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Democracy in Akron

I was supposed to be doing this somewhere warmer, like Las Vegas. Every election cycle, there are organizations that send out lawyers to act as poll monitors in battleground states, observing the voting process and making sure there are no … Continue reading

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Sinister Marriage

Over here on Earth-Alpha, you may have heard of today’s big appellate court decision. No, not the one on regular Earth about same-sex marriage; we’ve had that on our parallel timeline pretty much forever. No, in our alternate reality, the … Continue reading

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The Marriage Protection Act, Religion, And “Special Rights”

[Crossposted from Mythago’s blog.] (First, a note to the media: When you’re writing about a new law, post a link to the text of the new law. It shouldn’t be this hard to find. Kthx.) What apparently led some of … Continue reading

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How To Stop Gay Marriage

[This is a guest post by Mythago, and is crossposted from her blog, which I didn’t even realize she had! Thanks, Mythago. –Amp] Is it really possible for a state to preserve its laws against same-sex marriage, limiting the institution … Continue reading

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