I'm Barry Deutsch, and this webpage contains samples of some of my  illustration work.

To view a larger version of any illustration, just click on the image. If you'd like to commission me to do a drawing for you, please send me an email. Thanks!

Some caricatures done for a private school's newsletter.
Portland Opera illustrations.
T Shirt illustration.
Various character illustrations which appeared on comedycentral.com.
Three illustrations of the same character, which illustrated a feature on comedycentral.com.
Three drawings done for Commerce Magazine.
Several drawings done in my popular "bighead" illustration style.
Cover illustration for Breaking the Ice, a role-playing game about dating.
Illustration commissioned for the book Field Guide To the U.S. Economy.
Black and white illustration of a happy, multi-cultural group, commissioned by an intentional community.
A few spot illustrations, which illustrated a piece about suburbanites.
Some spot illustrations done for a historic society's website
Illustration of a group of punk-ish kids, done for an "alternative parents" group.