Before you send me email....

I love getting email telling me about links I should include, dead links I should delete, and other stuff to help me maintain the site. I also enjoy recieving general compliments and comments; it helps me a lot to know that the site has been useful to people. And I adore recieving contributions to the Cartoonists' Materials FAQ.

[IMPORTANT: The above paragraph is no longer true. I am no longer maintaining anything on the How-To Guide to Comics, so please don't send me information about dead links or links I should include.]

Most of my email, alas, consists of questions from eager young cartoonists wanting to know how to do this or that. I don't exactly mind recieving this email, but 90% of the time the question is already answered via a link on my website. Please make sure that you've looked for the answer to your question on my website before you send me email.

If you do have a question that isn't covered on my website, I'll try my best to answer it. Keep in mind, though, that if I knew the answer chances are I've already put it on somewhere on The How-To Guide to Comics. (On the other hand, if I recieve the same question often enough, that let's me know that I should put a page about it on my site).

In particular, don't ask me how you should become a successful cartoonist. If I knew the answer to that one, I'd be a successful cartoonist myself, rather than an extremely unsuccessful one.

So, if you still want to send me email, please click here. Or you can return to The How-To Guide or The Cartoonists' Materials FAQ.