announce that I’m starting a Patreon to support my political cartoons. Please check it out (and tell me if you spot any typos!). This cartoon was a collaboration with my friend Becky Hawkins. … Continue reading

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Cartoon: People Grow Old, Excuses Live Forever

This cartoon was created in collaboration with the wonderful Becky Hawkins. Transcript: Panel 1 A young man (20s or 30s) is talking with cheerful optimism to a woman who is about 60 years old. In the background a female secretary … Continue reading

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Cartoon: How Rape Makes Women Poorer

This cartoon was inspired by “Yes means yes” is about much more than rape, by Amanda Taub. Transcript: The cartoon is in flow chart form. Panel 1 is labeled “START HERE,” and shows a fashionable hipster man talking on a … Continue reading

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How a Hereville panel is made

Hi, folks! I’m sorry I have been so absent from Alas lately. My absence will continue until around Mid-February, which is when (if all goes well) I expect to complete the main bulk of work on the new “Hereville” graphic … Continue reading

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