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Just Saw “Rear Window” For The First Time

Just saw “Rear Window” for the first time. What a stunning, amazing movie! Actually – hard as this is to believe – as of a few days ago I had never seen any of Hitchcock’s movies. Now I’ve seen “A … Continue reading

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Stand-Up Comedy, Rape Jokes, and the Word “Faggot”

The New York Times quotes Sarah Silverman: “I need more rape jokes,” she shouted nasally before letting her fans in on what she called a comedy secret, that such jokes are actually not so “edgy” after all. “Who’s going to … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Into Darkness. It’s a White Man’s Universe, Spock.

I’m seeing a lot about the sexism in Star Trek, Into Darkness. Mostly about the gratuitous scene of Carol Marcus stripping. And I agree, that was annoying and sexist and just plain cheesy and really badly written, to boot. But … Continue reading

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Over a hundred thousand sign petition against Disney’s Merida Makeover

To celebrate Merida of the Pixar film Brave “officially” joining the Disney Princess line, Disney released some new illustrations of her. In the new illustrations, Merida is even thinner than her already-thin movie version (as Alyssa put it, “what appears … Continue reading

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I’m still not buying it. The Imperials wouldn’t just lie to us.

Regarding the title, “Luke’s Change,” remember that there’s a well-known truther documentary named “Loose Change.” Also, the title of this post isn’t mine, it’s a YouTube comment, read via Andrew Sullivan.

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Switched At Birth’s “Uprising” Episode – The Best Political TV Show Of The Year

The “ABC Family” network, owned by Disney after beginning life as one of Pat Robertson’s properties, [1. ABC Family is still contractually obligated to broadcast Robertson’s show “The 700 Club” twice daily, although they precede it with a disclaimer.] has … Continue reading

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Single Dads In Film: Yay, or Yawn?

So Melissa at Shakesville was not impressed by the trailer for The End of Love, a new film about “a grieving father struggling to raise his two-year-old son alone.” It’s not that this, too, isn’t a story worth telling. (I … Continue reading

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Some Things I’ve Read Or Seen Lately

Django Unchained If the idea of an action movie featuring a former slave bloodily blowing away dozens of white slavers appeals to you, then this movie won’t disappoint. I loved it. It was extremely well-done popcorn, well-filmed and well-acted, and … Continue reading

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RIP, Ray Bradbury

RonF has commented twice, now, that Ray Bradbury’s passing has passed without comment here. I have to admit I’m a little puzzled, myself. Here we celebrate, among other things, creative endeavor, including writing and speculative fiction. If this non-commentary state … Continue reading

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Odes to Joy. Or Anything Else.

. Roughly speaking, a genre is the type of story told — the people and the setting — while a medium is the form it’s told in. David Benedict asks, “what makes Singin’ in the Rain the masterpiece of so … Continue reading

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