Putting the "where are the female bloggers?" question to rest forever

Be sure to check out What She Said!, a new blog about female (mostly lefty) political bloggers. There are interviews with female bloggers (including frequent “Alas” comment-writers Sheelzebub of Pinko Feminist Hellcat and Amanda of MouseWords, and my pal Elayne of Pen-Elayne).

The best feature, though, is the blogroll, which is the longest list of female leftyish bloggers I’ve ever seen – lots of new blogs to check out there.

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14 Responses to Putting the "where are the female bloggers?" question to rest forever

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    Elayne Riggs says:

    Thanks for the plug, Amp! I’ve been going through the blogroll to see what blogs I want to add to my “Gals in Waiting” section on Bloglines, and there are definitely more than a few dead links, as well as a lot of blogs that haven’t been updated in months. Also, oddly, at least a half dozen blogs I’d characterize as right-wing, but hey, maybe that’s just me. Not sure what criteria Morgaine is using, but it’s probably a bit (pun unintended) broader than how I’d do it…

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    Rachel Ann says:

    Okay, sounds great, but why not include right wing and middle of the roads? Or just all women bloggers who get political? I don’t understand the limitation. If the point is about the voice, and that there are women out there who blog and blog on “big issues” then why not include all the sides?
    I know, I know, I need to ask them that question.

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    NancyP says:

    Depends on who the intended audience of the list are. I would go to Independent Women’s Forum if I wanted to track down a conservative women blogger list. If the “What She Said” list is meant to be a resource for liberals/progressives, then it has fulfilled its goal. If the list is meant to be an exhaustive list of all women’s blogs mentioning political topics, and used by those journalists and others as a universal resource locator (sorry couldn’t resist), well it is insufficient at present. Remember however that all those links need to be maintained, and added to, and annotated as “inactive”.

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    Tara says:

    You don’t need to ask them, actually, they address that question on the front page of their site, and I think they offer extremely sensible reasons…

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    Jimmy Ho says:

    Rachel Ann, she has Diotima (Sara Butler and Shonda Evans), and I would think that at least a few of the “progressive women” listed are more libertarian than leftyish, but I may be wrong (I can’t see Eve Tushnet’s name). The blogroll is in progress and Morgaine is asking for suggestions (and for women bloggers to send their answers to her “interview” list).

    I just discovered Team Cho Blog (“What’s on the mind of the people behind the genius that is Margaret Cho?”) on WSS’s ‘roll (by the way, am I the only one for whom that page takes way too long to load?).

    (Funny coincidence: I posted on WSS yesterday, and finished with a link to the “gendered insults” thread here. Great minds ‘n’ stuff.)

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    Amanda says:

    In part it’s because conservative male bloggers aren’t the ones bringing up the “woman question” every 3 months–it’s liberal male bloggers.

  7. Thanks ampersand for posting the list of blogs. I have bookmarked the list and I’m excited about reading them!

    I just started blogging in August, after learning recently what they’re all about. But I’m a “centrist” blogger, so I don’t think I’d fit on that list. On the other hand, I am definitely a feminist blogger. I’m very new to blogs generally so I don’t know much about “the way things are done”. I don’t even know how to include links to other blogs yet! Also, my blog moves a lot between political, personal, spiritual, etc. Whatever I feel moved to write.

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    ScrewyHoolie says:

    Scrutiny Hooligans has an update on the Patsy Keever for Congress campaign in NC’s 11th district.

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    Eileen says:

    And just to be contrary, some of the blogs listed are mostly written by men, such as Beg To Differ. Where is the progressive women’s voice in that? OK, so Alas, A Blog is also a group effort, but I see a lot of Lucia along with Ampersand. Mostly the only one I see posting on BTD is Steve…. unless that’s a diminuative of Stephanie, like a former sister-in-law of mine.

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    Rachel Ann says:

    Well, I am having fun looking through the list even though I am “too the far right of you” amp. I really view myself as a bit of a mix. There are some interesting blogs and there are blogs on that list that I would consider to the right of me. Thanks for the link in all cases.

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    Morgaine says:

    Hi! Thanks for the plug everyone!

    Some of the right-leaning blogs got into the list because someone gave me a list without telling me it was mixed. I’m weeding it as best I can. Right now, somehow, there are a lot of duplicates. If you see any that seem out of place, please do let me know.

    People are asking why only liberals, and I’ve got a post up asking for feedback on that topic before I go into more detail for my reasoning – although the comment above about the liberal guys thinking we don’t exist is probably in the top two.

    Thanks for the support. Peace.

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    flea says:

    Morgaine – thank you so much for doing this! I love what I’ve seen of WSS so far. Thank you so much for linking me. I have some suggestions for other female bloggers – would it be okay to e-mail them to you?

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    alsis38 says:

    Margaret Kimberley’s Freedom Rider is a terrific blog that should be on everyone’s must-read list, she said indecisively. :p

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    Echidne says:

    This topic cannot be put to rest forever. Cannot. Because its reasons for cropping up are different from the actual numbers of women bloggers. It has more to do with those men bloggers who don’t link to women and are then questioned about it.

    I have noticed something quite fascinating about the big lefty blogs, all by men. They mostly talk about people in politics, not politics as a science or about political contents. That’s what women are supposed to do, i.e. to talk about people, not issues. But I guess it’s all a question of definition?

    Now I have to go and see if I’m listed!